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DescriptionOptic Receiver Modules
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Features, Applications

The KSM-60¶wLN consist of a PIN Photodiode of high speed and a preamplifier IC in the package as an receiver for Infrared remote control systems


¶UOne mold small package ¶U5 Volt supply voltage, low power consumption ¶UShielded against electrical field disturbance ¶UHigh immunity against ambient light ¶UEasy interface with the main board ¶UTTL and CMOS compatibility


¶UTV, VTR, Acoustic Devices, Air Conditioners, Car Stereo Units, Computers, Interior controlling appliances, and all appliances that require remote controlling

Supply Voltage Operating Temperature Storage Temperature Soldering Temperature

Supply Voltage Current Consumption Peak Wavelength *1 B.P.F Center Frequency Transmission Distance *1 H Level Output Voltage *1 L Level Output Voltage *1 H Level Output Pulse Width *1 L Level Output Pulse Width *1 Output Form

Note *1. It specifies the maximum distance between emitter and detector that the output waveform satisfies the standard under the conditions below against t transmitter 1) Measuring place : Indoor without extreme reflection of light 2) Ambient light source : Detecting surface illumination shall be irradiate 200°æ50lx under ordinary white fluorescence lamp without high frequency ligh 3) Standard transmitter : Burst wave of standard transmitter shall be arranged to 50mVp-p under the measuring circuit

Output Pulse Width Standard Transmitter Test Condition of Transmission Distance
Relative reception distance Vs. Power supply voltage


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KK4011B : Quad 2-input NAND Gate High-voltage Silicon-gate CMOS

KK74LV02D : Quad 2-input AND Gate

KK74ACT244DW : Quad 2-input Exclusive OR Gate High-speed Silicon-gate CMOS

KK393 : Low Power Low Offset Voltage Dual Comparators

KK74AC74 : Dual D Flip-flop with Set and Reset High-speed Silicon-gate CMOS

KK4520BD : Dual Up-counter High-voltage Silicon-gate CMOS

KK34119N : Low Power Audio Amplifier

KK74HC14AD : Presettable 4-bit Binary Up/down Counter High-performance Silicon-gate CMOS

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1307028 : Dipole Antenna For Ism Band. Compact Size High Efficiency Low VSWR Ground Plane Independent Rugged/Durable Flexible The AND-C-107 collinear dipole is vertically polarized and omnidirectional in azimuth. The unit is flexible to permit bending without damage. The compact design is optimized for high efficiency and easily adapted to custom applications. This antenna can be used for a variety.

AAMMC002AWP : 2, 4, or 8 Megabyte 5.0 Volt-only Flash Miniature Card. or 8 Mbytes of addressable Flash memory s 5.0 Volt-only, single power supply operation Write and read voltage: 10% No additional supply current required for VPP s Fast access time 150 ns access time s CMOS low power consumption Typical active read current: 70 mA (word mode) Typical active erase/write current: 100 mA (word mode) Typical standby current:.

CX28342 : Framer. The CX28342/3/4/6/8 provides Dual, Triple, Quad, Hex, and Octal DS3/E3 framers designed to support DS3-M13, DS3-C-bit parity, E3-G.751, and E3-G.832 transmission formats. The CX28342/3/4/6/8 provides framing recovery for M13, M23, C-bit parity, G.751, and G.832 formatted signals. A FIFO buffer in the receive path can be enabled to reduce jitter on the incoming.

DS2164Q : T/E Carrier and Packetized Products. G.726 Adpcm Processor. § Compresses/expands 64kbps PCM voice to/from either or 16kbps Dual fully independent channel architecture; device can be programmed to perform either: - two expansions - two compressions - one expansion and one compression Interconnects directly to combo-codec devices Input to output delay is less than 375ms Simple serial port used to configure the device.

ES-4-7 : E-series 4-way 0 Power Divider 5 - 750 MHZ. Part No. ES-3-1X1 ES-3-1X1TR Packaging Tube Forward Tape and Reel Function Ground Input Port 1 Port 2 Port 3 Port 4 Pin No. Parameter Maximum Power Rating Internal Load Dissipation Pin Temp (10 sec) Storage Temperature Operating Temperature Absolute Maximum 1 Watt 0.125 Watt to 70°C .

