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Part number
61285  12  -  -  


Part information

I Stable Temperature Characteristics I Capacitance Range: 680 pF SPECIFICATIONS
Capacitance Tolerance Operating Temperature Range Operating Voltage Dissipation Factor

+125C 50 WVDC +20C; 30 pF: 1MHz >30 pF: @ 1MHz NPO, M 250% rated voltage (60 seconds) 1000 hrs. @ 200% rated voltage

Temperature Characteristics Insulation Resistance @ 1 min. Dielectric Strength Life Test Specification

PART NUMBER 130BCR050K 150BCR050K Capacitance Temp. pf Char. D Max. T Max. S d PART NUMBER 470BCR050K 500BCR050K Capacitance Temp. pf Char. D Max. T Max. S d

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
200BCR050K +85c Temperature Stable Ceramic Disc Capacitors Illinois Capacitor


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