AMMC-5033-W10 part details
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TitleIc Mmic Amp Gaas 17.7-32ghz
CompanyBroadcom Limited
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Features, Applications

Chip Size: x 51.6 mils) Chip Size Tolerance: m (0.4 mils) Chip Thickness: 0.4 mils) Pad Dimensions: 0.4 mils)


Avago's is a MMIC power amplifier designed for use in wireless transmitters that operate within to 32GHz range. At 25 GHz, it provides 27dBm of output power (P-1dB) and 20dB of small- signal gain from a small easy-to-use device. The device has input and output matching circuitry for use in 50 environments. The AMMC- 5033 also integrates a temperature compensated RF power detection circuit that enables power detection at 22 GHz. For improved reliability and moisture protection, the die is passivated at the active areas.

First Stage Drain Current Second Stage Drain Current CW Input Power Operating Channel Temp. Storage Case Temp. Maximum Assembly Temp. (60 sec max)


Wide frequency range: 32 GHz High power: @ 25 GHz = 27 dBm High gain: 20 dB Return loss: Input: -13 dB, Output: 20 dB Integrated RF power detector


Designed for use in transmitters that operate in various frequency bands between 17.7 GHz and 32GHz.

Can be driven by the AMMC-5040 (20-40 GHz) or the AMMC-5618 (6-20 GHz) MMIC amplifiers, increasing the power handling capability of transmitters requiring linear operation.

Note: 1. Operation in excess of any one of these conditions may result

Note: These devices are ESD sensitive. The following precautions are strongly recommended: Ensure that an ESD approved carrier is used when dice are transported from one destination to another. Personal grounding to be worn at all times when handling these devices.

First Stage Drain Supply Current Vg1 = Open, Vgg set for Id2 Typical)
Second Stage Drain Supply Current Vg1 = Open, Vgg set for Id2 Typical)

Notes: 1. Backside temperature = 25C unless otherwise noted. 2. Channel-to-backside Thermal Resistance (ch-b) 42C/W at Tchannel (Tc) 150C as measured using infrared microscopy. Thermal Resis-

tance at backside temperature (Tb) = 25C calculated from measured data.
Lower Band Mid Band Upper Band Specifications Parameters and - 21 GHz) - 26.5 GHz) - 32 GHz)
Unit Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ. Max. Min. Typ.
Input Return Loss[5] Output Return Loss[5] Min. Reverse Isolation

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