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Part number
40000  2016  AOPLED  -  


Part information

This 3mm LED is widely used in general purpose indicator aplications. These lamps are offering superior light output and wide viewing angles due to the optical design, diffusants and tints.

> Standard brightness colored diffused LED lamp. > Superior resistance to moisture > Suitable for TTW soldering.

> Lighted switches > Light pipe sources > Keyboard indicators
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Super red, 632nm Red, 622nm Amber, 615nm Amber, 615nm Orange, 605nm Yellow, 590nm Green, 570nm Pure

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
L3G-C60D0-P2R1-1 T-1 SINGLE COLOR LED, GREEN, 3 mm. Specifications: LED Type: Green ; Viewing Angle: 60 degrees ; Luminous Intensity: 0.0900 milliCandela ; Forward Current: 30 milliamps ; LED Package : T-1
Category: Optoelectronics and Fiber Optics - Optoelectronics
Dominant Semiconductors


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