Details, datasheet, quote on part number: A3625MGAAA2
DescriptionD-sub IDC MALE (dual U-slot)
CompanyDB Lectro
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A3625MGAAB1 D-sub IDC MALE (dual U-slot)
RMR-08 Surface Mounting TYPE DIP Switch
A1214AB1 DIP PLUG LOW Profile
A04A16BA1 IDC Socket Single ROW (narrow Type)
FZ1C470KC CHIP Type, LONG LIFE WITH Extra Lower Impedance
GW1V101KC Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor
A33B10BA1 Donco Connector (male ON Board Vertical Type)
B2912BG1 Female Header Profile : 3.3mm Side-entry Type(single ROW)
JV08CH560 Surface Mount Metal Oxide Varistors
LZ1J220KC CHIP Type, LOW Impedance
EL2C330KC CHIP Type, LONG LIFE Assurance
A1530BD1 LOW Profile HIGH Density DIP PLUG
B1112AS1 Female Header Profile : 8.6mm Right Angle
60W-2E10 Mercury Wetted Relays FOR Mounting ON P.C. Boards.
B2412BGA1 Female Header Profile : 5.0mm Dual-entry TYPE
NV231_07 Withstands high Temperature, Operating Under 105 Ambient Temperature
LZ1J471KC CHIP Type, LOW Impedance
AXO15012.000 Crystal Oscillator

NVFMAZ20DC24V1.5BR : Switching Capacity up to 25A

NSAM2CS203VDC : Suitable for Automobile Accessories

HR2E330MR : Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

JZC-22FSB120DDC48V : Suitable for Household Electrical Appliances, Automation System, Electronic Equipment, Instrument and Meter Application.

A15N101M1ETR52F : RoHS Compliant Axial Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor

JZC-32FAS5DC9V0.2 : 5A 10A Switching Capabilities

FZ1E221LT : CHIP Type, LONG LIFE WITH Extra Lower Impedance

HG4233/005-Z2C : Subminiature PCB Power Relay

KL1J2R2MS : CHIP Type, 5000 Hours LOAD LIFE

HL1V100LT : Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitor

HG4138B/006-1H02B : Miniature PCB / QC Power Relay

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