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Part number
4800  -  -  -  
10000  2008  -  -  


Part information

30%530%7 5HYLVLRQ +LVWRU\ Previous Version: 01.94 Page (in previous (in new Version) 14-15 19-20
&XUUHQW 9HUVLRQ Subjects (major changes since last revision)

&KDUDFWHULVWLFV H-input current ,H: is changed from to 30ľA and L-input current ,L: is changed from to -30ľA &ORFN IUHTXHQF\ ICL max. is changed from to 12MHz; +SXOVHZLGWK WWHCL min. is changed from to 40ns; +SXOVHZLGWK HQDEOH WWHENmin. is changed from to 40ns; Input reference frequency ICRI is changed from to 22MHz ,QSXW 6LJQDO 5, Input voltage 9I: is changed from to 22MHz

(GLWLRQ This edition was realized using

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
Q-67106-H6514 Pll-frequency Synthesizer Pmb2306r/pmb2306t Version 2.2
Category: Communication - Wireless
Siemens (acquired by Infineon Technologies Corporation)
Q67106-H5157 - -
Q67106-H5163 - -
Q67106-H5183 - -
Q67106-H6423 - -


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