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DescriptionSurface Mount Network
CompanyVishay Intertechnology
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Lead (Pb)-free available Small physical size SC70 format

Vishay Thin Film MP Series Dividers provide 2 ppm/C tracking and a ratio tolerance as tight 0.05 ultra small size, or 4 lead package and exceptional stability for all surface mount applications. The standard SC70 package format with common standard resistance values provide easy selection for most applications requiring matched pair resistor elements. If you require a non-standard ratio, consult the applications engineering group as we may be able to meet your requirements with a custom design.

TEST Material Resistance Range TCR Tolerance: Power Rating: Stability Voltage Coefficient Working Voltage Operating Temperature Range Noise Thermal EMF Shelf Life Stability: Absolute Ratio Resistor Package SPECIFICATIONS Passivated Nichrome 25 ppm/C (standard), W 500 ppm 0.1 ppm/V dB 0.1 V/C < 100 ppm 1 year 25 C Max. 70 C Max. 25 C CONDITIONS

* Pb containing terminations are not RoHS compliant, exemptions may apply 8 For technical questions, contact: Document Number: 60092 Revision: 14-Sep-07

Resistive Element Substrate Material Body Terminals Plating Marking Resistance to Solvents Lead (Pb)-free Option Lead (Pb)-free Finish Passivated Nichrome Silicon Epoxy Copper with Nickel barrier SN 60 Per % Sn Matte Plated

New Global Part Numbering: MP31002AWS (preferred part number format)
GLOBAL MODEL or 3 digits) MP (Tin Lead) MPT (Lead (Pb)-free) (e3)

RESISTANCE The first 3 digits are significant figures and the last digit specifies the number of zeros to follow. When like values are required use total resistance. Example: 20K (10K/10K)

PACKAGING BS = BULK 100 Min 1 Mult WS = WAFFLE 100 Min 1 Mult TAPE AND REEL = 1000 Min 1000 Mult

Historical Part Number example: MP32002BW (will continue to be accepted) MP SERIES 3 LEADS 2002 RESISTANCE B TOLERANCE AND RATIO TOLERANCE W PACKAGING

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