RF/IF - RF Development Kits

HRF-AT4610-E: Board Evaluation For Hrf-at4610
The Honeywell a 6-bit digital attenuator ideal for use in broadband communication system applications that require accuracy, speed and low power consumption. The HRF-AT4610 is manufactured with Honeywell's
UPG2409T6X-EVAL-A: Eval Board For Upg2409t6x
o Description o Insertion Loss of Through Board o Assembly Drawing The uPG2409T6X-EVAL-A evaluation board provides a quick and convenient means of evaluating the performance of the NEC uPG2409T6X switch.
DC391A-A: Eval Board For Ltc5505-1es5
The DC391 demo board is used to evaluate the LTC5505 RF power detector with integrated output buffer and voltage reference. The LTC5505 converts an RF input signal at pin a DC voltage at pin 4(Vout). The RF input

DC391A-B: Eval Board For Ltc5505-2es5
MAGX-001220-SB1PPR: Eval Board For Magx-001220-100l0
GaN on SiC HEMT Pulsed Power Transistor 100 W Peak, to 2.0 GHz, 300 s Pulse, 10% Duty Features GaN on SiC Depletion-Mode HEMT Transistor Common-Source Configuration Broadband Class AB Operation Thermally
MABA-007871-CT1ATB: Eval Board For Maba-007871-ct1a4
Features · Surface Mount· 1:1 Impedance· Excellent MoCA band performance· Excellent amplitude and phase balance· Can be used in both 50 and 75 systems· 260°C Reflow Compatible· RoHS* Compliant, Pb Free·
103739-HMC287MS8: Eval Board Hmc287ms8
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation GaAs MMIC LOW NOISE AMPLIFIER with AGC, - 2.5 GHz 4 Typical Applications LNA for Spread Spectrum Applications:· BLUETOOTH· HomeRF· 802.11 WLAN· 2.5 GHz Radios Features Gain:
WRL-10573: Ubertooth One
This product has some level of export control/restriction, so may be delayed by 2-3 business days when shipping outside the United States. Contact us with questions, or we will contact you after you place
101830-HMC214MS8: Board Eval Hmc214ms8e
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC214MS8E is ideal for:· WiMAX, 802.16· Fixed Wireless Access· Wireless Local Loop Features Input IP3: +34 dBm to RF Isolation:
ADL5802-EVALZ: Board Eval For Adl5802 Act Mixer
FEATURES Power conversion gain 1.6 dB Wideband RF, LO, and IF ports SSB noise figure 11 dB Input of 28 dBm Input of 12 dBm Typical LO drive of 0 dBm Low LO leakage Single supply operation: 240 mA Exposed
550: Eval Board Onboard Smd Wlan
1. General. 3 2. Intended applications. 3 Technical data. 3 4. Mechanical dimensions. 4 5. PCB layout. 5 6. Electrical performance. 6 7. Radiation pattern. 7 8. OnBoard SMD WLAN Evaluation board. 8 9. General
ATAB862-9: Board Txrx Uhf 915mhz W/marc4
Smart RF ; Transceiver, UHF ; 915MHz ; ATSTK500-ND ; Board
121947-HMC713MS8: Board Eval Log Detector Hmc713
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC713MS8(E) is ideal for:· Cellular Infrastructure· WiMAX, WiBro & LTE/4G· Power Monitoring & Control Circuitry· Receiver
7488910TB: Test Board For 7488910245
Basismaterial / base material: Kontakt Material / contact plating: Betriebstemp. / operating temperature: ~ +85°C Lagerbedingung / storage conditions: ~ 35°C *Line width should be designed to match 50 characteristic
MAX2265EVKIT: Eval Kit
The MAX2264/MAX2265/MAX2266 evaluation kits (EV kits) simplify evaluation of the MAX2264/MAX2265/ MAX2266 power amplifiers (PAs), which are designed for operation in IS-98-based CDMA, IS-136-based TDMA,
MTUDK2-ST-CELL: Dev Kit Socketmodem/dragonfly
Country Europe, Middle East, Africa: U.S., Canada, all others: Developer Board Installation and Operation. 4 Overview. 4 Features. 4 Device Specific Documentation. 4 Developer Kit Contents. 4 Board Components.
4283-00: Kit Eval For 4283 Rf Switch
The PE4283 RF Switch is designed to cover a broad range of applications from DC through 4000 MHz. This reflective switch integrates on-board CMOS control logic with a low voltage CMOS-compatible control
EBSFCNZXX: Eysfcnzxx Evaluation Board
Features ·Frequency: to 2480 MHz·Output power: +4dBm typ.·Single power supply: ­ 3.6V·Single Mode Bluetooth Smart Slave ·Integrated System/Sleep Clock·Integrated high performance ceramic chip antenna·ARM

