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ECS-100-18-7SX-TR: Crystal 10.0000mhz 18pf Smd
Low Profile Industry Standard Footprint Extended Temp. Range Option RoHS Compliant The wide frequency range SMD quartz crystal is an excellent choice for surface mount applications. The ruggedized moulded

ECS-100-20-7SX-TR: Crystal 10.0000mhz 20pf Smd
ECS-100-S-7SX-TR: Crystal 10.0000mhz Series Smd
ECS-102.4-18-7SX-TR: Crystal 10.2400mhz 18pf Smd
ECS-110.5-18-7SX-TR: Crystal 11.0592mhz 18pf Smd
ECS-110.5-20-7SX-TR: Crystal 11.0592mhz 20pf Smd
ECS-110.5-S-7SX-TR: Crystal 11.0592mhz Series Smd
ECS-120-18-7SX-TR: Crystal 12.0000mhz 18pf Smd
ECS-120-20-7SX-TR: Crystal 12.0000mhz 20pf Smd
ECS-120-S-7SX-TR: Crystal 12.0000mhz Series Smd
ECS-122.8-18-7SX-TR: Crystal 12.2880mhz 18pf Smd
NX2016AB-40MHZ SW2W: Crystal 40.0000mhz 7pf Smd
Nominal frequency(F0) Overtone order Adjustment tolerance Tolerance over the temperature range Equivalent resistance (R1) Shunt Capacitance (C0) Maximum Drive Level Measuring instrument Load capacitance(CL)
NX8045GB-8.000M-STD-CSF-6: Crystal 8.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Features A small surface-mount type crystal unit, ideal for OA (office automation) , AV (audiovisual) and Accessories for a car , which need performance for wide temperature range. Compatible with frequencies
AT04000009: Crystal 4mhz 16pf Smd
017137: Crystal 25.45625mhz Smd
MHz Crystal ; 25.45625MHz ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount
017181: Crystal 13.5000mhz Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; MHz Crystal ; 13.5MHz ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount ; 4-SMD,
NX1612AA-40MHZ-EXS00A-CS05020: Crystal 40.0000mhz 7pf Smd
1 NDK Part Number 2 Chipset Maker 3 Application 4 Chipset Name 5 NDK Specification Number 6 Type 7 Electrical Characteristics 7.1 Nominal Frequency (f nom) 7.2 Overtone order 7.3 Adjustment tolerance 7.4 Tolerance
NX3225SA-32M-EXS00A-02994: Crystal 32.0000mhz 16pf Smd
8 Measurement Circuit 8.1 Frequency Measurement 8.1.1 Measuring Instrument 8.1.2 Load Capacitance (CL) 8.1.3 Level of Drive 8.2 Equivalent Resistance Measurement 8.2.1 Measuring Instrument 8.2.2 Load Capacitance
AT04900002: Crystal 4.9152mhz 12pf Smd
NX4025DA-32.000M-STD-CSV-1: Crystal 32.0000mhz 10pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; NX4025DA ; MHz Crystal ; 32MHz ; ±10ppm ; ±10ppm ; Load
ECS-120-20-20BM-TR: Crystal 12.0000mhz 20pf Smd
The is a miniature SMD Crystal with 5.0 mm footprint. This seam welded metal lid/ceramic package crystal is ideal for PCMIA ethernet and fax modem card applications. Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance

ECS-98.3-20-20BM-TR: Crystal 98.3mhz 20pf Smd
FPXLF143-20: Crystal 14.31818mhz 20pf Smd
FEATURES OPTIONS · PART NUMBER Learn More - Internet Required PARAMETERS Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance @ 25ºC Frequency Stability, ref @ 25ºC Over Operating Temp Range Temperature Range Operating
AA-10.000MAGE-T: Crystal 10.000mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; AA ; MHz Crystal ; 10MHz ; ±50ppm ;

