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Part number
621853  12  -  -  
130000  2014  NXP Semiconductors  DIODE FAST REC 1.5KV 7A TO220F  
10000  -  -  -  
5116  13  NXP  -  
6000  12  NXP  TO-220-2 Full Pack, Isolated Tab  
25204  11/12/00  PHILIPS  TO-220/TO-220F/TO220F  
9110  13  VISHAY  -  
81521  12  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  


Part information


Low forward volt drop Fast switching Soft recovery characteristic High thermal cycling performance Isolated mounting tab

Glass-passivated double diffused rectifier diode in a plastic envelope featuring low forward voltage drop, fast reverse recovery and soft recovery characteristic. The device is intended for use in TV receivers and PC monitors. The BY359X series is supplied in the conventional leaded SOD113 package.

Limiting values in accordance with the Absolute Maximum System (IEC 134). SYMBOL VRSM VRRM VRWM IF(peak) IF(RMS) IFRM IFSM PARAMETER Peak non-repetitive

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
BY359X-1500S,127 Diodes, Rectifier - Single Discrete Semiconductor Product 7A (DC) 1500V (1.5kV) Standard; DIODE RECT 1500V 60A TO-220F. Specifications: Diode Type: Standard ; Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max): 1500V (1.5kV) ; Current - Average Rectified (Io): 7A (DC) ; Voltage - Forward (Vf) (Max) @ If: 2V @ 20A ; Reverse Recovery Time (trr):
Category: Discrete Semiconductor Products
NXP Semiconductors


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