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Part number
15535  17  RICOH  SOT23-5  


Part information

The R1126N Series are CMOS-based voltage regulator ICs with high output voltage accuracy, low supply current, low on Resistance, and high ripple rejection. Each of these ICs consists of a voltage reference unit, an error amplifier, resistor-net for voltage setting, a short current limit circuit, a chip enable circuit, and so on. These ICs perform with low dropout voltage and the chip-enable function. The supply current at no load of this IC is only 10ľA, and the line transient response and the load transient response of the R1126N Series are excellent, thus these ICs are very suitable

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
R1126N301B LOW Noise 150ma LDO Regulator Ricoh Corporation
R1126N301D - -
R1126N311B - -
R1126N311D - -
R1126N321B - -
R1126N321D - -
R1126N331B - -
R1126N331D - -
R1126N341B - -
R1126N341D - -
R1126N351B - -
R1126N351D - -
R1126N361B - -
R1126N361D - -
R1126N371B - -
R1126N371D - -
R1126N381B - -
R1126N381D - -
R1126N391B - -
R1126N391D - -


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