FBL22040 : FBL22040; 3.3V BTL8-bit TTL to BTL Transceiver. Resistor version FB2040 8-bit BTL transceivers Separate I/O on TTL A-port Inverting Drives heavily loaded backplanes with equivalent load Controlled output ramp and multiple GND pins minimize ground High drive 100mA BTL open collector drivers on B-port Allows incident wave switching in heavily loaded backplane buses Reduced BTL voltage swing produces.

HFBR-5720L : 2.125/1.0625 GBD MMF SFP Transceiver For Fibre Channel: Standard De-latch.

KS5514B-02 : on Screen Display Processor. FUNCTIONS BLOCK DIAGRAM PIN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS ELECTRICAL CHARACTERISTICS - 6 OPERATION 7 TEST CIRCUIT 13 APPLICATION CIRCUIT 14 PACKAGE DIMENSIONS 16 The is a BICMOS LSI with on screen display function, sync. separator & expander function. On screen display Sync separator and sync detector General expander Character capacity column Construction.

KS8995E : 5 Port 10/100 Switch With Phy, Buffers, Qos. The KS8995E contains five 10/100 physical layer transceivers, five MAC (Media Access Control) units with an integrated layer 2 switch. The device runs in two modes. The first mode is a five port integrated switch and the second as a five port switch with the fifth port decoupled from the physical port. In this mode access to the fifth MAC is provided.

LA3375 : Pilot CANcel-provided PLL FM MPX Demodulator For Car Stereos. The LA3375 integrates two functions : skip-noise prevention and pilot cancelling. is a multiplex, 16-pin IC for FM car stereos. Pilot-cancelling (level-following). Stereo noise controlling (SNC). High-cut control (HCC). Stereo-monaural automated selection (with priorities for pilot inputs). VCO oscillation damping. Low distortion (0.05% typ., 300-mV.

LZ93N61 : Timing Pulse Generator Lsi For CCD. The is a CMOS timing generator LSI which provides timing pulses used to drive a CCD area sensor, in combination with the SSG LSI 9, LZ93B53). 320000 pixels CCD Switchable between NTSC (EIA) and PAL (CCIR) systems Internal electronic shutter : Shutter speed is selectable from 1/W, and s, in addition to this, 1/100 s (PAL s) in Flicker-less mode using.

MSM7578H : Single Rail Codec. This version: Aug. 1998 MSM7578H/7578V/7579 Previous version: Nov. 1996 The MSM7578 and MSM7579 are single-channel CODEC CMOS ICs for voice signals ranging from to 3400 Hz. These devices contain filters for A/D and D/A conversion. Designed especially for a single-power supply and low-power applications, these devices are particularly optimized for telephone.

SN54CBT3383JT : 10-bit Fet Bus-exchange Switches. Functionally Equivalent to QS3383 and QS3L383 5- Switch Connection Between Two Ports TTL-Compatible Input Levels Package Options Include Plastic Small-Outline (DW), Shrink Small-Outline (DB, DBQ), Thin Very Small-Outline (DGV), and Thin Shrink Small-Outline (PW) Packages, Ceramic DIPs (JT), and Ceramic Flat (W) Package OR W PACKAGE SN74CBT3383. DB, DBQ,.

STEL-1175 : Broadband & Access. Networking & Communications - Broadband & Access Products - Digital Modulation & Coding - STEL-1175+125, 125 Mhz, 32-bit CMOS Mnco.

W682310 : 3V Dual-channel Voiceband Codec. The W682510 and W682310 are general-purpose dual channel PCM CODECs with pin-selectable µLaw or A-Law companding. The device is compliant with the ITU G.712 . It operates from a single power supply (+5V for the W682510, +3V for the W682310) and is available in 20-pin PDIP (W682510 only), SSOP, and 24-pin SOP package options. Functions performed include.

XSD212 : High-speed Analog N-channel DmosFETs. The Calogic a 30V analog switch driver without a built-in protection diode from gate to substrate for use with SD212 and SD214 DMOS analog switches. ORDERING INFORMATION Part SD214DE XSD214 Package Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Hermetic TO-72 Package Sorted Chips in Carriers Temperature.

SKY74138 : SKY74138: RF Transceiver for Multi-Band GSM, GPRS, and EDGE Applications The SKY74138 RF transceiver is a highly integrated device for multi-band Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), and/or Enhanced Data Rate for GSM Evolution (EDGE) applications. The device supports GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, and PCS1900.

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