AA-10.000MAGY-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 7pf Smd
AA-10.000MAME-T: Crystal 10.000mhz 12pf Smd
AA-10.000MDHV-T: Crystal 10.000mhz 8pf Smd
AA-12.000MAGE-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 12pf Smd
AA-12.000MAHE-T: Crystal 12.000mhz 12pf Smd
AA-12.000MAPQ-T: Crystal 12.000mhz 10pf Smd
AA-12.288MAGV-T: Crystal 12.2880mhz 8pf Smd
AA-12.288MDGV-T: Crystal 12.288mhz 8pf Smd
AA-13.4916MAHQ-T: Crystal 13.4916mhz 10pf Smd
AA-13.560MAGE-T: Crystal 13.5600mhz 12pf Smd
9C-13.560MEEJ-T: Crystal 13.5600mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 9C ; MHz Crystal ; 13.56MHz ; ±10ppm ;
9C-36.000MEEJ-T: Crystal 36.0000mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 9C ; MHz Crystal ; 36MHz ; ±10ppm ;
017035: Crystal 13.2256mhz Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; MHz Crystal ; 13.2256MHz ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount
ECS-035-18-4X-DU: Crystal 3.579545mhz 18pf T/h
The HC-49USX is the low profile resistance weld type Thru Hole quartz crystal. Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance Frequency Stability ref @ 25°C Shunt Capacitance Load Capacitance (CL) Drive Level Operating

ECS-040-20-4X-DU: Crystal 4.0000mhz 20pf T/h
ECS-060-20-4X-DU: Crystal 6.0000mhz 20pf T/h
ECS-080-20-4X-DU: Crystal 8.0000mhz 20pf T/h
ECS-100-18-4X: Crystal 10.0000mhz 18pf T/h
ECS-100-20-4X-DU: Crystal 10.0000mhz 20pf T/h
ECS-100-S-4X: Crystal 10.0000mhz Series T/h
ECS-102.4-18-4XEN: Crystal 10.2400mhz 18pf T/h
ECS-107.3-S-4X: Crystal 10.738635mhz Series T/h
ECS-110-S-4X: Crystal 11.0000mhz Series T/h
ECS-110.5-18-4XEN: Crystal 11.0592mhz 18pf T/h
ABM3B-10.000MHZ-10-1-U-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 10pf Smd
FEATURES:· Fundamental mode.· Suitable for reflow.· Tight Stability available.· Ceramic package and metal lid assures high precision and reliability.· Seam sealing. Operation Mode Operating Temperature

ABM3B-11.0592MHZ-10-1-U-T: Crystal 11.0592mhz 10pf Smd
ABM3B-11.0592MHZ-B-4-Y-T: Crystal 11.0592mhz 18pf Smd
ABM3B-12.000MHZ-10-1-U-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 10pf Smd
ABM3B-12.000MHZ-B-4-Y-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 18pf Smd
ABM3B-12.000MHZ-B2-T: Crystal, 12mhz, 18pf, 5 X 3.2mm
ABM3B-12.1875MHZ-10-D4-T: Crystal 12.1875mhz 10pf Smd
ABM3B-12.288MHZ-10-1-U-T: Crystal 12.2880mhz 10pf Smd
ABM3B-12.288MHZ-B-4-Y-T: Crystal 12.2880mhz 18pf Smd
ABS07-32.768KHZ-1-T: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
PbMoisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) ­ This product is · 0.9mm height ideal for high density circuit boards · Seam sealed ceramic package offers excellent environmental & heat resistance· Wireless communications Parameters

