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Part number
2902  0620ROHS  WINBOND  QFN  
2639  -  WINBOND  QFN  
2639  -  WINBOND  -  
1200  13  WINBOND  QFN  
621853  12  -  -  
2410  -  -  -  
1722  0645ROHS/0517/12  WINBOND  QFN  
829  -  WINBOND  QFN32  
621853  12  -  -  
1722  0645ROHS/0517/12  WINBOND  QFN  
2530  -  -  -  
829  0645ROHS  WINBOND  QFN32  


Part information

The W56932 is designed for the ringtone application of cell phones with 32-note MIDI plus ADPCM/PCM synthesis. This single chip consists of a CPU interface, FIFO buffering,a wavetable sound set, a MIDI sequencer, a wavetable/ADPCM synthesizer, DAC, and a power amplifier that can drive an 8-ohm speaker directly. The W56932 also has a built-in, 4-wire SPI and 2-wire I2C bus to communicate directly with other SPI- or I2C-enabled devices. With an on-chip, high-quality, GM-compliant sound set, the W56932 supports to 128 instruments and 47 drums for playback of any MIDI song with to 32 simultaneous

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
W56932CY This series of chips is designed for the ringtone application of mobile phones with MIDI music and ADPCM speech synthesis. The ICs consist of all key components including baseband MCU interface, FIFO buffers,
Category: Communication - Telephony
Winbond Electronics Corp America


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