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100  2016  EXAR  SOT-23-5  


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Body: Ceramic, arc-proof (models Compression Molded Polyester (model 111). Melamine Phenolic (model 711) Contacts: Silver alloy. Common contact is rounded for assured seating. Self-cleaning with built in wiping action. Terminals: Soldering. 711 also accepts quick connectors; 412, #10 screws; 608, 0.25" bolts.

Typical ceramic style Typical tandem model Model 711: Using 3/8-32 bushing for 1/8" thick maximum panel. Four non-turn lug positions are possible on the single, unenclosed switch. Recesses in body of switch permit positioning of non-turn washer 3, 6 and 9 o'clock."

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
608-3E ROTARY SWITCH-3POSITIONS, SP3T, LATCHED, 100A, 20VDC, PANEL MOUNT. Specifications: Construction: Single ; Current Rating: 100.0 amps ; AC Voltage Rating: 300 volts ; DC Voltage Rating: 20 volts
Category: Electromechanical Components - Switches
Ohmite Manufacturing Co.


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