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Z80180 Compatible MPU Core with 1 Channel of Z85C30 SCC, Z80 CTC, Two 8-Bit General-Purpose Parallel Ports, and Two Chip Select Signals. High Speed Operation (10 MHz) Low Power Consumption in Two Operating Modes: - (TBD) mA Typ. (Run Mode) - (TBD) mA Typ. (STOP Mode)

Z180 Compatible MPU Core Includes: - Enhanced Z80 CPU Core - Memory Management Unit (MMU) Enables Access 1MB of Memory - Two Asynchronous Channels - Two DMA Channels - Two 16-Bit Timers - Clocked Serial I/O Port On-Board Z84C30 CTC Two 8-Bit General-Purpose Parallel Ports Memory Configurable RAM and ROM Chip

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Z8018110FEC Core / Cpu Used  = Z180 ;; External Memory  = 1 ;; Speed  = 10 ;; I/O  = 16 ;; Timers  = 1 ;; Communications Controller  = Cpu ;; Other Features  = 1MB Mmu, 2xDMA's,
Category: Microprocessors
Zilog, Inc.
Z8018110FEG Embedded - Microprocessor Integrated Circuit (ics) Z80 Tray 5V; IC 10MHZ ACCESS CTRL 100-QFP. Specifications: Processor Type: Z80 ; Speed: 10MHz ; Voltage: 5V ; Features: Smart Access Controller SAC™ ; Package / Case: 100-QFP ; Packaging: Tray ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ; RoHS Status: RoHS Compliant
Category: Integrated Circuits (ICs)


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