RF/IF - RF Antennas

ANT-DB1-RMS-RPS: Antenna Dual Band Rp-sma
Designed for permanent mounting through a metal surface such as an automobile roof or trunk, the compact RMS Series offers excellent performance in a durable and unobtrusive housing. The antenna may be operated
2450AT45A100E: Antenna Chip 2.4ghz
Evaluation Boards 2450AT45A100-EB1SMA (Page 2) (1-port SMA antenna test 2450AT45A100-EB2SMA (Page 5) Mount these devices with red mark facing up. *Line width should be designed to provide 50 impedance
33-1010-05-0150: Antenna Gps R/a Mcx Male 15cm
The TW1010/TW1012 is low cost, high gain, high performance, embedded GPS L1 antenna, specially designed for OEM industrial, military, precision positioning and timing applications. The TW1010/TW1012 features
SPDA24700/2700: Antenna Dipole Lte Swivel Blade
Pulse is proud to announce the SPDA24700/2700 which provides a 4G swivel blade antenna for access points, routers and small base station applications. The SPDA24700/2700 covers the LTE frequency ranges
T321AT-GDP: Ant Rubber Duck Tri-band Rt-sma
Whip, Straight ; 3 ; Connector, SMA Male ; Connector Mount
ACH2-DBAT-DP003: Ant Rubber Duck 2dbi Dual Rp-sma
SPECIFICATION : 5dBi High Performance Antenna RP-SMA(M) Hinged Antenna RoHS Compliant Peak Gain (bend) Average Gain (straight) Antenna Length Antenna Diameter Antenna Body Material
APAMSJ-147: Dual Ant Active Gnss/6 Band Cell
MSL level: Not Applicable FEATURES:· Twin cable solution· Cable 1 covering GSM850, GSM900, DCS, PCS, & UMTS· Cable 2 covering GPS/GLONASS· Peak Gain 2170MHz (0.5dBi)· VSWR ­ Low band 1.6:1, High band 2.4:1·
FXP830.24.0100B: Antenna Pcb Flex 2.4/4.9-6ghz
SPECIFICATION Features Ground-plane Independent IPEX MHF4 Connector (HSC compatible) RoHS Compliant The is a high efficiency, small, dual-band, dipole antenna for 2.4/4.9-6GHz band including Bluetooth
FXP72.07.0053A: Ant Flex Circ Pcb W/cable 53mm
SPECIFICATION : 4dBi Gain IPEX MHFI Connector (U.FL compatible) 53 mm Cable 0.1 mm RoHS Compliant The FXP72 Freedom 2.4GHz Antenna works on WiFi, ZigBee, Bluetooth and ISM band at 2.4GHz. This antenna
146153-0250: 2.4GHz / 5GHz Wifi Stand Alone Balance Antenna, 9.00mm Width, Length 250.00mm
2.4, 5.0 GHz ; 2.4 @ 2.4G, 3.7 @ 5G
GW.26.0111.HT: Antenna 2.4ghz Sma Male
SPECIFICATION Dupont® Hytrel® High Temperature Resistant TPEE Housing (up to 150°C) ROHS Compliant The GW.26 HT series 2.4 GHz Monopole SMA (M) mount antenna is ideal for 2.4 GHz wireless applications
1513156-1: Pcb Antenna

1513156-2: Antenna Pcb 902mhz-928mhz
ANT-433-MHW-RPS-L: Antnna 433mhz 1/4wave Rpsma 180"
MHW Series dipole antennas feature a durable, unobtrusive housing that sticks permanently with integral adhesive to flat, non-conductive surfaces such as windows, drywall, ceiling tiles, plastic, etc.

ANT-433-MHW-RPS-S: Antenna 433mhz Centr Fed 79" Sma
ANT-433-MHW-SMA-S: Antenna 433mhz 1/4wave Sma 79"
FXP14.09.0100A: Ant 6-band Flex Pcb W/cable
Specification The Taoglas FXP14 Hexa Band Cellular Antenna covers all world-wide bands MHz). These cellular bands are used for different technologies in different countries such as GSM / CDMA / DCS / PCS / WCDMA
1513273-1: Antenna Pcb Quad Band
UHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 892MHz, 1.9GHz ; 824MHz ~ 960MHz, 1.71GHz ~ 1.99GHz
APAMP-126: Act Ant Gps M Type Hous Mag
FEATURES:· High Reliability/Sensitivity· Compact Size· Easy to install (magnet base)· ROHS Compliant RoHS/RoHS II compliant Lead in copper alloy exemption (6c); and Lead in glass exemption (7c-I) TYPICAL
TI.09.A.0111: Ant 915mhz Ism Band Dipole
SPECIFICATION Product Name 0dBi 915MHz ISM Band Straight Dipole Terminal Antenna, SMA(M) Straight : High efficiency dipole terminal antenna RoHS compliant Frequency (MHz) Peak Gain VSWR Impedance
ANT-433-CW-HWR-RPS: Antenna 433mhz 1/4 Wave Rp/sma
HWR Series antennas deliver outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. The articulating base allows the antenna to tilt 90 degrees and rotate 360 degrees. The antennas attach