ABS07-32.768KHZ-6-T: Crystal 32.7680khz 6pf Smd
ABS07-32.768KHZ-7-T: Crystal, 32.768khz, 7pf, 3.2 X 1.5mm
ABS07-32.768KHZ-9-T: Crystal 32.7680khz 9pf Smd
ABS07-32.768KHZ-T: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
AT-18.432MAGQ-T: Crystal 18.4320mhz 10pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; AT ; MHz Crystal ; 18.432MHz ; ±50ppm ;
AT-4.000MAGE-T: Crystal 4.0000mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; AT ; MHz Crystal ; 4MHz ; ±50ppm ;
AB-10.000MAGE-T: Crystal 10.000mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; AB ; MHz Crystal ; 10MHz ; ±50ppm ; ±30ppm ;

AB-12.000MAGE-T: Crystal 12.000mhz 12pf Smd
AB-13.125MAME-T: Crystal 13.125mhz 12pf Smd
AB-13.225625MAHE-T: Crystal 13.225625mhz 12pf Smd
AB-13.528750MAHQ-T: Crystal 13.528750mhz 10pf Smd
AB-13.560MAHE-T: Crystal 13.560mhz 12pf Smd
AB-13.560MANH-T: Crystal 13.560mhz 15pf Smd
AB-13.580MANE-T: Crystal 13.580mhz 12pf Smd
AB-14.318180MAHK-T: Crystal 14.318180mhz 20pf Smd
8Q25070003: Crystal 25mhz 8pf Smd
MCRS012000F183000RR: Crystal, 12mhz, 18pf, 11 X 4.65mm
5 Operating Temperature Range 6 Storage Temperature Range 7 Drive Level 8 Shunt Capacitance 9 Insulation Resistance 10 Test Impedance Meter 11 Aging The crystal will be test by natural dropping to 30mm

MCRS020000F183000RR: Crystal, 20mhz, 18pf, 11 X 4.65mm
CS20 19.440MABJ-UT: Crystal 19.4400mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; CS20 ; MHz Crystal ; 19.44MHz ; ±50ppm ; ±30ppm ; Load

CS20 19.440MABJTR
CS20-10.000MABJ-UT: Crystal 10.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-11.0592MABJ-UT: Crystal 11.0592mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-11.2896MABJ-UT: Crystal 11.2896mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-12.000MABJ-UT: Crystal 12.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-12.288MABJ-UT: Crystal 12.2880mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-14.31818MABJTR: Crystal 14.31818mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-14.7456MABJ-UT: Crystal 14.7456mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-15.360MABJ-UT: Crystal 15.3600mhz 18pf Smd
CS20-16.000MABJ-UT: Crystal 16.0000mhz 18pf Smd
ECS-250-18-30-JEM-TR: Crystal 25.000 Mhz 18pf Smd
Compact and low profile Extended Temp Range Option RoHS Compliant 2 Pad Option The is a miniature SMD Crystal with 5 mm footprint. This package is ideal for todays compact wireless applications where board

ECS-80-18-30-JGN-TR: Crystal 8.000 Mhz 18pf Smd
017301: Crystal 17.64317mhz Smd
MHz Crystal ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount
XT9M20ANA16M: Crystal, 16mhz, 20pf, Hc-49m
This part is a miniature AT cut strip crystal unit packaged for surface mounting. FEATURES· Low cost· Industry standard· Wide frequency range· Excellent aging· Surface mount· Compliant to RoHS directive

