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Part number
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Part information

Product Name TAMURA Part No. 1812WIRE WOUND CERAMIC CHIP INDUCTORS T1812-XXX Page Rev. No. 1 0

Small and lightweight. Wide inductance range, to 270nH. Excellent solderability and resistance to soldering heat, suitable for flow and reflow soldering. Minimum dimensions, high reliability and high speed surface mount assembly.

1. Prevention of electromagnetic interference to signals on the secondary side of electric equipment 2. Telecommunication products, mobile phone, pagers, cellular phone, computers. Modems, OA products, TVs, VCRs. etc.

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
T1812-6R8J Fixed Inductors, Coils, Choke 6.8ÁH 210mA 1812 (4532 Metric) Ceramic; INDUCTOR WW 6.8UH 210MA 1812 5%. Specifications: Inductance: 6.8ÁH ; Tolerance: ▒5% ; Package / Case: 1812 (4532 Metric) ; Packaging: Tape & Reel (TR) ; Type: Ceramic ; Current: 210mA ; Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Q @ Freq: 50 @ 7.96MHz
Category: Inductors, Coils, Chokes


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