ANT-433-CW-HWR-SMA: Antenna 433mhz 1/4 Wave Sma
ANT-418-CW-QW-SMA: Antenna 418mhz 1/4wave Whip Sma
CW Series ¼-wave antennas deliver outstanding performance in a rugged and cosmetically attractive package. These antennas are available with standard SMA or FCC Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connectors. RP-SMA
WAN07RSP: Limitless Ant Whip 0dbi Rpsma
WAN11RSP low-profile dome antenna, through-hole screw mount WCA200 Series 200 series coax cable assembly available in a variety of lengths WAMM100RSP-005/010 100 series coax antenna mount available in 5 ft. and 10 ft. lengths LimitlessTM

WAN09RSP: Limitless Ant Whip 3dbi Rpsma Mm
WAN10RSP: Limitless Ant Whip 5dbi Rpsma Mm
1513247-1: Antennas Embedded Linear Tab Mnt
UHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 859MHz, 1.9GHz ; 824MHz ~ 894MHz, 1.85GHz ~ 1.99GHz
MA600.A.ABC.006: Ant Spartan Gps/cell/2.4ghz Sma
Specification Spartan MA600 Spartan Screw Mount 3in1 Combination Antenna - GPS/GLONASS: 1575~1602MHz - Cellular: GSM/CDMA/HSPA/UMTS / 5GHz High performance outdoor antenna Custom cables and connectors
RN-SMA-S: 2.4GHz 1 inch Antenna with SMA Connector
Frequency (MHz): 2450.00 Maximun Gain: 0.56 dB Minimum Gain: -24.44 dB Frequency (MHz): 2450.00 Maximum Gain: 0.56 dB Minimum Gain: -0.10 dB
AAF95035: Antenna Multiband Mmcx W/cable
The evolution of technology has brought the need to communicate everywhere and at all times without being confined to one space. Laird's internal wireless device antennas feature wide bandwidth to enhance
MA140.A.LB.001: Ant Ext 2in1 Lte/gps 50mm Dia 1m
Specification MA140.A.LB.001 Olympian 2in1 LTE 2G/3G/4G and GPS/GLONASS · LTE 1M RG-316 SMA(M) · GPS 1M RG-RG-174 SMA(M) 48mm Height/50mm Diameter Heavy duty screw mount UV and vandal resistant ABS housing
ANT-315-CW-RCS: Antenna 315mhz Ra 1/4 Wave Whip
The RCS Series is ideally suited for products requiring an attractive, yet compact, ¼-wave antenna in a right-angle form factor. The antennas attach via a Part 15 compliant RP-SMA connector. Features ·
MA750.A.ABICG.003: Pantheon 5 In 1 Antenna
SPECIFICATION : Pantheon Antenna 5in1 MA.750 Screw-Mount (Permanent Mount) 2G/3G/4G MIMO/ GPS/GLONASS/ 2.4/5GHz MIMO 1*MIMO main antenna 1*MIMO diversity antenna IP67 Waterproof Front End SAW Filter High
ANT1204LL05R0915A: Chip Antenna 915mhz 12x04x1.6 Mm
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; UHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz) ; 915MHz ; 905MHz ~ 925MHz
AF216M245001-T: Ant Bluetooth W-lan Zigbee Wimax
Please read this notice before using the TAIYO YUDEN products. Product information in this catalog as of October 2015. All of the contents specified herein are subject to change without notice due to technical