XT9M20ANA24M: Crystal, 24mhz, 20pf, Hc-49m
XT9M20ANA8M: Crystal, 8mhz, 20pf, Hc-49m
XT9MNLANA8M: Crystal, 8mhz, -888pf, Hc-49m
CX2016DB32000D0WZRC1: Crystal 32.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; CX2016DB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 32MHz ; ±40ppm ; Frequency
016999: Crystal 20.35625mhz Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; MHz Crystal ; 20.35625MHz ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount
ABM10-48.000MHZ-D30-T3: Crystal 48.0000mhz 10pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; ABM10 ; MHz Crystal ; 48MHz ; ±30ppm ;
016807: Crystal 19.4400mhz T/h
Bulk ; MHz Crystal ; 19.44MHz ; Fundamental ; Mounting Through Hole ; UM-1 ;
NX3225GA-32M-EXS00A-CG02611: Crystal 32.0000mhz 10pf Smd
NX3225GA-32M-EXS00A-CG02611 Texas Instruments Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE RF4CE / ZigBee EXS00A-CG02611 NX3225GA 8 Measurement Circuit 8.1 Frequency Measurement 8.1.1 Measuring
AX-15.000MAGV-T: Crystal 15.000mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; AX ; MHz Crystal ; 15MHz ; ±50ppm ; ±30ppm ;
ECS-120-20-30B-DU: Crystal 12.0000mhz 20pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; ECX-53B-DU ; MHz Crystal ; 12MHz ; ±100ppm ; Frequency
NX1612AA-26MHZ STD-CSI-1: Crystal 26.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Features A small surface-mount type crystal unit, especially suited for small-sizing requirements. Ultra compact and thin. mm typ., Max. H:0.35 mm) Highly reliable. Ideal for TV tuners. Lead-free. Meets
ECS-.320-12.5-13X: Crystal 32.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
The ECS-31X Series features the same characteristics as only tuning fork crystals offer. Because of their miniature size they are ideal for portable and communication equipment applications. FEATURES ·

ECS-.655-12.5-13X: Crystal 65.5360khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-1.00-12.5-13X: Crystal 100.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-1.536-12.5-13X: Crystal 153.6000khz 12.5pf T/h
NX3225GA-26MHZ-TI: Crystal 26.0000mhz 10pf Smd
4 Chipset Maker 5 Application 6 Chipset Name 7 Chipset Number 8 End User 9.2 Overtone order 9.3 Frequency Tolerance 9.4 Frequency Versus Temperature Characteristics 9.5 Equivalent Series Resistance ) 9.6 Shunt
016933: Crystal 27.0000mhz
MHz Crystal ; 27MHz ; Fundamental
CX3225CA16000H0HSSCC: Crystal 16.0000mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; CX3225CA, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 16MHz ; ±50ppm ; Frequency
CX532AZ-A5B2C5-70-25.0D18: Crystal 25.0000mhz 18pf Smd
· Small overall package dimensions· Available in both & 4 pads STABILITY TOLERANCE RESISTANCE FREQUENCY LOAD CAP. OVERTONE *NOTE: The above ABC combinations cover basic specification options. We tailor

CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-12.288D18: Crystal 12.2880mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-14.7456D18: Crystal 17.7456mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-16.0D18: Crystal 16.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-1966080D18: Crystal 19.6608mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-20.0D18: Crystal 20.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-25.0D18: Crystal 25.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-27.0D18: Crystal 27.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-30.0D18: Crystal 30.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-33.0D18: Crystal 33.0000mhz 18pf Smd
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-50.0D18: Crystal 50.0000mhz 18pf Smd
AX-16.9344MAHV-T: Crystal 16.9344mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; AX ; MHz Crystal ; 16.9344MHz ; ±30ppm ; ±30ppm ; Load
AT-13.225625MAGE-T: Crystal 13.225625mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; AT ; MHz Crystal ; 13.225625MHz ; ±50ppm ;
ABM9-16.000MHZ-10-D-1U-T: Crystal 16.0000mhz 10pf Smd
FEATURES:· Low in height; suitable for thin equipment.· Available +/-10ppm stability ~ +60ºC· Tight tolerance and stability available.· Suitable for RoHS compliant reflow Frequency Tolerance @+25°C Frequency
AX-28.224MDBQ-T: Crystal 28.224mhz 10pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; AX ; MHz Crystal ; 28.224MHz ; ±50ppm ; ±20ppm ; Load
CMR250T100.000KAZF-UT: Crystal 100.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
z Because of their excellent shock resistance and low power consumption, the units are ideal for portable equipment. z Features superior characteristics indigenous to tuning fork-type quartz crystal units. z

