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DescriptionOptic Receiver Module
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Features, Applications

The KSM-95¡àLJ34Y consist of a PIN Photodiode of high speed and a preamplifier IC in the package as an receiver for Infrared remote control systems DIMENSIONS

Features ¤ıOne mold small size package ¤ıWide supply-voltage range to 5.5V ¤ıShielded against electrical field disturbance ¤ıHigh immunity against ambient light disturbances

¤ıAvailable for carrier frequencies between to 56.9KHz ¤ıTTL and CMOS compatible Applications ¤ıAudio & Video Applications (TV, VTR, Audio, DVDP, CDP) ¤ıHome Appliances (Air conditioner, Computer, Camcoder) ¤ıWireless Toys ¤ıRemote Control Equipment Maximum Ratings

Parameter Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Soldering Temperature Symbol Vcc Topr Tstg Tsol Ratings (Max 5 sec)

Parameter Recommended Supply Voltage Current Consumption Peak Wavelength *1 B.P.F Center Frequency Transmission Distance High level Output voltage Low level Output voltage *1 Symbol Vcc Icc ¥ëp fo L VOH VOL TWH TWL Condition No signal input Min.

High level Output Pulse Width *1 Low level Output Pulse Width *1 Output Form

*1. It specifies the maxmum distance between emitter and detector that the output wave form satisfies the standard under the conditions below against the standard transmitter. 1) Measuring place : Indoor without extreme reflection of light high frequency lightning 3) Standard transmitter : Burst wave of standard transmitter shall be arranged to 50mVP-P under the measuring circuit 2) Ambient light source : Detecting surface illumination shall be irradiate 200¡¾50lx under ordinary white fluorescence lamp without

Transmitter output Carrier Frequency(fo) Duty50% Remocon output pulse

Standard Application Circuit with R-C Decoupling Filter

R Transmitter Receiver Module Vcc Vout GND *1 Recommended Circuit Description 1) Transmitter(IRED) drive current : IFP 600mAP-P 2) R-C Decoupling Filter with Lower Cut-off Frequency : 10k§Ù over 33.9Hz 3) External pull-up resistor(optional) Vcc C Rp micom GND


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