20932010302: RF-ANT-MR20-US
ACA-1SSRPP-2400: Antenna Wifi 1" Straight
1" Antenna with Straight SMA Reverse Polarity Plug for 2.4 GHz While the information provided in this document is believed to be accurate, it is under development and ACKme Networks reserves the right
AMCA81-3R010G-S1F-T: Antenna Chip Dielectric 3010mhz
FEATURES:· 3010MHz, Bandwidth 200MHz· Suitable for RoHS compliant reflow· Gain 2.0dBi (Peak) / 0.5dBi (Average)· VSWR <2:1· Small size x 0.039 inch)· Non Ground Mounting type.· Power Handling 3W Max· Matched
FG9023: Antenna 5db 902-928mhz
FIBERGLASS BASE STATION ANTENNAS FEATURE INDUSTRY-LEADING DESIGN COMPONENTS THAT PERFORM IN EXTREME CONDITIONS Laird Technolgies' fiberglass base station antennas are collinear designs enclosed in a high
FXUB66.01.0150C: Maximus Flex Ant 700mhz-6ghz
Specification Patent Pending Ground Plane Independent 700-6000MHz 5 dBi Peak Gain Efficiencies above 60% on all cellular 2G/3G/4G bands 120.4x50.4x0.2 mm size SMA(M) Connector RoHS Compliant The patent
OMB.8912.03F21: Barracuda 3.5dbi Omni Antenna
SPECIFICATION Product Name : 3 dBi Penta-band Cellular Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna GSM850/ GSM900/ DCS/ PCS/ WCDMA I MHz Suitable to use in robust outdoor environment The Penta-band cellular
ANT-GSM5WM: Antenna Exterior Wall Mt Gsm 5db
/ 1800MHz· Active gain: +5dB· VSWR <1.5:1· RG58 Connecting Lead· 50ohm· `Alternative Connectors: FME / Mini-UHF / TNC· Vertical Polarization· Alternative Connectors: FME / A compact PCB Antenna for GSM Cellular
637113: Antenna 2.4ghz Sma
COMPACT ANTENNA IS IDEAL FOR SHORT RANGE COMMUNICATIONS The LAN antenna for vehicular applications addresses the needs of short-range RF applications. The antenna is designed to work in the harsh environment
APAMP-124: Act Ant Gps G Type Hous Mag
UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 1.575GHz ; 1.574GHz ~ 1.576GHz ; Dome ;
VJ5301M868MXBSR: Antenna; Chip; Single Frequency UHF; 868 MHz; Ceramic; (35x5 mm)
VishayTM VJ5301M868MXBSR chip antennas are covered by one or more of the following patents: The VJ5301M868MXBSR ceramic chip antenna is a small form-factor, high-performance, chip-antenna designed for operation
ANT-GPS-P20-SMA: Antenna Gps Compact 2.5m Sma
· Miniature GPS Patch Antenna· Centre freq x 8mm· VSWR <1.5:1· Gain (Zenith) 2dB· Polarisation RHCP· LNA Gain 28dB (+/-2)· Noise Figure 2.5m RG174 Connecting Lead· Alternative Connectors: FME / A compact
W5001: Antenna External Outdoor 2.4 Ghz
Features Applications Free Space Total Field Maximum Gain

1002686: Ant Stamp Wlan 802.11a 5ghz Smt
ACTPAT184-01-IP: Ant Gps Ceramic U.fl
UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 1.575GHz ; 1.573GHz ~ 1.583GHz ; Ceramic Patch ; Number
ANT-2.4-WRT-MON-RPS: Antenna 2.45ghz Wrt Series Rpsma
The WRT-MON Series monopole antenna is compact and tamper-resistant. It's great for applications like wireless vending machines, traffic equipment and power equipment where space is limited and security

ANT-2.4-WRT-MON-SMA: Antenna 2.45ghz Wrt Series Sma
ANT-2.4-WRT-MON-UFL: Antenna 2.45ghz Wrt Series U.fl
CA.25: Ant Wi-fi Loop 2.4/5ghz Dual Smt
SPECIFICATION Product Name : 2.4/5 GHz Dual-Band Wi-Fi Dielectric Loop Antenna : Smallest to 5850MHz Dual-Band SMT Type Antenna Ultra Low profile x 0.55mm Supports IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n and ac Dual-Band
ANT-2.4-PML: Ant 2.4ghz 1/2wave Whip
Designed for permanent attachment, the PML ½-wave whip tilts 180 degrees and delivers outstanding performance in a cost-effective package. An internal counterpoise eliminates external ground plane dependence

