Details, datasheet, quote on part number: 7004C-02-YO-35
DescriptionNetwork Interface Device
CompanyBourns Electronic
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Features, Applications

Accepts POTS lines & Coaxial Protector Manufactured from high-impact resistant, ultraviolet-desensitized, flame retardant, UL Recognized plastic Optional sealed switching jacks with Insulation Displacement Connectors (IDCs)

Subscriber lockable with Telco override Convenient ground attachment UL Listed per UL 497 (File: E53117)

Bourns« Model 7004C NID provides a secure and weather resistant enclosure for Telco service for residential or commercial installations. The 7004C supplies station protection and test access points and can be configured for a maximum of two POTS lines and one 1740-xx coax protector. The 7004C features convenient cable knockouts and generous working space for wire management.

Model Number Designator Number of Twisted Pairs 0 = None 1 = One 2 = Two Station Protector Options 455HS-MSP (2377-45-HS) Voice/Data/DSL (UL,cUL) 455HS-BC* (2377-45-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL) 155HS-MSP (2378-35-HS) Voice/DSL/Data (UL, cUL) 155HS-BC* (2378-35-BC) Balance-Sensitive DSL (UL, cUL) 125EW (2374-01) Dual Gas Tube (UL, cUL, Telcordia) 125EW-R (2375-01) Dual Gas Tube (UL, cUL, RUS) 356M (2377-01) Balanced Gas Tube (UL, cUL, RUS) J130S (2380-27-01) Solid State Protector (UL, cUL) Tii355M No Station Protectors

*For DSL systems requiring capacitive balance within 1 pF. Note 1 = Digi.Guard - 356 size, RUS Maximum Duty. Note 2 = Digi.Guard - 125 size, RUS Heavy Duty. Special Options H = Security Screw in security plate S = Sealed Switching Jack w/IDC F = Sealed Switching Jack 4-Post (85122-T4) Coax Protector Options % DC Breakdown @ 100 V/Sec) % DC Breakdown @ 100 V/Sec) % DC Breakdown @ 100 V/Sec) B = Expansion Bridge w/Binding Posts I = Expansion Bridge w/IDC = No options (standard 85122 jack)

To add lines, use station protector + 85122 Standard Jack 85122-T4 Sealed Switching Jack, 4-post 85122-T-IDC Sealed Switching Jack w/IDC

REV. A 07/06 Specifications are subject to change without notice. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.

*Includes environmental sealant and closed-cell foam gasket.

Specifications are subject to change without notice. Customers should verify actual device performance in their specific applications.


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