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Part number
24  2015  PRC  -  
135200  12  -  -  


Part information

The P1110-EVB contains an evaluation board and antennas to test and develop with the P1110 Powerharvester Receiver. The P1110 converts RF energy (radio waves) into DC power which can be stored in a battery or capacitor, or used to directly power a circuit.

1 ­ Evaluation Board for P1110 Powerharvester Receiver (see description on next page) ­ 915 MHz PCB dipole antenna (see description below) ­ 915 MHz PCB patch antenna (see description below) Note ­ this kit needs to receive power from an RF source such as a transmitter or test equipment.

1. Download the P1110 product datasheet

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
P1110-EVB Power Management IC Development Tools Eval Board For P1110. Powercast P1110 915 MHz RF Powerharvester&8482; Receiver is an RF energy harvesting device that converts RF to DC. The Powercast P1110 Powerharvester Receiver is housed in a compact SMD package and provides
Category: Embedded Solutions - Engineering Tools
P1110-EVAL-01 Power Management IC Development Tools P1110 Dev Kit w/ TX91501-3W.

Powercast P1110-EVAL-01 Lifetime PowerŪ Energy Harvesting Development Kit is a complete demonstration and development platform used for recharging batteries wirelessly from RF energy (radio waves).



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