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IC and discrete parts list from 5-1125-3_4S to 5-1368336-2

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Part numberStockD/CManufactureDescription
5-1125-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1126-12226020143m (tc)1 CIRLCLE - 5/PK
5-1126-1-2R2226020143m (tc)1 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1-3R2226020143m (tc)1 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1-4R2226020143m (tc)1X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1.52226020143m (tc)1.5/PK CIRCLE - 5/PK
5-1126-1.5S2226020143m (tc)1.5/PK SQUARE - 5/PK
5-1126-1/22226020143m (tc)1/2 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1/2-2R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1/2-3R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1/2-4R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-1/2S2226020143m (tc)1/2 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1126-1S2226020143m (tc)1 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1126-22226020143m (tc)2 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1126-2S2226020143m (tc)2 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1126-3/42226020143m (tc)3/4 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1126-3/4-2R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-3/4-3R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-3/4-4R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1126-3/4S2226020143m (tc)3/4 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-112933-001BBN5892012; 2008
5-112933-002BBN5892012; 2008
5-116975-45892012; 2008
5-1170-120000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 25.4MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1170-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1170-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1170-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1170-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 38.1MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1170-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1170-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 12.7MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1170-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1170-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1170-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1170-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-1170-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-1170-220000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 50.8MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1170-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-1170-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 19.05MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1170-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1170-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1170-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1170-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 19.05MM SQ 5/PK
5-117795-236000000; 2008Amp
5-1181-120000020143m (tc)TAPE COP FOIL 25.44MM CIR 5/PK
5-1181-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1181-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1181-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1181-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 38.1MM CIR 5/PK
5-1181-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1181-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 12.7MM CIR 5/PK
5-1181-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1181-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1181-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1181-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-1181-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-1181-220000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 50.8MM CIR 5/PK
5-1181-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-1181-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 19.1MM CIR 5/PK
5-1181-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1181-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1181-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1181-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-119738-6250002016TycoOrigianl new
5-1212/1W100000130; 2008YclDIP
5-1241967-6358002014Te connectivity6POS. FASTIN-FASTON TAB HSG, RA
5-1245-12226020143m (tc)1 CIRLCLE - 5/PK
5-1245-1-2R2226020143m (tc)1 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1-3R2226020143m (tc)1 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1-4R2226020143m (tc)1X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1.52226020143m (tc)1.5/PK CIRCLE - 5/PK
5-1245-1.5S2226020143m (tc)1.5/PK SQUARE - 5/PK
5-1245-1/22226020143m (tc)1/2 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1/2-2R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1/2-3R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1/2-4R2226020143m (tc)1/2 X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-1/2S2226020143m (tc)1/2 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1245-1S2226020143m (tc)1 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1245-22226020143m (tc)2 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1245-2S2226020143m (tc)2 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1245-3/42226020143m (tc)3/4 CIRCLES - 5/PK
5-1245-3/4-2R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 2 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-3/4-3R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 3 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-3/4-4R2226020143m (tc)3/4 X 4 RECTANGLES - 5/PK
5-1245-3/4S2226020143m (tc)3/4 SQUARES - 5/PK
5-1267-120000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 25.4MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1267-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1267-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1267-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1267-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 38.1MM CIR 5/PK
5-1267-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1267-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 12.7MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1267-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1267-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1267-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1267-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-1267-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-1267-220000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 50.8MM CIRC 5/PK
5-1267-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-1267-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE ALUM FOIL 19.05MM CIR 5/PK
5-1267-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1267-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1267-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FL 19.05X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1267-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET ALUM FOIL 19.05MM SQ 5/PK
5-1304020025892012; 2008
5-1304020045892012; 2008
5-1304030025892012; 2008
5-1304040075892012; 2008
5-1304040085892012; 2008
5-1304040095892012; 2008
5-1304050015892012; 2008
5-1304080045892012; 2008
5-1304090035892012; 2008
5-1304110025892012; 2008
5-1306020015892012; 2008
5-130606002000-95892012; 2008
5-1306060030005892012; 2008
5-1318742-45892012; 2008
5-1345-120000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 25.4MM 5/PK
5-1345-1-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 25.4X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1345-1-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 25.4X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1345-1-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 25.4X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1345-1.520000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 38.1MM CIR 5/PK
5-1345-1.5S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 38.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1345-1/220000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 12.7MM 5/PK
5-1345-1/2-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 12.7X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1345-1/2-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 12.7X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1345-1/2-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 12.7X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1345-1/2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 12.7MM SQ 5/PK
5-1345-1S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 25.4MM SQ 5/PK
5-1345-220000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 50.8MM 5/PK
5-1345-2S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 50.8MM SQ 5/PK
5-1345-3/420000020143m (tc)TAPE COPPER FOIL 19.1MM 5/PK
5-1345-3/4-2R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 19.1X50.8MM 5/PK
5-1345-3/4-3R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FL 19.1X76.2MM 5/PK
5-1345-3/4-4R20000020143m (tc)SHEET COP FOIL 19.1X101.6MM 5/PK
5-1345-3/4S20000020143m (tc)SHEET COPPER FOIL 19.1MM SQ 5/PK
5-1368336-2358002014Te connectivityCONN MOD PLUG 6P6C SHIELDED
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