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DescriptionCeramic Leaded Capacitors
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Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors/Axial & Radial Conformally Coated/Axial & Radial
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"High Voltage Golden Max" Conformally Coated Radial
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Multilayer ceramic capacitors are available in a variety of physical sizes and configurations, including leaded devices and surface mounted chips. Leaded styles include molded and conformally coated parts with axial and radial leads. However, the basic capacitor element is similar for all styles. It is called a chip and consists of formulated dielectric materials which have been cast into thin layers, interspersed with metal electrodes alternately exposed on opposite edges of the laminated structure. The entire structure is fired at high temperature to produce a monolithic block which provides high capacitance values in a small physical volume. After firing, conductive terminations are applied to opposite ends of the chip to make contact with the exposed electrodes. Termination materials and methods vary depending on the intended use.

TEMPERATURE CHARACTERISTICS Ceramic dielectric materials can be formulated with Class III: General purpose capacitors, suitable a wide range of characteristics. The EIA standard for by-pass coupling or other applications in which ceramic dielectric capacitors (RS-198) divides ceramic dielectric losses, high insulation resistance and dielectrics into the following classes: stability of capacitance characteristics are of little or no importance. Class III capacitors are similar to Class II capacitors except for temperature characteristics, Class I: Temperature compensating capacitors, which are greater than 15%. Class III capacitors suitable for resonant circuit application or other applihave the highest volumetric efficiency and poorest cations where high Q and stability of capacitance charstability of any type. acteristics are required. Class I capacitors have predictable temperature coefficients and are not effected by voltage, frequency or time. They are made KEMET leaded ceramic capacitors are offered in from materials which are not ferro-electric, yielding the three most popular temperature characteristics: superior stability but low volumetric efficiency. Class I C0G: Class I, with a temperature coefficient 0 capacitors are the most stable type available, but have 30 ppm per degree C over an operating the lowest volumetric efficiency. temperature range + 125C (Also known "NP0"). X7R: Class II, with a maximum capacitance Class II: Stable capacitors, suitable for bypass change 15% over an operating temperature or coupling applications or frequency discriminating range + 125C. circuits where Q and stability of capacitance charZ5U: Class III, with a maximum capacitance acteristics are not of major importance. Class II change of over an operating temcapacitors have temperature characteristics 15% perature range 85C. or less. They are made from materials which are ferro-electric, yielding higher volumetric efficiency but less stability. Class II capacitors are affected by Specified electrical limits for these three temperature temperature, voltage, frequency and time. characteristics are shown in Table 1.

PARAMETER Dissipation Factor: Measured at following conditions: C0G 1 kHz and 1 vrms if capacitance pF 1 MHz and 1 vrms if capacitance X7R 1 kHz and 1 vrms* or if extended cap range 0.5 vrms Z5U 1 kHz and 0.5 vrms Dielectric Strength: 2.5 times rated DC voltage. Insulation Resistance (IR): At rated DC voltage, whichever of the two is smaller Temperature Characteristics: Range, C Capacitance Change without DC voltage

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