IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by P Page 8

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
From PIC12F675IMF to PIC12F683-ME/PL

From PIC12F683-UIP to PIC12HV752-I/P

From PIC12HV752-I/SN to PIC12LC67204SM

From PIC12LC672T to PIC12LF1822T-I/MF

From PIC12LF1822T-I/SN to PIC14000T20ISS

From PIC14000U to PIC1650A168

From PIC1650A465 to PIC1670-026

From PIC1670-029 to PIC16C432-E/P

From PIC16C432-E/SO to PIC16C505-20/ISL

From PIC16C505-20/P to PIC16C52-20/SS

From PIC16C52-20I/P to PIC16C54-PC1P

From PIC16C54-PCI/SO to PIC16C541JW

From PIC16C542 to PIC16C54A10IP

From PIC16C54A10ISO to PIC16C54C-04/P053

From PIC16C54C-04/P08 to PIC16C54C04I/SS

From PIC16C54C04I/SSH to PIC16C54RCISO

From PIC16C54RCISS to PIC16C55-20I_SO

From PIC16C55-20I_SS to PIC16C55/JW-51

From PIC16C55/JW-S1 to PIC16C554T-20_P

From PIC16C554T-20_SO to PIC16C558T-04I/SS

From PIC16C558T-04I_JW to PIC16C55AT-04E/S

From PIC16C55AT-04E/SO to PIC16C55XTSS

From PIC16C55_JW to PIC16C56-XTSOSMD

From PIC16C56-XTSS to PIC16C56AT-20/SO

From PIC16C56AT-20/SS to PIC16C57-08/0031

From PIC16C57-08/P031 to PIC16C57-RCIP

From PIC16C57-RCI_P to PIC16C57C-04/SO08

From PIC16C57C-04/SO4AP to PIC16C57C20ISS

From PIC16C57C20P to PIC16C57XTSP4MHZ

From PIC16C57XTSS to PIC16C58B-04/SO

From PIC16C58B-04/SO-LF to PIC16C6-20I/SO

From PIC16C6024A-04/P to PIC16C62-04/S9

From PIC16C62-04/SD to PIC16C620-20E/P

From PIC16C620-20E/SO to PIC16C620AT-04I/

From PIC16C620AT-04I/SO to PIC16C621A-04_P

From PIC16C621A-04_SO to PIC16C622-20

From PIC16C622-20-SO to PIC16C622A-20_P

From PIC16C622A-20_SO to PIC16C62A-04E/L

From PIC16C62A-04E/P to PIC16C62A04/SO

From PIC16C62A04/SO034 to PIC16C62B-04I

From PIC16C62B-04I/JW to PIC16C62BT-04_SS

From PIC16C62BT-20/JW to PIC16C63-10I_SS

From PIC16C63-10I_TQ to PIC16C63A-04E/PQ

From PIC16C63A-04E/PT to PIC16C63A04150

From PIC16C63A041SP to PIC16C64-10I/PQ

From PIC16C64-10I/SO to PIC16C641-20I/P

From PIC16C641-20I/SO to PIC16C64220SO

From PIC16C64220SP to PIC16C64A-20E/P

From PIC16C64A-20E/PQ to PIC16C65-04I/PT

From PIC16C65-04I/SO to PIC16C65A-04E_SO

From PIC16C65A-04E_SP to PIC16C65A04SP

From PIC16C65A1 to PIC16C65B-20/P-ND

From PIC16C65B-20/PQ to PIC16C66-04E/PQ

From PIC16C66-04E/SO to PIC16C661-04/TQ

From PIC16C661-04E/JW to PIC16C662-10I/SP

From PIC16C662-10I/TQ to PIC16C67-04I/PQ

From PIC16C67-04I/PT to PIC16C6720IL

From PIC16C6720IPQ to PIC16C71-20E_SS

From PIC16C71-20I to PIC16C7104ISO

From PIC16C7104ISOSMD to PIC16C711-05/P

From PIC16C711-10/JW to PIC16C711C04SO

From PIC16C711CB to PIC16C71204I/P

From PIC16C71204IP to PIC16C715-20E/SO

From PIC16C715-20E/SP to PIC16C71620

From PIC16C71620/P to PIC16C71T04SO

From PIC16C71X to PIC16C72-20/SS

From PIC16C72-20/TQ to PIC16C72A-04IS0

From PIC16C72A-04ISO to PIC16C72AT-04E_P

From PIC16C72AT-04E_SO to PIC16C73-04/SO

From PIC16C73-04/SO/ND to PIC16C731JW

From PIC16C7320S0 to PIC16C73A-20E_PQ

From PIC16C73A-20E_SO to PIC16C73B-04I/SPAP

From PIC16C73B-04I/SPE3 to PIC16C73B20ISO

From PIC16C73B20ISOPROG to PIC16C74-20E/L

From PIC16C74-20E/P to PIC16C74A-04/PT

From PIC16C74A-04/S to PIC16C74A-20IPT

From PIC16C74A-20I_L to PIC16C74B-04E/SO

From PIC16C74B-04E/SP to PIC16C74B04I/PQ

From PIC16C74B04IL to PIC16C76-10/SS

