IC and discrete parts list from T000180 to T0052918499

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
T000220005024810502; 12Aerodevcall now
T0003M4810512; 2008
T000D80014810512; 2008
T000NIX4810512; 2008
T001-0756K4810512; 2008
T00100-461-0044810512; 9730; DIPDanam; Dip9730; DANAMbr; DIP
T001230BMCL4810512; 2008
T0012AC4810512; 2008
T0015FS4810512; 2007; 2008; 2016brWFP20W
T0019S-14810512; 2008
T001B/124810512; 2008; 2012
T001P124810503; 12; 2008; 2015br; DIPMt; N/aCLCCµAae; LCCbr
T001R4810512; 12-13; 2008; 2015br; 97; N/ADip8; KssDIP-8; DIP8br; KSS
T001Y4810512; 2008
T00234810512; 2008
T00254810512; 2008To39/
T0026FB4810512; 2008
T0026JI4810512; 2008
T0028S4810512; 2008
T00344810512; 2008
T0039S4810512; 2008
T003M4810512; 2006-2007; 2008; 2012br; 2015Jrc; Kss; Sop-8pKSS; SOP-8Pbr; SOP8
T003R4810512; 12-13; 2008; 2015br; N/AKss; N/a; XrDIP; DIP8br
T0046-14810512; 13; 2006-2007; 2008br; 2012; 2015Cpclare; ZipCPClare; ZIPbr
T0046-24810512; 13; 2006-2007; 2008br; 2012; 2015Cpclare; ZipCPClare; ZIPbr
T0048-14810512; 13; 2006-2007; 2008br; 2012; 2015Cpclare; ZipCPClare; ZIPbr
T00492-0014810512; 2008
T004A5000003; 12; 2008; 2012br; 2016St03; DIP-28Pbr
T004B-014810512; 2008
T004B/T0254810512; 2008
T004B/T0Z54810512; 2008
T00509-0014810512; 2008
T0050S5000003; 12; 2008; 2015brInnetSOP
T00513013991000002014Apex tool groupABW-2 EXTENSION SD1000
T00513017991000002014Apex tool groupSD1000 SOLDER DISPENSER
T00513031991000002014Apex tool groupTIP TINNER LEAD FREE 0.5 OZ
T00513120991000002014Apex tool groupFOOT SWITCH 51312099
T00513125991000002014Apex tool groupFE ASSEMBLY FOR DS 21 DS22 DS8
T00513130991000002014Apex tool groupDESOLDERING HEAD DSX 80
T00513140991000002014Apex tool groupDX 110 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513141991000002014Apex tool groupDX 111 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513142991000002014Apex tool groupDX 112 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513143991000002014Apex tool groupDX 113 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513144991000002014Apex tool groupDX 114 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513145991000002014Apex tool groupDX 115 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513146991000002014Apex tool groupDX 116 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513147991000002014Apex tool groupDX 117 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513148991000002014Apex tool groupDX 118 DESOLDERING TIP
T00513150991000002014Apex tool groupDX 113 DESOLDERING TIP 2.5X1.2 D
T00513151991000002014Apex tool groupDX 119 DESOLDERING TIP 1.1X.7 DX
T00513152991000002014Apex tool groupDX 120 DESOLDERING TIP 2.5X1.1 D
T00513171991000002014Apex tool groupWTA 50 TWEEZERS SMD DESOLDERING
T00513172991000002014Apex tool groupWMRT TWEEZERS RTW2 TIP
T00513173991000002014Apex tool groupWMRT TWEEZERS RTW2 TIP
T00513175991000002014Apex tool groupWMRT TWEEZERS MS MICRO HANDPIECE
T00513177991000002014Apex tool groupWXMT TWEEZERS NO TIP CARTRIDGE
T00513178991000002014Apex tool groupWXMT TWEEZERS MICRO-DESOLD
T00513179991000002014Apex tool groupWXMT MS HANDPIECE FOR RTW TIP
T00513180991000002014Apex tool groupDXV 80 DESOLDERING IRON
T00513182991000002014Apex tool groupDXV 80 DESOLDERING SET WITH WDH
T00513183991000002014Apex tool groupDSX 80 DESOLDERING SET WITH WDH
T00513190991000002014Apex tool groupDSX 80 DESOLDERING IRON
T00513198991000002014Apex tool groupDSX 120 DESOLDERING IRON
T00513201991000002014Apex tool groupWXDP 120 DESOLDERING IRON
T00513202991000002014Apex tool groupWXDP 120 DESOLDERING SET W. WDH
T00513203991000002014Apex tool groupWXMT TWEEZERS MS MICRO RTW 2MS
T00513250991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 1 DESOLDERING TIP 1.4X2.5 L
T00513251991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 2 DESOLDERING TIP 3.0X5.3 L
T00513252991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 3 DESOLDERING TIP 1.0X2.3 L
T00513253991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 4 DESOLDERING TIP 1.2X2.5 L
T00513254991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 5 DESOLDERING TIP 1.8X3.3 L
T00513255991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 6 DESOLDERING TIP 0.7X1.9 L
T00513256991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 7 DESOLDERING TIP 1.2X2.7 L