CMR250T32.000KAZF-UT: Crystal 32.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250T60.000KAZF-UT: Crystal 60.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250T65.535KAZF-UT: Crystal 65.5350khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250T75.000KAZF-UT: Crystal 75.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250T76.8KAZF-UT: Crystal 76.8000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250TB100.000KAZFTR: Crystal 100.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250TB32.000KAZFTR: Crystal 32.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250TB40.000KAZFTR: Crystal 40.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250TB60.000KAZFTR: Crystal 60.0000khz 12.5pf Smd
CMR250TB65.535KAZFTR: Crystal 65.5350khz 12.5pf Smd
NX4025DA-13.000000MHZ-B6: Crystal 13.0000mhz 10pf Smd
017039: Crystal 19.4400mhz
MHz Crystal ; 19.44MHz ; Fundamental
NX2016AB-38.4MHZ ST4: Crystal 38.4000mhz 8pf Smd
Nominal frequency(F0) Overtone order Adjustment tolerance Tolerance over the temperature range Equivalent resistance (R1) Shunt Capacitance (C0) Maximum Drive Level Measuring instrument Load capacitance(CL)
NX3225SA-26.000000MHZ-G3: Crystal 26.0000mhz 7.36pf Smd
NX8045GB-10.000000MHZ: Crystal 10.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Electrical characteristics Nominal frequency(F0) Overtone order Adjustment tolerance Tolerance over the temperature range Equivalent resistance (R1) Shunt Capacitance (C0) Maximum Drive Level Measurement

NX8045GB-12.000000MHZ: Crystal 12.0000mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-12.288000MHZ: Crystal 12.2880mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-13.560000MHZ: Crystal 13.5600mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-14.318180MHZ: Crystal 14.31818mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-16.934400MHZ: Crystal 16.9344mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-18.432000MHZ: Crystal 18.4320mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-20.000000MHZ: Crystal 20.0000mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-24.000000MHZ: Crystal 24.0000mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-25.000000MHZ: Crystal 25.0000mhz 8pf Smd
NX8045GB-27.000000MHZ: Crystal 27.0000mhz 8pf Smd
CM315D32768DZCT: Crystal 32.7680khz 9pf Smd
TUNING FORK CRYSTAL UNIT (SMD· Ceramic Package) FEATURES 7Tuning fork crystal with ceramic packaged type. 7High-density SMD type Ultra-light weight with ultra-miniature packaging. High-stability assured

CM315D32768DZFT: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
CM315D32768DZYT: Crystal 32.7680khz 7pf Smd
CM315D32768EZFT: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
AT08070005: Crystal 8mhz 10pf Smd
AT-14.31818MAGE-T: Crystal 14.31818mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; AT ; MHz Crystal ; 14.31818MHz ; ±50ppm ;
ABM10-165-38.400MHZ-T3: Crystal 38.4mhz 10pf Smd
Moisture Sensitivity Level (MSL) ­ This product is Hermetically Sealed and not Moisture Sensitive - MSL = N/A: Not Applicable · Low profile, miniature size: x 0.5mm SMD· RoHS compliant· Overall frequency
ECS-.327-12.5-13X: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS tuning fork type crystals are used as a clock source in communication equipment, measuring instruments, microprocessors and other time management applications. Their low power consumption makes these

ECS-.327-8-14X: Crystal 32.7680khz 8pf T/h
ECS-3X8X: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-480-18-23A-JGN-TR: Crystal 48.0000mhz 18pf Smd
* Alternate Packaging ; ECX-64A ; MHz Crystal ; 48MHz ; ±30ppm ; ±20ppm
ECS-.320-12.5-13: Crystal 32.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
Bulk ; ECS-31 ; kHz Crystal (Tuning Fork) ; 32kHz ; ±30ppm ; 12.5pF ; Operating