EKSFCNZXX: Eysfcnzxx Evaluation Kit
MAX7034EVKIT-315+: Eval Kit Max7034-315
The MAX7034 fully integrated low-power CMOS superheterodyne receiver is ideal for receiving amplitudeshift-keyed (ASK) data in the to 450MHz frequency range (including the popular 315MHz and 433.92MHz

MAX7034EVKIT-433+: Eval Kit Max7034-433
EVAL-418-HH-KF-HT: Kit Eval For Hh 418mhz Xmitter
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EVAL-433-HH-KF-HT: Kit Eval For Hh 433mhz Xmitter
SGGPD.25A: Ground-plane
Specification SGGP.25A GPS/GLONASS SMT Patch Antenna 25mm*25mm*4.5mm Single Feed SMT Mount GPS: 1575MHz GLONASS: 1602MHz Patent pending RoHS This ceramic 25mm GPS/GLONASS patch antenna is mounted via SMT process
GLAD.02: Evaluation Kit For Gla.02
Specification Features Taoglas have developed a unique ceramic miniature loop antenna series for GPS applications. At 10*3.2*3.9mm, the GLA.02 GPS 1575MHz Loop antenna is a miniature edge mounted antenna,
SE5003L-EK1: Eval Kit For Se5003l
DATA SHEET SE5003L: 5 GHz, 23dBm Power Amplifier with Power Detector Applications DSSS 5 GHz WLAN (IEEE802.11a) DSSS 5 GHz WLAN (IEEE802.11n) Access Points, PCMCIA, PC cards Features External Analog Reference
CGH40006P-TB: Board Demo Amp Circuit Cgh40006p
GaN ; HEMT ; 500MHz ~ 6GHz ; CGH40006P ; Partially Populated Board - Main IC Not Included
MMA-121633-R5EVB: Board Eval For Mma-121633-r5
Amplifier ; 12.5GHz ~ 15.5GHz ; MMA-121633-R5 ; Bare Board
OM7623/BFU725F/1500,598: Eval Board For Bfu725f 1.5ghz
NPN silicon germanium microwave transistor for high speed, low noise applications in a plastic, 4-pin dual-emitter SOT343F package. This device is sensitive to ElectroStatic Discharge (ESD). Observe precautions
MASW-003103-001SMB: Eval Board For Masw-003103-13640
Features Specified from 50 MHz to 20 GHz Usable to 26 GHz Low Insertion Loss High Isolation Low Parasitic Capacitance and Inductance RoHS Compliant SurmountTM Package Rugged, Fully Monolithic Glass Encapsulated
EVAL-ADF5000EB2Z: Board Eval For Adf5000
FEATURES Divide-by-2 prescaler High frequency operation: 4 GHz to 18 GHz Integrated RF decoupling capacitors Low power consumption Active mode: 30 mA Power-down mode: 17 mA Low phase noise: -147 dBc/Hz
AD8346-EVALZ: Eval Board For Ad8346
FEATURES High accuracy 1 degree rms quadrature error @ 1.9 GHz 0.2 dB I/Q amplitude balance @ 1.9 GHz Broad frequency range: 0.8 GHz to 2.5 GHz Sideband suppression: -46 dBc @ 0.8 GHz Sideband suppression:
SI2176-B-EVB: Board Eval Si2176/46/36 Tuner
Tuner ; 42MHz ~ 1.002GHz ; Si2176 ; Board
UPD5731T6M-EVAL-A: Eval Board Upd5731t6m
DESCRIPTION The is a CMOS MMIC SP4T switch which was developed for mobile communications, wireless communications and another RF switching applications. This device can operate frequency from to 2.0 GHz,
124460-HMC743LP6C: Board Eval Hmc743lp6ce .7-4ghz
Amplifier ; 700MHz ~ 4GHz ; HMC743LP6C ; Board
SKY67101-396LF-EVB: Board Eval For Sky67101-396
SKY67101-396LF: 0.4-1.2 GHz High Linearity, Active Bias Low-Noise Amplifier Applications · GSM, CDMA, WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA cellular infrastructure· Ultra low-noise systems Features · Ultra Low Noise Figure:
A2500R24C-EM1: Module Eval For A2500r24c
The is a high-performance, interface board with an FCC & IC certified and ETSI-compliant A2500R24A connectorized radio module mounted for quick connection to the Texas Instruments CC2500DK Development
GS1011MEE-EVB2-S2W-WEB: Eval Board 802.11
Transceiver; 802.11 b (WiFi, WLAN) ; 2.4GHz ~ 2.497GHz ; GS1011M ; Board
101-1262: Kit Dev Rcm5400w Us/internationl
Digi International reserves the right to make changes and improvements to its products without providing notice. Rabbit, RabbitCore, and Dynamic C are registered trademarks of Digi International Inc. Wi-Fi
113990018: 2km Long Range Rf Link Kits W/ E
Transmitter, Receiver ; 433MHz ; PT2262, PT2272 ; 2 Boards
AD6679-500EBZ: Eval Board Ad6679-500
Receiver ; AD6679 ; Board
ATEXTBT: Eval Kit Bluetooth Ext Kit
Transceiver; Bluetooth® Classic ; 2.4GHz ; AVR® Devices ; Board
EVAL01-HMC760LC4B: Eval Board Hmc760lc4b
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC760LC4B is ideal for:· RF ATE Applications· Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes· RF Demodulation Systems· Digital Receiver Systems·
CC2430-CC2591EMK: Cc2430-cc2591emk
Applications The CC2430 comes in three different flash versions: CC2430F32/64/128, with KB of flash memory respectively. The is a true System-on-Chip (SoC) solution specifically tailored for IEEE 802.15.4

