Details, datasheet, quote on part number: BL2002B
DescriptionOLED Display COB with Metal Frame
DatasheetDownload BL2002B datasheet


Features, Applications

Feature 1. OLED Display 2. COB with metal frame 3. 5x7 dots with cursor 4. Software command same + 5V single power supply 6. 1/16 duty cycle 7. Color: yellow - green

Mechanical Data Item Standard Value Module Dimension x 37.0 Viewing Area x 37.0 Dot Size x 0.65 Character Size x 5.5 Pin Assignment Pin Symbol 1 Vss

GND +5V Brightness Adjustment(+3V) H/L register select signal H/L read/write signal H L enable signal H/L data bus line

Symbol Condition Typical Unit Value Vdd = +5V Input Voltage 5.0 Vdd V Supply Current Idd mA Vdd +5V 20 Pixel Brightness lu Vdd 35 cd/m2 Item


Some Part number from the same manufacture Bolymin
BG240128A SMT PCB with Metal Frame No Built-in Controller
BF128128A FSTN Transflective LCD, COF Package Built-in Driver Hd66750
BG640480A FSTN LCD, TAB IC, TCP Package with Frame No Built-in Controller (recommending Sed1375)
BL1602D OLED Display COB with Metal Frame
BC0702A COB with Metal Frame
BO1602B COG Package 5x7 dots with Cursor, with Icons
BC4004B COB with Metal Frame 5x7 dots with Cursor
BL1602A OLED Display COB with Metal Frame
BC1602FA COB with Metal Frame 5x7 dots with Cursor
BG128128A SMT PCB with Metal Frame
BL12864AA OLED Display SMT with Metal Frame
BG16080A SMT PCB with Metal Frame Built-in Controller Lc7981
BG24064A SMT PCB with Metal Frame Built in Controller Ra8802(240*64dots Matrix
BO6464A FSTN Transflective LCD, COG Package Built-in Driver Pcf8548, Serial I2C data bus
BL1602B OLED Display COB with Metal Frame
BC1602G COB with Metal Frame 5x7 dots with Cursor
BP160160A FSTN LCD, TAB IC, TCP Package Built-in Controller Sed1335
BC1602B3 COB with Metal Frame 5x7 dots with Cursor
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