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Part number
100000  -  Quickfilter Technologies LLC  -  
10511  2014  Quickfilter Technologies LLC  KIT DEV FOR QF3DFX  


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A powerful 3-channel audio filter and effects system-on-a-chip designed for seamless insertion in an audio serial digital data path. The QF3DFX is easily configured using the Quickfilter's TM QFPro Design Software (QFPro) with royalty free user tunable advanced audio algorithms for psychoacoustic effects. The QF3DFX can be configured to interface with I2S or TDM based audio systems.

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
QF3DFX-DK Eval And Demo Board And Kit Programmers, Development System; KIT DEV FOR QF3DFX. Specifications: Main Purpose: Audio, Audio Processing ; Primary Attributes: - ; Secondary Attributes: - ; Supplied Contents: Board ; Utilized IC / Part: QF3DFX ; Embedded: - ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free
Category: Programmers, Development Systems
Quickfilter Technologies LLC


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