AMMC-6440-W10 part details
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TitleIc Mmic 1w Power Amp 37-42ghz
CompanyBroadcom Limited
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Features, Applications

Chip Size: x 69 mils) Chip Size Tolerance: m (0.4 mils) Chip Thickness: 0.4 mils) Pad Dimensions: 0.4 mils)


The AMMC-6440 MMIC is a broadband 1W power amplifier designed for use in transmitters that operate in various frequency bands between 37GHz and 42GHz. This MMIC optimized for linear operation with an output third order intercept point 42GHz it provides 28dBm of output power (P-1dB) and 14dB of gain. The device has input and output matching circuitry for use in 50 environments. The AMMC-6440 also integrates a temperature compensated RF power detection circuit that enables power detection 0.25V/W. DC bias is simple and the device operates on widely available 5.5V for current supply (negative voltage only needed for Vg). It is fabricated in a PHEMT process for exceptional power and gain performance. For improved reliability and moisture protection, the die is passivated at the active areas.


x Wide frequency range: - 42 GHz x High gain: dB x Power: @42 GHz, P-1dB=28 dBm x Highly linear: OIP3=39dBm x Integrated RF power detector x 5.5 Volt, -0.7 Volt, 950mA operation


x Microwave Radio systems x LMDS & Pt-Pt mmW Long Haul & 802.20 WiMax BWA x WLL and MMDS loops x Can be driven by AMMC-6345, increasing overall

Note: These devices are ESD sensitive. The following precautions are strongly recommended. Ensure that an ESD approved carrier is used when dice are transported from one destination to another. Personal grounding to be worn at all times when handling these devices

Notes: 1. Operation in excess of any one of these conditions may result in permanent damage to this device. Functional operation at or near these

limitations will significantly reduce the lifetime of the device. 2. Dissipated power is in any combination of DC voltage, Drain Current, input power and power delivered to the load. 3. When operated at maximum PD with a base plate temperature of 85 qC, the median time to failure (MTTF) is significantly reduced. 4. These ratings apply to each individual FET. The operating channel temperature will directly affect the device MTTF.

For maximum life, it is recommended that junction temperatures (Tj) be maintained at the lowest possible levels. See MTTF vs. Channel temperature Table

Vg Gate Supply Operating Voltage (Id(Q) = 950 (mA))

1. Ambient operational temperature TA=25C unless otherwise noted. 2. Channel-to-backside Thermal Resistance (ch-b) 9.0C/W at Tchannel (Tc) 70C as measured using infrared microscopy. Thermal Resistance

at backside temperature (Tb) = 25C calculated from measured data.
Parameter Maximum Power Dissipation Thermal Resistance (Tjc)

Notes: 3. Small/Large -signal data measured in wafer form 4. 100% on-wafer RF test is done at frequency 38, 40, and 42 GHz. Statistics based on 1500 part sample 5. Specifications are derived from measurements a 50 test environment. Aspects of the amplifier performance may be improved over a more

narrow bandwidth by application of additional conjugate, linearity, or power matching.

Typical distribution of Small Signal Gain and Output Power @P-1dB. Based on 1500 part sampled over several production lots.

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