FXP831.07.0100C: Ant Flexible Pcb
SPECIFICATION : Flexible Ultra Low Profile 45mm*7mm*0.1mm Adheres directly to inside of product plastic or glass housing Form factor and cable routing convenient for integration High Efficiency IPEX MHF Connector
AMCA31-2R800G-S1F-T: Antenna Chip Dielectric 2800mhz
FEATURES:· 2800MHz, Bandwidth 150MHz· Suitable for RoHS compliant reflow· Gain 0.5dBi (Peak) / -1dBi (Average)· VSWR <2:1· Small size x 0.047 inch)· Non Ground Mounting type.· Power Handling 3W Max· Matched
HGV-2404U: 2.4 GHz 4 dBi Omnidirectional Antenna -N-Female Connector
TRA6927M3PWN-001: Antenna 4g/3g N(f) White 3.3"
A 1. Overall Height: 87 mm from Mounting Surface 2. Weight: 0.42 lbs 3. IP Rating: IP67 4. Operating temp: C 5. Storage Temp: C 6. Color: White 7. Mounting: Permanent Mount (See "Recommended Mounting
S463AM-915: Antenna Rubber Duck Straight Sma
UHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz) ; 915MHz ; 902MHz ~ 928MHz ; Whip, Straight ;
2450AT18A100E: Antenna Chip 2.4ghz
General Specifications Part Number Frequency Range Peak Gain Average Gain Return Loss Input Power Impedance Operating Temperature Reel Quanity Mount these devices with mark facing up. Units: mm * Line
ANT-916-PW-LP: Anten 916mhz Prmnt 1/4 Wave Whip
The LP Series antennas utilize a helical element which greatly reduces the antenna's size while These compact antennas are cosmetically attractive and inexpensive, making them ideal for to a PCB with a single
ANTX100P001BWPEN3: Pentaband Pcb Antenna 5 Dbi
UHF (300 MHz ~ 1 GHz), UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 850MHz, 900MHz, 1.8GHz, 1.9GHz, 2.1GHz ; Flat Patch
WPC.25A.07.0150C: Cer Patch W/integral Gnd
SPECIFICATION Product Name : 2.4GHz Ceramic Patch Antenna on integral ground with cable and connector : High antenna RF efficiency 150mm 1.13 IPEX MHFI RoHS compliant The WPC.25A 2.4GHz Ceramic Patch
OMB.868.B05F21: 868mhz Omni Antenna
SPECIFICATION Product Name 5dBi 868MHz ISM Band Indoor/Outdoor Omni-Directional Antenna : Suitable to use in robust outdoor environment Dimensions: Height 1093.5mm The 868MHz Barracuda ISM Outdoor antenna
1000423: Wlan Antenna Emb 802.11 A/b/g/n
Ethertronics' Prestta series of Isolated Magnetic DipoleTM (IMD) stamped metal antennas address the challenges facing today's product designers. IMD's high performance and isolation characteristics offer
APAE1575R2540BBDB1-T: Antenna Gps Patch 1575.42mhz
UHF (1 GHz ~ 2 GHz) ; 1.575GHz ; 1.573GHz ~ 1.587GHz ; Ceramic Patch ; Number
KRA-42M: UHF 2" stubby antenna 440-490 MHz
Stubby ; 440-490 MHz
ACA-108-T: Chip Ant Quad Band 1575-2690mhz
· Chip Antenna covering Quad bands from to 2700MHz· Matching via lumped elements with single footprint· Constructed from solid dielectric ceramic material· Suitable for RoHS compliant reflow· Peak Gain
GP.1575.25.4.A.02: Antenna Gps Patch 1575mhz
SPECIFICATION This miniaturized ceramic GPS patch antenna is based on smart XtremeGainTM technology. It is mounted via pin and double-sided adhesive and has been tuned as optimal solution for the customer
AH083F245001-T: Ant Bluetooth W-lan Zigbee Wimax
* Alternate Packaging ; UHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz) ; 2.4GHz ; 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz ; Antenna
W3525B039: Antenna Sngl-band I-pex 2.4ghz
W3525B Datasheet version 1.1 07/2009 Antennas with I-PEX Cable Assembly Single-Band Antenna with I-PEX Cable Assembly. Pulse Part Number W3525B Features - Size WxLxH x 0.8 mm) - For WLAN devices using

A.41.A.301111: Ant 28db Smam Rg-174 3m Screw Mt
Specification A.41.A.301111 Hercules GEN II Straight Screw mount GPS-GLONASS-BeiDou 3M SMA(M) RG-174 2 stage high gain LNA 28dB ) GPS/GLONASS/BeiDou fully supported & IP69K compliant housing with PC material
AA.108.301111: Titan Gps Ip67 1575.42mhz
Specification AA.108.301111 Titan GPS Antenna AA.108 Adhesive Mount Covert stylish design Wide band input voltage IP-67 Waterproof 3M RG-174 SMA(M) Connector Cable and connector customizable RoHS Compliant Our
FLEXI-SMA90-433: Antenna1/4 Wave Sma 90deg 433mhz
· 1/4 Wavelength Whip Antenna· Rugged Flexible Plastic Finish.· Available as BNC, SMA-Plug, M4 Screw Fixing· Available as Straight or Right Angle· VSWR <2.0· 50ohm Impedance· Operating Temp to +60oC· Insulation
A10381: Indica Antenna
· Designed for 2.4 GHz applications: Bluetooth® (BT, BT EDR, BT LE), Wi-Fi® (802.11a/b/g/n), ZigBee®, etc. · Ceramic chip antenna· Low profile design for use with no ground beneath the antenna· High efficiency·
66089-0406: Antenna U.fl 433mhz 6mm
The 66089 series antennas are designed for quick connection to Anaren Integrated Radio modules, and have been certified to meet "intentional radiator" requirements for low power non-licensed devices (FCC,

