AMMC-3041-W10 part details
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TitleIc Mixer Dbl Ball 18-42ghz
CompanyBroadcom Limited
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Features, Applications

Chip Size Tolerance: m (0.4 mils) Chip Size Tolerance: m (0.4 mils) Chip Thickness: 0.4 mils) Pad Dimensions: 0.4 mils)


The is a monolithic double balanced mixer designed for commercial communication systems. The AMMC- 3041 mixer is fabricated using a suspended metal system to create a unique, broadside-coupled balun structure (patent pending) to achieve exceptional bandwidth. The broadband performance of the AMMC-3041 can be used to advantage by replacing conventional, narrow band mixers with a single device. For improved reliability and moisture protection, the die is passivated at the active areas.

Conversion Loss: 9.5 dB High IIP3: +22 dBm High Input : +16 dBm Up or Down Conversion
Tmax Maximum Assembly Temp. (60 sec. max.)
Note: 1. Operation in excess of any one of these conditions may result in

Note: These devices are ESD sensitive.The following precautions are strongly recommended: Ensure that an ESD approved carrier is used when dice are transported from one destination to another. Personal grounding to be worn at all times when handling these devices.

(Zo = 2 GHz, LO Input Power = +14 dBm, RF Input Power = -20 dBm, except as noted.)

Input 3rd Order Intercept Point, Down Conversion[2] Input Power 1 dB Conversion Loss Compression - RF Isolation

Notes: 1. 100% on-wafer RF test is done at RF frequency and 42 GHz. = 2 MHz, RF Input Power = -10 dBm.

fRF = 31 GHz, RF Input Power = -10 dBm, fLO = 32 GHz, LO Input Power = +14 dBm.
= 2 GHz, LO Input Power = +14 dBm, RF Input Power = -20 dBm, except as noted.
Figure 1. Conversion loss, down conversion, LO freq. - IF
Figure 3. Output power 1 dB conversion loss compression, down conversion, LO freq. + IF
Figure 4. Output power 1 dB conversion, loss compression, up conversion, LO freq. + IF
Figure 5. Input 3rd order intercept point, down conversion, LO freq. + IF

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