CC2430ZDK: Kit Dev Zigbee For Cc2430
4244-00: Kit Eval For 4244 Rf Switch
The PE4244 UltraCMOS® RF switch is designed to cover a broad range of applications from to 3000 MHz. This switch integrates on-board CMOS control logic with a low voltage CMOS compatible control input.
NE678M04-EV09: Eval Board Ne678m04 900mhz
NPN SILICON RF TRANSISTOR FOR MEDIUM OUTPUT POWER AMPLIFICATION (60 mW) FEATURES· Ideal for medium output power amplification· PO (1 dB) = 18.0 dBm TYP. @ VCE = 1.8 GHz, Pin = 7 dBm· HFT3 technology (fT = 12 GHz)

NE678M04-EV24: Eval Board Ne678m04
4245-00: Kit Eval For 4245 Rf Switch
UltraCMOS® ; Switch, SPDT ; 0Hz ~ 4GHz ; PE4245 ; Board
SKY13353-337LF-EVB: Eval Board For Sky13353
Applications Features Broadband operation: to 3.0 GHz Positive voltage operation: +5 V Low insertion loss: 0.7 dB typical @ 2.5 GHz High isolation: 22 dB typical @ 2.4 GHz IP1dB: +32 dBm typical +3 V Small,
DVK-BT740-SA: Dev Kit For Bt740 V2.1
Every BT740 series Bluetooth® module from Laird Technologies is designed to add robust, long-range Bluetooth data connectivity to any device. Based on the market-leading Cambridge Silicon Radio (CSR) BC04

