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AMMC-5040-W10: Ic Mmic Amp Gaas 20-45ghz
AMMC-6431-W10: Ic Mmic Pwr Amp 26-33ghz
AMMC-6241-W50: Ic Mmic Lo Noise Higain 26-43ghz
CLA4603-000: Diode Limiter Silicon 20-45v
Limiter Diode
AMMC-5620-W10: Ic Mmic Amp Gaas Hi Gain 6-20ghz
ATA555812C-DBB: Ic Idic 1kbit R/w Sawn Wafer
HTSICC4801EW/C1,02: Transponder Rfic Hitag S Uncased
Product short data sheet COMPANY PUBLIC The HITAG product line is well known and established in the contactless identification market. Due to the open marketing strategy of NXP Semiconductors there are various

AMMC-6233-W50: Ic Mmic Lna 18ghz-31ghz
AMMC-6425-W10: Ic Mmic 1w Power Amp 18-28ghz
AMMC-6550-W10: Ic Mmic Mixer Rejction 15-50ghz
Chip Size: x 51 mils) Chip Size Tolerance: m 0.4 mils) Chip Thickness: ▒ 0.4 mils) Pad Dimensions: ▒ 0.4 mils) is an image rejection mixer (IRM), which can also be used an IQ mixer. The AMMC-6550 utilizes

CLA4608-000: Diode Limiter Silicon 120-180v
Limiter Diode
RF-HDT-WNMC-M0: Rf-hdt-wnmc-m0
CLA4601-000: Diode Limiter Silicon 15-30v
Limiter Diode
AMMP-6442-BLKG: Ic Mmic Pwr Amp 35-40ghz 1w
AMMC-6408-W50: Ic Mmic Power Amp 6ghz-18ghz
AMMC-6420-W10: Ic Mmic 1w Power Amp 6-18ghz
Chip Size: x 78.5 mils) Chip Size Tolerance: Ám (▒0.4 mils) Chip Thickness: ▒ 0.4 mils) Pad Dimensions: ▒ 0.4 mils) AMMC-6420 MMIC is a broadband 1W power amplifier designed for use in frequency bands

MF1PLUS6001DUD/03,: Ic Smart Card 2kb Eeprom Ffc
Mainstream contactless smart card IC for fast and easy solution development Migrate classic contactless smart card systems to the next security level! MIFARE Plus brings benchmark security to mainstream

MF1PLUS8001DUD/03,: Ic Smart Card 4kb Eeprom Ffc
AMMC-6425-W50: Ic Mmic 1w Power Amp 18-28ghz
ATN3590-00: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 0db
Applications Level adjustment in radios, radars, EW/ECM equipment, and test instruments Features Fixed value, absorptive devices Available attenuation values range from 10 dB (in 1 dB steps), and 15, 20, and 30 dB Suitable

ATN3590-01: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 1db
ATN3590-02: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 2db
ATN3590-03: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 3db
ATN3590-04: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 4db
ATN3590-05: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 5db
ATN3590-06: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 6db
ATN3590-07: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 7db
ATN3590-08: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 8db
ATN3590-09: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 9db
ATN3590-10: Attenuator Pad Chip 2w 10db
AMMC-6220-W10: Ic Mmic Lo Noise Hi Gain 6-20ghz
RF-HDT-SJLS-G1: Rf-hdt-sjls-g1
1 Introduction. 7 1.1 General. 8 1.2 System Description. 8 1.3 Product Description. 8 1.4 Functional Description. 8 1.5 Memory Organization. 9 1.6 Command Set. 10 1.7 Ordering Information and Part Numbers.
AMMC-6232-W10: Ic Mmic Lna 18ghz-32ghz
AMMC-6630-W10: Ic Mmic Attenuator Var 5-450ghz
AMMC-5023-W10: Ic Mmic Amp Lo Noise 23ghz
Chip Size: Chip Size Tolerance: Chip Thickness: Pad Dimensions: Description Avago's is a high gain, low noise amplifier that operates from 21 GHz to over 30 GHz. By eliminating the complex tuning and assembly

CLA4607-000: Diode Limiter Silicon 120-180v
Limiter Diode
AMMC-6650-W50: Ic Mmic Attenuator Var Dc-40ghz
AMMC-6630-W50: Ic Mmic Attenuator Var 5-450ghz