Details, datasheet, quote on part number: TC74VHCT139AF
DescriptionDual 2-to-4 Line Decoder
CompanyToshiba America Electronic Components, Inc.
DatasheetDownload TC74VHCT139AF datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: 74AC11138, CD4028B, CD4511B, CD4543B, CD4555B, CD4556B, CD74AC138, CD74AC139, CD74AC238, CD74ACT138
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TC74VHCT139AFN Dual 2-to-4 Line Decoder
TC74VHCT14AF Hex Schmitt Inverter
TC74VHCT240AF Octal Bus Buffer With Inverted 3-state Outputs
TC74VHCT240AFT Function = Octal Bus Buffer (3-state/inverted) ;; Pins = 20
TC74VHCT244AF Octal Bus Buffer With Inverted 3-state Outputs
TC74VHCT244AFT Function = Octal Bus Buffer (3-state/inverted) ;; Pins = 20
TC74VHCT245AF Octal Bus Transceiver
TC74VHCT245AFT Function = Octal Bus Transceiver (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74VHCT32AF Quad 2-input OR GATE
TC74VHCT367AF Hex Bus Buffer. Non-inverted, 3-state Outputs
TC74VHCT373AF Octal D-type Latch With 3 State Output
TC74VHCT373AFT Function = Octal D-type Latch (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74VHCT374AF Octal D-type Flip-flop Witn 3 State Output
TC74VHCT374AFT Function = Octal D-type Flip-flop (3-state) ;; Pins = 20
TC74VHCT540AF Octal Bus Buffer With Inverted 3-state Outputs

015Z3.0-Z : Silicon Diode For Constant Voltage Regulation Applications

HN2V02H : VR (v) = 16 ;; Ir (nA) = 20 ;; CT(1) (pF) = 435 to 540 ;; CT(2) (pF) = 19.9 to 26.7 ;; CT(1)/CT(2) = - ;; .rs(Typ.) Ohms = - ;; Package = FM8 ;; Application = am Tuning

TA1248F : I/q Demodulation ic For Digital Satellite Receiver

TA7315B :

TMP95CU54AF : TLCS-900H Series ROM Size = 96K Bytes ;; RAM Size = 3K Bytes ;; Supply Voltage = 5V ;; I/o Count = 81 Pins ;; Unique Features = - ;; Additional Information = More Info

TC74HC573AP_07 : CMOS Digital Integrated Circuit Silicon Monolithic 8-bit Latch/shift Register

TLP197G(TP,F) : Solid State Relay 6-SMD Gull Wing SPST-NO (1 Form A); PHOTORELAY MOSFET OUTPUT 6-SOP Specifications: Mounting Type: Surface Mount ; Termination Style: Gull Wing ; Package / Case: 6-SMD Gull Wing ; Circuit: SPST-NO (1 Form A) ; Load Current: 120mA ; Voltage - Input: 1.15VDC ; Voltage - Load: 0 ~ 350 V ; Output Type: AC, DC ; On-State Resistance: 35 Ohm ; Lead Free Status: Lead Free ;

DF2B7SL,L3F : ESD Suppressors ESD protection diode 6pF 5.8V Toshiba DSx Series Diodes are used for power supply circuits in mobile devices like smartphones and wearable devices. They come in SOD-962 (SL2) packages that are small and suitable for high-density mounting. The SOD-962 has a footprint that is one-third of that of the industry standard SOD-882 p

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ADV601LC : Ultra Low Cost Video Codec.

CMX868 : Low Power V.22bisModem . V.22 bis 2400/2400 bps QAM V.22, Bell or 600/600 bps DPSK V.23 bps FSK Bell bps FSK V.21 or Bell 103 300/300 bps FSK DTMF/Tones Transmit and Receive `Powersave' Standby Mode Applications Telephone Telemetry Systems Remote Utility Meter Reading Security Systems Industrial Control Systems Electronic Cash Terminals Pay-Phones Cable TV Set-Top Boxes The is a multi-standard.

DP83266VF : Macsitm Device ( Fddi Media Access Controller And System Interface ). DP83266 MACSI Device (FDDI Media Access Controller and System Interface) DP83266 MACSI TM Device (FDDI Media Access Controller and System Interface) The DP83266 Media Access Controller and System Interface (MACSI) implements the ANSI X3T9 5 Standard Media Access Control (MAC) protocol for operation in an FDDI token ring and provides a comprehensive.

DP83891 : Transceiver/Repeater. Gig Phyter 10/100/1000m. The DP83891 is the first fully integrated, feature rich Physi- s Fully integrated 10BASE-T,100BASE-TX and cal Layer transceiver with integrated PMD sublayers to sup1000BASE-T capable port 10BASE-T,100BASE-TX and 1000BASE-T Ethernet s Single Quad TX-Transformer interface for all speeds protocols. It operates on existing CAT5 cables which s Fully compliant.