From PIC16C76-10/TQ to PIC16C765I/L

From PIC16C765I/P to PIC16C77-10E_SO

From PIC16C77-10E_SP to PIC16C770ISS

From PIC16C770JW to PIC16C773-SP

From PIC16C773/JW to PIC16C781-E/SO

From PIC16C781-E/SS to PIC16C923-04_CL

From PIC16C923-04_L to PIC16C924T-04I/S

From PIC16C924T-04I_CL to PIC16CE623-04I

From PIC16CE623-04I/J to PIC16CE624-24/SO

From PIC16CE624-30/P to PIC16CE62520I/P

From PIC16CE62520IP to PIC16CR54A-04/P127

From PIC16CR54A-04/P204 to PIC16CR54C-20I/SS

From PIC16CR54C/S to PIC16CR57CT-20I/SS

From PIC16CR57CT04SO050 to PIC16CR620A-20/SO

From PIC16CR620A-20/SS to PIC16CR64-10I/PQ

From PIC16CR64-10I/SO to PIC16CR72-02I/SO

From PIC16CR72-02I/SP to PIC16CR83A-10I/S

From PIC16CR83A-20/P to PIC16F116-I/P

From PIC16F1220 to PIC16F1527-I/MR

From PIC16F1527-I/PT to PIC16F1784-E/ML

From PIC16F1784-E/MV to PIC16F1829-E/SS

From PIC16F1829-E/ST to PIC16F4320-I/PT120

From PIC16F442-I/PT to PIC16F509E/SNG

From PIC16F509E/STG to PIC16F57-I/ML

From PIC16F57-I/P to PIC16F616-E_ML

From PIC16F616-E_MLQTP to PIC16F627-04_P301

From PIC16F627-04_SO to PIC16F627A-I/SON

From PIC16F627A-I/SOO25 to PIC16F628-04/SOM

From PIC16F628-04/SOM to PIC16F62804I/P

From PIC16F62804IP to PIC16F628A-I_SS

From PIC16F628A-P to PIC16F630-17SL

From PIC16F630-C/SL to PIC16F631-I/P

From PIC16F631-I/P-ND to PIC16F639E/SL

From PIC16F639E/SLQTP to PIC16F648A-I_ML

From PIC16F648A-I_P to PIC16F676A-I/SL

From PIC16F676A-I/SP to PIC16F684-I/P

From PIC16F684-I/P-LF to PIC16F685-I/PF

From PIC16F685-I/PG to PIC16F687T-I_MLQTP

From PIC16F687T-I_PQTP to PIC16F689-E_ML

From PIC16F689-E_MLSQTP to PIC16F690T-I/ML

From PIC16F690T-I/SO to PIC16F72-E/SO

From PIC16F72-E/SOC07 to PIC16F723-I/S0

From PIC16F723-I/SO to PIC16F73-1/SPO32

From PIC16F73-1/SS to PIC16F73-ISP4AP


From PIC16F73T-I to PIC16F74-IL4AP

From PIC16F74-IP to PIC16F76-ESO

From PIC16F76-ESP to PIC16F767-I/SSN

From PIC16F767-I/SSQ to PIC16F77-I/PTC

From PIC16F77-I/PTD to PIC16F785T-E/SS

From PIC16F785T-I/ML to PIC16F819-I/SO-E3

From PIC16F819-I/SO-LF to PIC16F83AT-04I/P

From PIC16F83AT-04I/S to PIC16F84A-04/P-LF

From PIC16F84A-04/P-ND to PIC16F84A-20I/SP

From PIC16F84A-20I/SS to PIC16F84T-20_SO

From PIC16F84T-20_SS to PIC16F870T-ISS

From PIC16F870T-I_L to PIC16F872-I/SOPROG

From PIC16F872-I/SOS to PIC16F873-04E_SP

From PIC16F873-04I to PIC16F873-20I/SOR

From PIC16F873-20I/SOS to PIC16F873A-I/SOX

From PIC16F873A-I/SOX to PIC16F873T-20I_SO

From PIC16F873T-20I_SP to PIC16F874A-1/PT

From PIC16F874A-20I/P to PIC16F876-04/SOF

From PIC16F876-04/SOF to PIC16F876-20I/SO

From PIC16F876-20I/SO to PIC16F876A-I/ML.

From PIC16F876A-I/MLG to PIC16F876ATI/L

From PIC16F876ATI/ML to PIC16F877-04_P

From PIC16F877-04_PQ to PIC16F877-ME/

From PIC16F877-ME/PT to PIC16F877A-I/PTT

From PIC16F877A-I/PTW to PIC16F87T

From PIC16F87T-E/ML to PIC16F883-I/PS

From PIC16F883-I/SO to PIC16F886-E_PT

From PIC16F886-E_PTQTP to PIC16F8877A-I/PTD

From PIC16F8877A-I/PTF to PIC16F913T-I_SS

From PIC16F913T-I_SSQTP to PIC16F916T-E_SS


From PIC16F946T-I_SS to PIC16HV610-I/P

From PIC16HV610-I/SL to PIC16LC433-I/SO

From PIC16LC433T-I/SO to PIC16LC554-04E/S

From PIC16LC554-04E/SO to PIC16LC57CT-04/S

From PIC16LC57CT-04/SO to PIC16LC620T-04E/SS

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