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Part number
298500  12  -  -  
298500  12  -  -  
298500  12  -  -  
14304  15  OMRON  DIP  


Part information

Absolute Rotary Encoders with Gray Code Output

s Gray code output decreases output errors s Lightweight plastic housing s In combination with Omron's H8PS Cam Positioner, this encoder detects the operation timing of various automatic machines with high precision s Optical system eliminates brush noise and minimizes errors from temperature fluctuation compared with potentiometers

The encoder with a "-C" in the part number has a cable that terminates in a connector for Omron's H8PS Cam Positioner. Standard stock products are shown in bold in the Part Number Index. Resolution

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
E6CP-AG3C Absolute Rotary Encoder Omron Corporation
E6CP-AG3C 256 2M Encoders ENCODER ROTARY 5-12V 256RESOL 2M -; ENCODER ROTARY 5-12V 256RESOL 2M. Specifications: Encoder Type: Optical ; Output Type: Gray Code (Absolute) ; Pulses per Revolution: 256 ; Actuator Type: 6mm Dia Flatted End ; Voltage - Supply: 5 ~ 12VDC ; Built in Switch: No ; Detent:
Category: Sensors, Transducers
Omron Electronics Inc-IA Div


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