DVK-BT740-SC: Dev Kit For Bt740 V2.1 U.fl
DKSB1013A: Pan1555 Breakout Board
Features · PAN1555 Bluetooth v2.0 class 2 module with SPP (Serial Port Profile)· Header locations for solderless breadboard, XBee® socket, or 4-pin header for essential signals.· Pin and geometry compatible
EV1HMC618ALP3: Eval Board Hmc618alp3 Pcb Assy
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC618ALP3E is ideal for:· Cellular/3G and LTE/WiMAX/4G· BTS & Infrastructure· Repeaters and Femto Cells· Public Safety Radios Features Noise
126511-HMC641LC4: Eval Board Hmc641lc4
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC641LC4 is ideal for:· Telecom Infrastructure· Microwave Radio & VSAT· Military & Space Hybrids· Test Instrumentation· SATCOM
107334-HMC387MS8: Eval Board Hmc387ms8
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications High Dynamic Range Infrastructure:· GSM 450 & GSM 480· CDMA 450· Private Land Mobile Radio Features Input IP3: +32 dBm Conversion
102990008: Dragino V2 Ms14-s With M32 Iot M
Transceiver; 802.11 b/g/n (WiFi, WLAN) ; 2.4GHz ; AR9331 ; Board, Power Supply
ADL5375-05-EVALZ: Board Eval For Adl5375-05
FEATURES Output frequency range: 400 MHz to 6 GHz 1 dB output compression: 9.4 dBm from 450 MHz to 4 GHz Output return loss 12 dB from 450 MHz to 4.5 GHz Noise floor: -160 dBm/Hz at 900 MHz Sideband suppression:

ADL5375-15-EVALZ: Eval Board For Adl5375
BFP460 BOARD: Board Application W/bfp460 Lna
· General purpose low noise amplifier for low voltage, low current applications · High ESD robustness, typical 1500 V (HBM)· Low minimum noise figure at 1.8 GHz· High linearity: output compression point =
CGGBPD.25.A: Eval Board Gps/glonass/beidou
SPECIFICATION : 25*25*4mm Ceramic patch High Gain (up to 3.5dBi) Excellent stability on the three GNSS systems Optimized radiation patterns Pin Mount RoHS Compliant This 25mm square embedded ceramic GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU
MAX2055EVKIT: Eval Kit For Max2055
The MAX2055 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies the evaluation of the MAX2055 high-linearity, digitally controlled, variable-gain analog-to-digital converter (ADC) driver/amplifier (DVGA). The EV kit is fully
NPA1006-SMBPPR: Eval Board For Npa1006
Features GaN on Si HEMT D-Mode Amplifier Suitable for linear and saturated applications Broadband operation from - 1000 MHz 50 Input Matched, Output Unmatched 28 V Operation 14 dB Gain @ 900 MHz 65% Drain
DB-CSR1011-10139-1A: Board Eval For Csr1011
CSRmesh?, µEnergy? ; Transceiver; Bluetooth® Smart 4.x Low Energy (BLE) ; 2.4GHz ; CSR1011 ; Supplied
PAD.71X.A: Evb Ant Lte Female Sma Strt Plug
Specification GEMINI EMBEDDED LTE MIMO 2*2 ANTENNA with PA.710.A and PA.711.A Antennas For 2G/3G/4G 2x2 MIMO systems applications LTE/GSM/CDMA/DCS/PCS/WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA/GPRS/EDGE/IMT to 2690Mhz Highest
EM260-RCM-USART-R: Em260 Rcm Board
Transceiver; 802.15.4 (ZigBee®) ; 2.4GHz ; EM260
101-1290: Kit Zigbee Ctrl Application
Transceiver, XBee ; 2.4GHz ; XBee® Modules ; Board
DEV-SYS-1645B3-1A: Board Bluecore5-multimedia
BlueTunes2, BlueCore5 ; BlueCore5 ; 2.4GHz ; 802.15.1 RF Applications ; Board
DR-TRC102-915-DK: Rfic Tranceiver Development Kit
Transceiver, SRR ; 900MHz ~ 929MHz ; TRC102-915 ; 2 Boards, 2 Antennas, Batteries, Cables,
111227-HMC869LC5: Eval Board Hmc869lc5
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC869LC5 is ideal for:· Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multi-Point Radio· Military Radar, EW & ELINT· Satellite Communications Features The
4308-00: Kit Eval For 4308 Rf Dsa
The is a high linearity, 5-bit RF Digital Step Attenuator (DSA) covering 31 dB attenuation range in 1dB steps, and is pin compatible with the PE430x series. This 75-ohm RF DSA provides both parallel (latched
450-0141: Development Kit Sable-x
The information in this document is subject to change without notice. 3.1 Antennas and Connector.7 3.2 Interface Connectors.8 3.3 Development Board Power.11 3.4 Bus Isolation DIP Switches.12 3.5 User Input