66089-0430: Antenna U.fl 433mhz 30mm
66089-0806: Antenna U.fl 868mhz 6mm
66089-0830: Antenna U.fl 868mhz 30mm
66089-0906: Antenna U.fl 915mhz 6mm
66089-0930: Antenna U.fl 915mhz 30mm
66089-2406: Antenna U.fl 2.4ghz 6mm
66089-2430: Antenna U.fl 2.4ghz 30mm
SLPT698/2170NMOHF: Antenna Wireless External Lte
LTE Multi Band External Vehicle or Enclosure Mounted Antenna Pulse is proud to introduce the SLPT (Shadow Low Profile Transit) product line for Public Safety, WLAN, LTE and 3G/4G applications. These rugged,
MA301.A.AB.001: Antenna Gps/5-band Magnetic Mnt
Specification MA301.A.AB.001 MA.301 GPS/Penta-band Cellular Magnetic Antenna IP65 - Waterproof GPS - High gain LNA to 32dB Penta-band 850/900/1800/1900/2100 MHz GSM/GPRS/CDMA/PCS/DCS/UMTS/HSPA Low Profile
20926410752: Ha-VIS RFID Transponder FT89 on metal 50 pcs
A.03.C.1001111: Antenna Gps 1575mhz Screw Mnt
SPECIFICATION 40dB GPS Hercules Heavy Duty Screw Mount Antenna For long cable lengths above 5M Applications Location based services M2M Telematics Remote monitoring Timing for Base Stations Large vehicle
GW.71.5153: Ant 802.11b/g/n/a Dipole
UHF (2 GHz ~ 3 GHz), SHF (f>4 GHz) ; 2.4GHz, 5.4GHz ; 2.4GHz ~ 2.5GHz, 4.9GHz ~ 5.8GHz ; Antenna
TL.10.1HH11W: Terminal Robust Antenna
Specification Shockwave Ultra-Wideband Direct Mount antenna Covers all common 2G/3G/4G Cellular - ISM- Wi-Fi Bands LTE / GSM / CDMA /DCS /PCS / WCDMA / UMTS / HSDPA / GPRS / EDGE /GPS /Wi-Fi to 2700Mhz,
ANT-315-HESM: Ant 315mhz 1/4wave Helical Smd
HE Series antennas are designed for direct PCB mounting. Thanks to the HE's compact size, they are ideal for internal concealment inside a product's housing. The HE is also very low in cost, making it well
MA515.C.CG.001: Antenna 2.4ghz Ism Rp-sma
Specification Hercules Heavy Duty Screw Mount Antenna MIMO Single Band 2.4GHz 2.4GHz suitable for ISM Bands/ZigBee/WLAN/Bluetooth IEEE.802.11n High Isolation between Antenna Elements UV and vandal resistant
RG.02.01.3000W: Cellular 4 Band Antenna
SPECIFICATION RG.02.01.3000W Road Marker Kit - Quad Band Cellular Antenna RG.01 with CAB.826 Cable Assembly AMPS/GSM/PCS/DCS 850/900/1800/1900 Low Profile - Diameter 101.4 mm*Height mm UV and Vandal resistant
ANT-315-PW-RA: Ant 315mhz Prmnt Sa 1/4 Wav Whip
The RA Series offers maximum mounting and orientation flexibility in a cost-effective reduced-height package. The antenna's innovative articulating base allows it to tilt and rotate for optimum orientation.
GSA.8827R.A.101111: Antenna Gsa.8827 With Resistor
SPECIFICATION The GSA.8827R Phoenix Ultra-Wideband I-Bar antenna is a robust high efficiency cellular antenna for use with all 2G/3G/4G cellular modules worldwide. Its slim-line design allows for covert
TI.10.0111.HT: Antenna 433mhz Ism Omni
Specification 433MHz ISM Band Terminal Antenna Omni-Directional 0dBi HIGH TEMPERATURE SMA(M) Plug Connector Dupont® Hytrel® High Temperature Resistant TPEE Housing (up to 150°C) Low Profile and Robust