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TitleDiode Schottky 500v Beam Lead
CompanyBroadcom Limited
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Features, Applications
HSCH-53xx Series Beam Lead Schottky Diodes for Mixers and Detectors (1-26 GHz)

These beam lead diodes are constructed using a metalsemiconductor Schottky barrier junction. Advanced epitaxial techniques and precise process control insure uniformity and repeatability of this planar passivated microwave semiconductor. A nitride passivation layer provides immunity from contaminants which could otherwise lead to IR drift.

The Avago beam lead process allows for large beam anchor pads for rugged construction (typical 6 gram pull strength) without degrading capacitance.


The beam lead diode is ideally suited for use in stripline or microstrip circuits. Its small physical size and uniform dimensions give it low parasitics and repeatable RF characteristics through K-band.

Platinum tri-metal system High temperature stability
Silicon nitride passivation Stable, reliable performance
High uniformity Tightly controlled process insures uniform RF characteristics
Rugged construction 4 grams minimum lead pull

The basic medium barrier devices in this family are DC tested HSCH-5310 and -5312. Equivalent low barrier devices are HSCH-5330 and -5332. Batch matched versions are available as HSCH-5331.

The HSCH-5340 is selected for applications requiring guaranteed RF-tested performance to 26 GHz. The HSCH-5314 is rated 7.2 dB maximum noise figure at 16 GHz.

Assembly Techniques Thermocompression bonding is recommended. Welding or conductive epoxy may also be used. For additional information, see Application Note 979, The Handling and Bonding of Beam Lead Devices Made Easy, or Application Note 993, Beam Lead Device Bonding to Soft Substances.

CW Power Dissipation 150 mW Measured in an infinite heat sink derated linearly to zero at maximum rated temperature

TOPR Operating Temperature Range. +175 C TSTG Storage Temperature Range. to +200C Minimum Lead Strength. 4 grams pull on any lead Diode Mounting Temperature. +350C for 10 sec. max.

These diodes are ESD sensitive. Handle with care to avoid static discharge through the diode.
Typical Detector Characteristics = 25C Medium Barrier and Low Barrier (DC Bias)
Low Barrier (Zero Bias) Parameter Tangential Sensitivity

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HSCH-5340: Shotky Diode 375v 400amp - Beam
HSCH-5331: Diode Schottky 375v Beam Lead
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