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Part number
41710  12  -  -  


Part information

DESCRIPTION The is a monolithic CMOS IC that incorporates two operational amplifiers and two nonvolatile digitally controlled potentiometers. The amplifiers are CMOS differential input voltage operational amplifiers with near rail-to-rail outputs. All pins for the two amplifiers are brought out of the package to allow combining them with the potentiometers, or using them as complete stand-alone amplifiers. The digitally controlled potentiometers consist of a series string of 63 polycrystalline resistors that behave as standard integrated circuit resistors. The two-wire serial port, common

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
X9438WP24 Dual Smart Opamp With Dual 64 Tap Xdcp, Low Power, 2-wire, Dual Supply
Category: Analog & Mixed-Signal Processing - Potentiometers
Xicor, Inc.
X9438WP24I - -
X9438WP24I-2.7 - -
X9438WP24-2.7 Dual Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (xdcp) with Operational Amplifier Intersil Corporation


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