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Part number
58190  -  XICOR  TSSOP-24  
13839  13  XICOR  -  
98  1  XICOR  TSSOP-24  
30000  12  XICOR  -  
96  2011  XICOR  TSSOP24  
11000  2016  XICOR  Original& New  
41710  12  TSSOP-24  XICOR  
646  12/01/14  XICOR  TSSOP24/SMD/SOP  
5000  2016  XICOR  -  


Part information

DESCRIPTION The is a monolithic CMOS IC that incorporates two operational amplifiers and two nonvolatile digitally controlled potentiometers. The amplifiers are CMOS differential input voltage operational amplifiers with near rail-to-rail outputs. All pins for the two amplifiers are brought out of the package to allow combining them with the potentiometers or using them as complete stand-alone amplifiers. The digitally controlled potentiometers consist of a series string of 63 polycrystalline resistors that behave as standard integrated circuit resistors. The SPI serial port, common to both

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
X9430WV24 Dual Smart Opamp With Dual 64 Tap Xdcp, Low Power, Spi, Dual Supply
Category: Analog & Mixed-Signal Processing - Potentiometers
Xicor, Inc.
X9430WV24I - -
X9430WV24I-2.7 - -
X9430WV24-2.7 Dual Digitally Controlled Potentiometer (xdcp) with Operational Amplifier Intersil Corporation
X9430WV24 - -


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