450-0150: Evaluation Kit Sable-x
450-0151: Evaluation Kit Sable-x W/antenna
EM3598-STACK-LR: Board Stack Radio Bd+em35x Pa
Transceiver ; 2.4GHz ; EM35x ; Board
EVAL01-HMC1061LC5: Eval Board Hmc1061lc5
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation - 18 GHz, ULTRA-WIDEBAND, DUAL RANK 4 GS/s TRACK-AND-HOLD AMPLIFIER Typical Applications · RF ATE Applications· Digital Sampling Oscilloscopes· RF Demodulation
UPG2010TB-EVAL: Eval Board For Upg2010tb
DESCRIPTION The PG2010TB is GaAs MMIC for L-band SPDT (Single Pole Double Throw) switch which were developed for mobile phone and another L-band application. This device can operate frequency from to 2.5 GHz,
ADRF6602-EVALZ: Eval Board For Adrf6602
FEATURES Rx mixer with integrated fractional-N PLL RF input frequency range: 1000 MHz to 3100 MHz Internal LO frequency range: 1550 MHz to 2150 MHz Input P1dB: 14.8 dBm Input IP3: 30 dBm IIP3 optimization
RF3377PCK-410: Kit Eval For Rf3377
RoHS Compliant & Pb-Free Product Package Style: SOT89 Features Output 15.5dB Small Signal Gain +25.5dBm Output IP3 +13dBm Output P1dB Applications Blocks or RF Buffer Amplifiers Driver Stage for Power
131046-HMC928LP5E: Board Eval Hmc928lp5e
Analog Devices Welcomes Hittite Microwave Corporation Typical Applications The HMC928LP5E is ideal for:· EW Receivers· Military Radar· Test Equipment· Satellite Communications· Beamforming Modules Features Octave
LBWB1ZZYDZ-DTEMP-SNIC-A: Wi-fi Network Controller Develop
2. Install SNIC.exe on provided CD for file extraction and setup.exe for PC tool. 2.1File extract to click SNIC.exe included in CD Files are extracted in C:¥SNIC if installed with default set. 1. STA EVB Pin check
DC1642A-AA: Board Demo Ltm9003-aa
Demonstration circuit is an evaluation board featuring Linear Technology Corporation's LTM®9003 12-Bit predistortion receiver subsystem. DC1642A demonstrates good circuit layout techniques and recommended

DC1642A-AB: Board Demo Ltm9003-ab
EVAL_PAN4561ETU: Rf Proto Mod Pan4561 W/ant Snap
The is an excellent choice for development environments and production projects where a connector or through hole technology is required. You may remember this unique part by its suffix, "ETU" which is short

EVAL_PAN4561ETU-PAD: Rf Proto Module Pan4561 Snap
EVAL_PAN4561ETU-UFL: Rf Proto Module Pan4561 Ufl Snap
BV-003-1A: Development Kit Bluevox Dsp
BlueVox DSP ; 2.4GHz ; BlueVox DSP ; Board, Adapters, Cables, Dongle
DM164139: Rn2903 Lora(r) Mote
Note the following details of the code protection feature on Microchip devices:· Microchip products meet the specification contained in their particular Microchip Data Sheet. · Microchip believes that
ZPRGF-20: Usb Programming Fixture Z357pa2x
The RapidConnect Programming Fixture provides developers with a selection of convenient interfaces for programming and debugging a RapidConnect ZigBee module. J13 is used to select between USB or user-provided
MASL-011023-001SMB: Eval Board For Masl-011023
Features Integrates SP2T & Limiter Function Low TX and RX Insertion Loss High Isolation on Receive Path 10 dBm RX Flat Leakage Operates from +30 V Ultra Fast Recovery Time <100 ns Surface Mount mm 32-lead
SA5213SLK: Kit Student Learning M5213
Microcontroller, Transceiver ; 2.4GHz ; M5213
TRF3703-33EVM: Eval Module For Trf3703-33
Modulator ; 400MHz ~ 4GHz ; TRF3703-33 ; Board
UPC8233TK-EV24-A: Eval Board Upc8233tk
o Circuit Description o Typical performance data o Power gain and isolation plots o Input and output return loss plots o Circuit schematic and assembly drawing The uPC8233TK-EV24-A evaluation circuit board