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CategoryDiscrete => Thyristors
Description100mm, 5000V, 3000A
CompanySilicon Power
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Features, Applications

Type C791 thyristor is suitable for phase control applications such as for HVDC valves,static VAR compensators and synchronous motor drives.The silicon junction design utilizes a second generation pilot gate and a unique orientation of emitter shorts which promote the lateral expansion of conducting plasma resulting in lower spreading losses while achieving high dv/dt withstand.It is supplied in an industry accepted disc-type package,ready to mount using commercially available heat dissipators and mechanical clamping hardware.


Repetitive peak offstate & reverse volts @ 5Hz Repetitive working crest voltage, 60Hz Off-state & reverse leakage current, 60Hz Average on-state current Peak half-cycle non-rep surge current On-state voltage 5000 V

Non-Repetitive Surge Current and I2t for Fusing Itsm (kA)
Thermal resistance Externally applied clamping force

THYRISTOR GATE IMPEDANCE Enhanced by fast rising gate voltage,increasing anode bias and junction temperature.It at a minimum for dc current, zero anode bias and low temperature. GATE SUPPLY Prefer 50V/10 ohm for supporting the di/dt rating and life expectancy. The short circuit current risetime should be nominally 0.5us and the duration longer than the expected delay time for all magnitudes of anode bias. Practically 10-30us is recommended followed by a back porch 750ma if needed to sustain conduction. MINIMUM ACCEPTABLE GATE CURRENT The intersection of the load line and gate impedance characteristic indicates the minimum value of actual current needed during the delay time interval to support di/dt.A different load line meeting this criterion may be used. MAXIMUM GATE RATINGS Peak gate 300 W Average gate power,Pg(av) = 50W Peak gate current,Igfm 25 A Peak reverse voltage,Vgrm 25 V

120-deg Conduction -includes spread loss as function of Overlap Angle , U
Sine Wave - includes spread loss as function of conduction angle


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