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CategoryOptoelectronics => Transceiver Modules
TitleTransceiver Modules
Description2.7Gb/s Hot Pluggable DWDM Transceiver Module, 100 & 50 GHZ
CompanyBookham Technology
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Features, Applications

The Bookham Technology MQ25EW 2.5 Gb/s DWDM Transceiver Module is a very low power, small form factor module enabling high port density. It is designed to provide a SONET OC48/SDH STM-16 compliant interface between the photonic layer and the electrical layer for applications requiring to 175km and 360km reach. This module is compliant to the DWDM Hot-pluggable MSA. Typical power dissipation 2.2 W coupled with the small footprint significantly simplifies card design. This results in significant savings in card space and development time, and greatly improved time to market. The module provides wavelengths on the 100 GHz ITU grid in the C band. A two-wire communication interface (I2C) is available for extended monitoring and alarm information to complement the hardware alarms and monitors. These include bias and modulation current, power, wavelength, laser and APD temperature, LOS, and APD photocurrent. The MQ25EW 2.5 Gb/s DWDM Transceiver module can be used for existing OC48 as well as emerging Gigabit Ethernet ports. The MQ25EW is optimized for links spans to 360km using an APD receiver. The compact size, low power transceiver interfaces to the host board through a 70 pin standard connector, with hot-plug capabilities. The module comprises a hermetically packaged laser device with optical isolation and wavelength stabilisation. This ensures that the optical source remains within optical power and wavelength limits over variations in temperature and over life. A microprocessor coupled with internal circuitry and a Thermo-Electric Cooler (TEC) controls the operation of the module and ensures the correct laser temperature to achieve constant wavelength. A uncooled APD receiver with post amp allows for link lengths to 3100 ps/nm and beyond. A wavelength tagging function allows for easy channel identification by applying low frequency (50-500 kHz) amplitude modulation of the "1"s level. The tagging signal is an output on the receive portion of the module.

Features DWDM 2.5 Gb/s optical transmitter and APD receiver C band operation (100 GHz spacing) with integrated Etalon locker High optical output power, +4 dBm Very low power dissipation, 1 W typical Single supply rail, +3.3 V Supports serial line rates from 50 Mb/s to 2.7 Gb/s (OC3, OC12, GE, OC48, and 1550 nm b-HET directly modulated laser for reaches to 175km and 360km APD pre-amp receiver for excellent sensitivity, -28dBm EOL Micro controller with I2C interface for wavelength locking, control, and alarms Compliant with Telcordia GR-253, ITU-T G.692, G.783, and G.957 Case operating temperature range to +70C

Parameter Description Storage temperature RH VCC VCML ICML ESD Humidity/temperature test condition Supply voltage (+3.3V) CML input voltage CML output Current ESD resistance

Note: 1. Non condensing 2. Human body model 3. In accordance with Bellcore TR-NWT-000870, ESD Class 2 Handling

Symbol VCC ICC-Tx ICC-TEC ICC-Rx Parameter +3.3 V supply range (Tx and Rx) Tx supply current TEC supply current Rx supply current Power consumption

1. Includes Tx, Rx, TEC, and control electronics 2. End of life parameter

Symbol Transmitter c Wavelength (C band) Wavelength stability with temperature Wavelength stability over life Spectral width (-20 dBm) SMSR Po (SOL) Po (EOL) Side mode suppression ratio Optical output power (SOL) Optical output power (EOL) Power variation over temperature ER Extinction ratio Optical rise/fall times Dispersion penalty SONET eye mask Jitter generation Receiver POL PIN Optical overload Sensitivity 2 (BER not worse than 10-12) Optical path penalty RLRX Optical return loss Jitter tolerance Jitter transfer Compliant to ITU-T G.783 and G.692 Compliant to ITU-T G.783 and G.692 dBm dB

Notes: 5 mW peak power. 2. Guaranteed sensitivity with worst case conditions


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