ECS-.400-12.5-13: Crystal 40.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-.600-12.5-13: Crystal 60.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-.655-12.5-13: Crystal 65.5360khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-.750-12.5-13: Crystal 75.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-1.00-12.5-13: Crystal 100.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-1.25-12.5-13: Crystal 125.0000khz 12.5pf T/h
ECS-1.536-12.5-13: Crystal 153.6000khz 12.5pf T/h
017307: Crystal 7.140625mhz Smd
MHz Crystal ; Fundamental ; Mounting Surface Mount
617-24.572675-1: Crystal 24.572675mhz 10pf Smd
FEATURES · Ultra Low Profile· Fundamental· Tape and Reel (3,000 pcs. STD) OPTIONS Frequency Range Frequency Tolerance @ 25ºC Frequency Stability, ref @ 25ºC Over Operating Temp Range Temperature Range
9C-22.000MEEJ-T: Crystal 22.0000mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 9C ; MHz Crystal ; 22MHz ; ±10ppm ;
CX3225GB10000D0HEQCC: Crystal 10.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; CX3225GB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 10MHz ; ±30ppm ; Frequency

CX3225GB12000D0HEQCC: Crystal, 12mhz, 8pf, 3.2 X 2.5mm
CX3225GB13560D0HEQCC: Crystal 13.5600mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB14318D0HEQCC: Crystal 14.31818mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB14745D0HEQCC: Crystal 14.7456mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB16000D0HEQCC: Crystal 16.0000mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB18432D0HEQCC: Crystal 18.4320mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB19200D0HEQCC: Crystal 19.2000mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB20000D0HEQCC: Crystal 20.0000mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB22579D0HEQCC: Crystal 22.5792mhz 8pf Smd
CX3225GB24000D0HEQCC: Crystal 24.0000mhz 8pf Smd
7M-10.000MAAE-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 12pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 7M ; MHz Crystal ; 10MHz ; ±30ppm ;

7M-10.000MAAJ-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 18pf Smd
7M-10.000MAHE-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 12pf Smd
7M-10.000MAHV-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 8pf Smd
7M-10.000MBBK-T: Crystal 10.0000mhz 20pf Smd
7M-11.0592MAAE-T: Crystal 11.0592mhz 12pf Smd
7M-11.0592MBBK-T: Crystal 11.0592mhz 20pf Smd
7M-114.285MCFJ-T: Crystal 114.2850mhz 18pf Smd
7M-12.000MAAE-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 12pf Smd
7M-12.000MAAJ-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 18pf Smd
ABLS7M2-16.000MHZ-D-2Y-T: Crystal 16.0000mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; ABLS7M2 ; MHz Crystal ; 16MHz ; ±30ppm ;
NX3225DA-16.000MHZ-EXS00A-03311: Crystal 16.0000mhz 7.2pf Smd
NX3225SA ; MHz Crystal ; 16MHz ; ±10ppm ; 7.2pF ; Fundamental ; Operating
CX3225SB20000D0FPLCC: Crystal 20.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; CX3225SB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 20MHz ; ±20ppm ; Frequency
7M49172001: Crystal 49.152 Mhz 9pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 7M ; MHz Crystal ; 49.152MHz ; 9pF ; ESR (Equivalent Series
9H03200019: Crystal 32.768khz 12.5pf Smd
Features > Ceramic surface mount package > Applications in mobile phone, Notebook and DSC. > RoHS Compliant / Pb Free. Norminal Frequency Tolerance(at 25ºC) Operation Temperature Range Shunt Capacitance(C0)

9H03200021: Crystal 32.768khz 7pf Smd
9H03200022: Crystal 32.768khz 9pf Smd
9H03200031: Crystal 32.768khz 12.5pf Smd
9H03200033: Crystal 32.768khz 9pf Smd
9H03200034: Crystal 32.768khz 7pf Smd
9H03200036: Crystal 32.768khz 6pf Smd
9H03200042: Crystal 32.768khz 12.5pf Smd
CX1612DB52000D0FLJC1: Crystal 52.0000mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; CX1612DB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 52MHz ; ±15ppm ; ±10ppm
ECS-.327-12.5-17X-C-TR: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
Low Profile Long term stability Industry standard footprint Extended Temp. Range RoHS Compliant The is a compact SMD Tuning Fork Crystal. The 2.5 mm package is ideal for today's SMD manufacturing environment. Equivalent

