IC and discrete parts list from H5110FEAA to H518105000J0G

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
H5110FEAA8105412; 2008
H511105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H511105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H511105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H5111NLT4811012; 2013PulseIC2world.com; N/Abr
H511305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H511305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H511305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H511505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H511505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H511505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H511705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H511705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H511705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51177B8105412; 2008new and original
H5118160BP-60J8105412; 2008
H511A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H511A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H511A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H511B46228502007; 2016N/aPLCC20
H5120810541210; Sop8HARRIS; SOP8br
H512005000J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG
H512005100J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512005200J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H512098105412; 2008new and original
H5120BNL5000008; 12PulseSMD24
H5120BNLT15961035ROHSPulse; Smd24PULSE; SMD24br
H5120CNL500000822; 12Pulse; Smd24PULSE; SMD24br
H5120DNLT8105408PB; 12; 2013Pulse; SmdPULSE; SMDbr
H5120NL810540609-Z; 08; 12; 1314br; 2008; 2015Ae; PulsePULSE; SMDbr; SMD24; SOP-24 30/Tbr; SOP24
H5120NLT8105407; 12; 2008; 2015brPulseSOP
H512105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H512105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H512305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H512305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H512505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H512505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51278105412; 13; 2008; N/AbrH; HarrisSOP8
H5127-58105406; 12; 2008Intersil; Sop8HARRIS; SOP8br
H512705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H512705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H512758105412; 2008IntersilSOP8
H51275L8105412; 2008H
H5127L4811012; 2008
H512A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H512A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H512A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H513081054002; 12; 13; 2008brHar; Harris; Infineon; Originalnewbr; Sop8HAR; HITACHIbr; SOP-8; SOP8br; new and original
H513005000J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG
H513005100J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513005200J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H5130A8105412; 2008; 2015; 93brN/a; SopSOP; originalbr
H513105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H513105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H513305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H513305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H513505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H513505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H513705000J0G100002014FciTB SPRING PLUG
H513705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51371018105400; 12; 2008N/aQFP
H513A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H513A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H513A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H514005000J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG
H514005100J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514005200J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H514105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H514105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H514260AJ88105412; 2008
H514305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H514305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H5143ANLT10000719Pulse; SopPULSE; SOPbr
H5143FNL358002014Pulse electronics corporationMODULE XFMR GIGABIT LAN 24SMD
H514505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H514505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51478105412; 2008Harris
H514705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H514705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H514798105412; 2008Harris; IntersilSOP8
H514A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H514A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H514A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515-71348105412; 2007; 2016RicohSOP32W
H515005000J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG
H515005100J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515005200J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H515105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H515305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H515505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H515705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H515A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H515A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H515A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51608105407; 12; 13; 2008br; 2015; 2016; 99; N/AbrHarris; Infineon; N/a; NobrSOP; SOP-8br; SOP8; originalbr
H516005000J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG
H516005100J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516005200J0G100002014Fci762 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H5160G8105412; 2008
H516105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H516105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H516305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H516305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H516505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H516505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H516705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H516705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H516A05000J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG
H516A05100J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H516A05200J0G100002014Fci750 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H51708105412Harris; Sop8HARRIS; SOP8br
H517105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
H517105100J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H517105200J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H517305000J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG
H517305100J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H517305200J0G100002014Fci381 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H517505000J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG
H517505100J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H517505200J0G100002014Fci508 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H5177-54811012; 2008
H517705000J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG
H517705100J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPR PLU F/SCREW
H517705200J0G100002014Fci500 TB SPRING PLUG F/NUT
H518105000J0G100002014Fci350 TB SPRING PLUG
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