T00513257991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 8 DESOLDERING TIP 1.5X2.9 L
T00513258991000002014Apex tool groupXDS 9 MEASURING TIP
T00513259991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL1 DS TIP 1.4 X 2.5MM L
T00513260991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL2 DS TIP 3.0 X 5.3MM L
T00513261991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL3 DS TIP 1.0 X 2.3MM L
T00513262991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL4 DS TIP 1.2 X 2.5MM L
T00513263991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL5 DS TIP 1.8 X 3.3MM L
T00513264991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL6 DS TIP 0.7 X 1.9MM L
T00513265991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL7 DS TIP 1.2 X 2.7MM L
T00513266991000002014Apex tool groupXDSL8 DS TIP 1.5X 2.9MM L
T00513444991000002014Apex tool groupGASKET MAIN FILTER 5/PK
T00513500991000002014Apex tool groupCLEANING TOOL COMPL
T00513603991000002014Apex tool groupGASKETS GLASS TUBE (10)
T00513604991000002014Apex tool groupMINERAL FILTERS (10)
T00513605991000002014Apex tool groupGLASS-TUBE (4)
T00513616991000002014Apex tool groupSTRAP FOR GLASS-TUBE (5)
T00513835991000002014Apex tool groupUSB MICROSCOPE AM4013MTL
T00513836991000002014Apex tool groupSTAND MS36BE FOR USB MICROSCOPE
T005138409910000012; 2014Apex tool groupREPLACEMENT WOOL FOR WDC 2PC
T00513846991000002014Apex tool groupUSB MICROSCOPE AM4013MTL
T005150269910000012; 2014Apex tool groupESF 120 ESD ANTIST PCB-HOLDER
T00515030991000002014Apex tool groupAK 20 SUPPORT
T00515033991000002014Apex tool groupSAFETY REST KH 25P
T00515042991000002014Apex tool groupAK 51 SUPPORT FOR WTA 50
T00515045991000002014Apex tool groupAK 10 SUPPORT ANTISTATIC
T00515048991000002014Apex tool groupNOZZLE STAND (6UP) 51504899
T00515049991000002014Apex tool groupWHA NOZZLE EXCHANGE TOOL
T00515066991000002014Apex tool groupCORD SUPPORT FOR SAFETY REST
T00515121991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 10 HOLDER FOR WSP80 / WP80
T00515122991000002014Apex tool groupSTAND WMP WDH20 51512299
T00515124991000002014Apex tool groupWDC DRY CLEANING SYSTEM SOLD
T00515125991000002014Apex tool groupWDC 2 DRY CLEANING SYSTEM FOR WD
T00515146991000002014Apex tool groupWMRTH HOLDER WMRT
T00515152991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 30 SUPPORT FOR DSX 80
T00515153991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 40 SUPPORT FOR DXV 80
T00515154991000002014Apex tool groupSUPPORT FOR NOZZLES WRK
T00515155991000002014Apex tool groupWRK DESOLDERING SET
T00515156991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 50 SUPPORT FOR WMRP
T00515158991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 31 SUPPORT FOR WP / WXP 200
T00515161991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 10T STOP GO SUPPORT FOR WSP8
T00515162991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 20T STOP GO SUPPORT FOR WMP
T00515169991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 60 SAFETY REST FOR WXMT
T00515171991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 51 SAFETY REST FOR WXMP
T00515172991000002014Apex tool groupWDH 70 SAFETY REST FOR WXDP 120
T0051H4810512; 2008
T005224199910000012; 2014Apex tool groupSPONGE 70X55X16MM (5)
T00525125991000002014Apex tool groupFE ASSEMBLY FOR LR 21/TCP S
T00525407001000002014Apex tool groupFETUBE (51039920) 0052540700
T00525409991000002014Apex tool groupCLEANING BRUSH FOR FE TUBE
T00525410001000002014Apex tool groupFE-TUBE I 5 0X1 5 ANTISTAT
T00526098991000002014Apex tool groupEXTENSION CORD FOR IRON 80W 3M
T00527028991000002014Apex tool groupWHP80 80W PREHEAT PLATE 24V
T00527040991000002014Apex tool groupWSB80 80W SOLDER BATH 230V
T00527116991000002014Apex tool groupHAP 200 HOT AIR PENCIL
T00527117991000002014Apex tool groupHAP 200 HOT AIR SET
T00527118991000002014Apex tool groupHAP 1 HOT AIR SET WDH 30 SAFE
T00529166991000002014Apex tool groupFE 75 SOLDERING IRON ANTISTAT
T00529170991000002014Apex tool groupWSP 150 SOLDERING IRON
T00529171991000002014Apex tool groupWMRP PENCIL NO TIP
T00529179991000002014Apex tool groupWMP SOLD.SET 65W/24V W SUPP WDH2
T00529180991000002014Apex tool groupWP 80 SOLDERING IRON
T00529181991000002014Apex tool groupWP 80 SOLD.SET 80W/24V W HOLDER
T00529184991000002014Apex tool groupWVP VACUUM PICK UP
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