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TitleIc Receiver Rc Bicmos Die
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Features, Applications

The is a BiCMOS integrated straight through receiver with build in very high sensitivity and a pre-decoding of the time signal transmitted from WWVB, DCF77, JJY, MSF and HBG. The receiver is prepared for multi-mode reception by using an integrated logic. Integrated functions as stand by mode, integrated antenna switching, integrated crystal switching and a hold mode function offer features for universal applications. The power down mode increases the battery lifetime significantly and makes the device ideal for all kinds of radio controlled time pieces.

o Low power consumption (<100A) o Very high sensitivity (0.4V) o Build in pulse decoding for different protocols o Switchable for 3 different frequencies o High selectivity by using crystal filter o Power down mode o Only a few external components necessary o AGC hold mode o Wide frequency range (40. 120 kHz) o Low power applications 5.0 V)

o Automatic protocol recognition o Pre-decoded protocol information o Fast data transfer to CPU (100ms) o Use of the CPU clock (32768Hz) o Improved noise resistance o Integrated AGC adaptation

Two built-in low impedance antenna switches Ohm/3V) o True Bit strength indication

o Extended Battery operating time o Decoding of the signal extremely simplified o Simplified micro controller software o Simplified multi frequency handling

o Easy world time piece design o Automatic country recognition o True signal quality information
*The packaged version CME8000 is prepared for lead-free soldering.

Parameters Supply voltage Ambient temperature range 2.49V Ambient temperature range 5.5V Storage temperature range Junction temperature Electrostatic handling (MIL Standard 883 D HMB) Electrostatic handling (MIL MM )

Function Antenna switch 2 Input antenna Input antenna Antenna switch 1 Supply voltage analog part Crystal 3 output Crystal 2 output Crystal 1 output Ground analog part Crystal input Capacity for peak-detector Capacity for AGC Test I/O Power on AGC hold Ground logic part Bit strength indicator 2 Bit strength indicator 1 Data send clock Data output Data ready in register Input / 4096Hz Transmitter select 2 Transmitter select 1 Supply voltage logic part Clock select

The PAD coordinates are referred to the left bottom point of the contact window

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