IC and discrete distributors stock parts begin by B Page 10

Part numbers letters list:0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ
Parts from012345678910111213
From BSM15GP4389 to BSM15GP4542

From BSM15GP4543 to BSM15GP604

From BSM15GP605 to BSM15GP771

From BSM15GP772 to BSM15GP941

From BSM15GP942 to BSM200GB129DN2

From BSM200GB150DL to BSM300GA120DLCFS_E

From BSM300GA120DLCS to BSM400GA120DLE

From BSM400GA120DLE3256 to BSM50GP-120

From BSM50GP060 to BSM75GD60

From BSM75GD60DLC to BSME160ESS220ME11D

From BSME160ESS221MJC5S to BSME500ESS101MJ20S

From BSME500ESS1R0ME11D to BSME800ESS330MJ16S

From BSME800ESS331MMP1S to BSN254A

From BSN254A to BSO104N03S

From BSO104N03S to BSO215C

From BSO215C- to BSO604NS2--

From BSO604NS2. to BSP001SAAWDA6

From BSP006PACKC7 to BSP135E6327XT

From BSP135E6906 to BSP201L

From BSP204 to BSP298E6327

From BSP298E6327NT to BSP320S

From BSP320S(L6327) to BSP45A

From BSP49 to BSP62E

From BSP62E6327 to BSP76L6327

From BSP76N to BSR114/M44

From BSR12 to BSR17A215

From BSR17AD87Z to BSR41

From BSR41(NY) to BSRC2K

From BSRC2M to BSS123.215

From BSS123.215PBF to BSS127E6327

From BSS127E6327 to BSS138G-AE2-R

From BSS138G-T3R to BSS138WL6327

From BSS138WL6327XT to BSS192T-R

From BSS192T/R to BSS4880R

From BSS48P to BSS67-M7

From BSS67/AM to BSS83.215

From BSS83/M74 to BSS84LT1-LF

From BSS84LT1/ to BSS88E6296

From BSS88E6325 to BST0845A

From BST0904SM-03-4T to BST52115

From BST52135 to BST84(KN)

From BST84/KN to BSTCC0245R

From BSTCC0246-S12 to BSTF35802

From BSTF3590 to BSTN46133

From BSTN46166 to BSTS-11X25-CL/NM

From BSTS-11X25/CL to BSV15/10

From BSV15/16 to BSV53

From BSV53P to BSW-125-04-H-D

From BSW-125-04-S-D to BSW68T

From BSW69 to BSX32

From BSX32=BSX59 to BSX51AB

From BSX51B to BSX75

From BSX75A to BSY65

From BSY66 to BSZ180P03NS3G

From BSZ180P03NS3G to BT-333

From BT-333E to BT-M322RDGPBF

From BT-M326RD to BT06-600B/C

From BT06-600C to BT104E0224K--

From BT104G0473K to BT126

From BT126-750R to BT131600412

From BT131600BSL to BT134-800D

From BT134-800E to BT136-500D(TO220)

From BT136-500D/E/F/G to BT136-800E127PHI

From BT136-800EPBF to BT136S-600D,118

From BT136S-600D.118 to BT137-600D/BPBF

From BT137-600D/E to BT137B-600D

From BT137B-600E to BT137X-600D/BPBF

From BT137X-600D127 to BT138-800E.127

From BT138-800E.127PBF to BT138X-600F

From BT138X-600F,127 to BT139-800G127

From BT139-800GD/C00 to BT139X-800,127

From BT139X-800.127 to BT148W-600R/115

From BT148W-600R/T1 to BT151-500R-ZJT

From BT151-500R. to BT151S-500R118

From BT151S-500R118 to BT152600R-01

From BT152600R.127 to BT1611DRL

From BT1611DRL(BT1611) to BT169D

From BT169D to BT2001

From BT200112 to BT224G0105K

From BT224G0474K to BT25878-12

From BT25878-13 to BT2S-M39

From BT2S-M4 to BT35J

From BT35S0010-A to BT431KCOA

From BT431KHJ to BT453-66

From BT4531CC to BT458KG-080

From BT458KG-100 to BT461KG150

From BT461KG170 to BT473J80

From BT473KDJ to BT476KPJ40-

From BT476KPJ45 to BT481AKPJ10

From BT481AKPJ100 to BT485KPJ150

From BT485KPJ170 to BT520

From BT5210 to BT624KHJ

From BT624KHJ- to BT698AHJ

From BT698AJH to BT8069BK

From BT8069BKC to BT812KPF160

From BT812KPF25 to BT827BKPF

From BT827BKRF to BT8360EPJC

From BT8360EPJC- to BT848KPF160

From BT848KRF to BT865ADPF

From BT865AF to BT878KHF

From BT878KHF-12 to BT8970EHF/28970-15

From BT8970EHF/B46443,4 to BT917KPJ(T1)

From BT917OKPJ to BTA04-600BW/800BW

From BTA04-600BWRG to BTA06-400G

From BTA06-400GK to BTA06-700BW

From BTA06-700BWRG to BTA08-200SW

From BTA08-200T to BTA08-600SWRGPBF

From BTA08-600T to BTA08800BWRG

From BTA08800C to BTA10-700BW

From BTA10-700BWRG to BTA12-600BGR

From BTA12-600BO to BTA12-800CRG

From BTA12-800CRG.. to BTA140-600.127PBF

From BTA140-600/B to BTA16-600BO

From BTA16-600BOY to BTA16-800TWRG

From BTA16-88WG to BTA20-700AWRG

From BTA20-700AWRG. to BTA204-600E

From BTA204-600E,127 to BTA204X-500F

From BTA204X-600B to BTA208S-600B-LF

From BTA208S-600B/T3 to BTA212-600F

From BTA212-600F,127 to BTA216800B127

From BTA216800C to BTA22D

From BTA22E to BTA25-600AC

From BTA25-600B to BTA26-600BWRG

From BTA26-600BWRGPBF to BTA312-800CT/DG,12

From BTA312-800D to BTA40--700B

From BTA40-1000A to BTA41-600B/800B

From BTA41-600B/A to BTA412Y-800C127

From BTA412Y600C to BTA_BTB16-XXXC

From BTA_BTB16-XXXCW to BTB04400S

From BTB04400T to BTB06-600TWRGPBF

From BTB06-699BW to BTB08-600B/BW700SW

From BTB08-600B/C to BTB08800C

From BTB08800S to BTB12--600B

From BTB12-1000 to BTB12700B

From BTB12700BW to BTB16-600SRG

From BTB16-600SRG.. to BTB20-700SW

From BTB20-700SWRG to BTB25-600

From BTB25-600A to BTB41-800CWRG

From BTB41100000800BRG to BTBZ0502SA

From BTBZ0902SA to BTD2097AI3

From BTD2098LM3 to BTF1625.0000MHZ

From BTF1A to BTI-5

From BTI-5:BTI to BTL6-3

From BTL6150-6EL to BTMPC101

From BTMPS42STOA to BTNK0611

From BTNK0690 to BTR-10904-01

From BTR-1210A-S to BTS-59-GRY

From BTS-59-RED to BTS120A

From BTS121 to BTS15-3

From BTS150 to BTS307ZE3062A

From BTS308 to BTS410-F2

From BTS410-G to BTS412E2

From BTS412F to BTS4290

From BTS4290D to BTS436

From BTS436-L2 to BTS460S2

From BTS462 to BTS52

From BTS5200-4E to BTS531GS

From BTS53T1 to BTS6123

From BTS6123B to BTS6343E2

From BTS64.. to BTS712N1XT

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