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Part number
962  -  TYCOELECT  -  
20000  2016  TYCO  -  


Part information


Flat or upright versions with 1 changeover contact or 1 make contact or 1 break contact Changeover contact assembly with single or double contacts For printed circuit assembling Immersion cleanable

Used as a switching element for electrical separation between low-power control circuits and power load circuits Clearance/creepage distances between winding and contact 4 mm (A/B version, make contact or changeover contact) 8 mm (C/D version, make contact or break contact) Mechanical and electrical characteristics comply with the "Rules for electrical relays in power

Part numberCircuit descriptionManufacture
0-1393215-4 Relay PCB 12vdc
Category: Discrete - Solid State relays
0-1393215-6 -
0-1393217-1 Relay PCB 5vdc
0-1393217-4 -
0-1393217-8 -
0-1393219-6 Relay Spco 12vdc


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