ICS9250-16 : Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers For Celeron & Pii/iii (tm). Frequency Generator & Integrated Buffers for Celeron & PII/IIITM Recommended Application: 810/810E type chipset. Output : 3 CPU (2.5V) 66.6/133.3MHz (up to 150MHz achievable through I2C) 9 SDRAM @ 133.3MHz (up to 150MHz achievable through I2C) 8 PCI @33.3MHz 2 IOAPIC 33.3MHz 2 Hublink clocks 66.6MHz 2 USB 48MHz ( Non spread spectrum) 1 REF @ 14.318MHz.

IH5024 : Virtual Ground Analog Switch. CT T ODU CEMEN R P Virtual Ground Analog Switch EP OB NDE 1-80 m MME ications p NO ntral A entapp ai 20 Volts Peak-to-Peak all r Up Switches Analog C Signals to The IH5009 series of analog switches were designed to fill o em Each Channel Complete - Interfaces with Most Integrated Logic Switching Speeds Less Than 0.5s ID(OFF) Less Than 500pA.

LT1381 : Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/receiver With 0.1µF Capacitors. LT1381 Low Power 5V RS232 Dual Driver/Receiver with 0.1F Capacitors ESD Protection over 10kV Low Cost Uses Small Capacitors: 0.1F CMOS Comparable Low Power: 40mW Operates from a Single 5V Supply 120kBaud Operation for 2500pF 250kBaud Operation for = 1000pF Rugged Bipolar Design Outputs Assume a High Impedance State When Powered Down Absolutely No Latchup.

M52026SP : Secam Chroma Signal Processor.

M67749MR : RF Power Module For 430-450MHz, 12.5V, 7W FM Portable Radio.

M68702H : RF Power Module For 150-175MHz, 12.5V, 60W FM Mobile Radio. PIN: 1 Pin : RF INPUT 1st. DC SUPPLY 2nd. DC SUPPLY : RF OUTPUT 5 GND: FIN ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tc=25C unless otherwise noted) Symbol VCC ICC Pin (max) PO (max) TC (OP) Tstg Parameter Supply voltage Total current Input power Output power Operation case temperature Storage temperature Conditions ZG=ZL=50 Symbol 3fO in Frequency range Output power.

MT90871AV : TDM/TSI Switches, Non-Blocking. = Flexible 8K Digital Switch (F8KDX) ;; Package Type = Pbga ;; No. Of Pins = 196.

PDSP16515AA0AC : Stand Alone FFT Processor. Completely self contained FFT Processor Pin and functionally compatible with the PDSP16510A Expanded width internal RAM supports to 1024 complex points 18 bit internal data bus with block floating point arithmetic for increased dynamic range 500 MIP operation gives 87 microsecond transformation times for 1024 points to 45MHz sampling rates with multiple.

S3044 : Bicmos Lvpecl Clock Generator Sonet/sdh/atm Oc-12 Transmitter Sonet/sdh/atm Oc-48 1:16 Receiver.

SMDA24C-7TB : Bidirectional TVS Array For Protection of Seven Lines. The SMDAxxC-7 series of transient voltage suppressors are designed to protect components which are connected to data and transmission lines from voltage surges caused by ESD (electrostatic discharge), EFT (electrical fast transients), and lightning. TVS diodes are characterized by their high surge capability, low operating and clamping voltages, and fast.

TCM4400EGGM : Gsm/dcs Baseband And Voice A/D And D/A RF Interface Circuit. Applications Include GSM 900, PCS 1900, and DCS 1800 Cellular Telephones 80-Pin TQFP 0.5 mm Lead Pitch) or 80-Ball MicroStar BGATM Packages Single 3-V Supply Voltage Internal Voltage Reference Extended RF Control Voltages Advanced Power Management GSM-Digital Audio Interface (DAI) MCU and DSP Serial Interface Five Ports Auxiliary A/D Meets JTAG Testability.

TMP82C79 : Programmable Keyboard / Display Interface.

W53322 : Speech,Melody Processor,Voice Synthesizer. Voice/melody/lcd Controller w/ 32 Com X 48 Seg, up to 1K Notes Melody.

W9133xN : Tone/pulse Dialer W/handfree, Lock And Keytone. W91330N SERIES TONE/PULSE DIALER WITH HANDFREE LOCK AND KEY TONE FUNCTIONS The W91330N series are Si-gate CMOS ICs that provide the necessary signals for tone or pulse dialing. They feature one-key redial, handfree dialing, key tone, redial, and lock functions. DTMF/pulse switchable dialer 32-digit redial memory (*/T) keypad for long distance call operation.

Z89176 : Speech Network. Voice Processing Controllers. Device Z89175 Z89176 ROM (KB) 24 RAM* (Bytes) 256 I/O Lines 47 31 Voltage Range to 5.5V Clock Speeds or 29.49 MHz 16-Bit Digital Signal Processor (DSP) 8K Word DSP Program ROM 512 Words On-Chip DSP RAM 8-Bit A/D Converter with to 16 kHz Sample Rate 10-Bit PWM D/A Converter Six Vectored, Prioritized Z8 Interrupts Three Vectored, Prioritized DSP Interrupts.

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