ECS-.327-6-17X-C-TR: Crystal 32.768khz 6pf Smd
ECS-.327-6-17X-TR: Crystal 32.7680khz 6pf Smd
ST4115SB32768E0HPWZZ: Crystal 32.7680khz 9pf Smd
Crystal Units Surface Mount Type: Tuning Fork ST3215SB Features · Small, Low Profile (3.2×1.5×0.75mm)· Ceramic Package· Pb Free· Reflow Compatible Applications Operating Temp. Range Frequency Temp. Stability Item

ST4115SB32768H5HPWZZ: Crystal 32.7680khz 12.5pf Smd
7B-12.000MEEQ-T: Crystal 12.0000mhz 10pf Smd
Features > Ultra small SMD type crystal units. > High precision characteristics covering up to wide frequency range. > Higher frequency stability and reliability. > Excellent for reducing EMI effect. > The best

7B-12.288MEEQ-T: Crystal 12.2880mhz 10pf Smd
7B-13.000MEEQ-T: Crystal 13.0000mhz 10pf Smd
7B-13.560MEEQ-T: Crystal 13.5600mhz 10pf Smd
7B-14.31818MEEQ-T: Crystal 14.31818mhz 10pf Smd
7B-14.7456MEEQ-T: Crystal 14.7456mhz 10pf Smd
7B-15.360MEEQ-T: Crystal 15.3600mhz 10pf Smd
7B-16.000MEEQ-T: Crystal 16.0000mhz 10pf Smd
7B-16.384MEEQ-T: Crystal 16.3840mhz 10pf Smd
7B-16.9344MEEQ-T: Crystal 16.9344mhz 10pf Smd
7B-18.432MEEQ-T: Crystal 18.4320mhz 10pf Smd
CX3225SB49152F0HELC1: Crystal Unit, 3.2x2.5x0.55mm Siz
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; CX3225SB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 49.152MHz ; ±20ppm ; Frequency
CX2016DB40960D0KJSC1: Crystal 40.9600mhz 8pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; CX2016DB, Kyocera ; MHz Crystal ; 40.96MHz ; ±50ppm ;
7M27072001: Crystal 27 Mhz 9pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) Alternate Packaging ; 7M ; MHz Crystal ; 27MHz ; 9pF ;
ABM10-24.000MHZ-18-E30-T3: Crystal 24.0000mhz 18pf Smd
Tape & Reel (TR) ; ABM10 ; MHz Crystal ; 24MHz ; ±30ppm ; ±20ppm ;
CX532Z-A2B3C5-70-12.0D18: Crystal 12.0000mhz 18pf Smd
FOXSDLF/115R-20/TR: Crystal 11.0592mhz 20pf Smd
Over Operating Temp. Range Temperature Range Operating (TOPR) Storage (TSTG) Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Shunt Capacitance (CO) NOTE: The above specifications, having been carefully prepared and checked,
AB26TRB-32.768KHZ-T: Crystal, 32.768khz, 12.5pf, Cylinder
RoHSPb in high melting temperature type solders · Formed leads for low cost SMD type· Excellent shock resistance· Reflow Capable· Low cost for consumer applications· IR reflow capable · Real time clock·
FOXSDLF/240FR-20/TR: Crystal 24.0000mhz 20pf Smd
Over Operating Temp. Range Temperature Range Operating (TOPR) Storage (TSTG) Equivalent Series Resistance (ESR) Shunt Capacitance (CO) NOTE: The above specifications, having been carefully prepared and checked,