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TitleIc Rfid 64bit 330pf Wafer
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Features, Applications

Contactless power supply Contactless read/write data transmission Radio frequency fRF from 150kHz 128-bit EEPROM user memory: 16Bytes (8Bits each) 8-bit configuration memory High Q-antenna tolerance due to built-in options Access control applications

UNIQUE data format (Manchester, RF/64) 40-bit data memory 15-bit parity memory 9-bit header memory On-chip trimmed antenna capacitor 250pF ▒3% Mega pads 200Ám 400Ám Mega pads 200Ám 400Ám with 25Ám gold bumps for direct coil bonding Other options: Direct access mode OTP functionality

The Atmel« is a contactless read/write identification IC (IDIC«) for applications in the to 150-kHz frequency band. A single coil connected to the chip serves as the IC's power supply and bi-directional communication interface. This antenna coil together with the chip form a transponder or tag.

The on-chip 128-bit user EEPROM (16 bytes with 8 bits each) can be read and written byte-wise from a base station (reader). Data is transmitted from the IDIC (uplink) using load modulation. This is achieved by damping the RF field with a resistive load between the two terminals Coil 1 and Coil 2. The IC receives and decodes serial base station commands (downlink), which are encoded as 100% amplitude-modulated (OOK) pulse-interval-encoded bit streams.

The Atmel is an EEPROM-based circuit. It is optimized for maximum read range. Programming is also possible, but the write range is limited.

The chip has to be locked after loading the application-specific data into the device. Until the lock bits are set properly, the Atmel ATA5575M1 transmits all digits '0' in UNIQUE Format with appropriate header. Typical applications run at 125kHz.

The AFE includes all circuits which are directly connected to the coil terminals, it generates the IC's power supply and handles the bi-directional data communication with the reader. The AFE consists of the following blocks:

Rectifier to generate a DC supply voltage from the AC coil voltage Clock extractor Switchable load between Coil 1 and Coil 2 for data transmission from tag to the reader Field-gap detector for data transmission from the base station to the tag ESD protection circuitry

The write decoder detects the write gaps and verifies the validity of the data stream according to the Atmel« downlink protocol (pulse interval encoding).

This on-chip charge pump circuit generates the high voltage required for programming the EEPROM.

Power is externally supplied to the IDIC« via the two coil connections. The IC rectifies and regulates this RF source and uses it to generate its supply voltage.

The power-on reset circuit blocks the voltage supply to the IDIC until an acceptable voltage threshold has been reached. This, in turn, triggers the default initialization delay sequence. During this configuration period of 98 field clocks, the ATA5575M1 is initialized with the configuration data stored in EEPROM byte 16.

The clock extraction circuit uses the external RF signal as its internal clock source.

The control logic module executes the following functions: Load mode register with configuration data from EEPROM byte 16 after power-on and during reading Controls each EEPROM memory read/write access and handles the data protection Handle the downlink command decoding, detecting protocol violations and error conditions

The mode register maintains a readable shadow copy of the configuration data held in byte 16 of the EEPROM. It is continually refreshed during read mode and (re-)loaded after every POR event or reset command. The configuration data is pre-programmed when leaving Atmel's production according to Table 10-1 on page 16.

The modulator encodes the serialized EEPROM data for transmission to a tag reader or base station. The implemented encoding is Manchester.

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ATA5575M1330-DDB: Ic Rfid 128bit 330pf Die
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ATA5575M1330-DBQ: Ic Rfid 128bit Ee 330pf Uid Bump
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