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CategorySemiconductors => Logic => Gate => NAND Gate
Part familySN74LS20 Dual 4-input positive-NAND gates
DescriptionDual 4-input positive-NAND gates 14-PDIP 0 to 70
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
DatasheetDownload SN74LS20N datasheet
Cross ref.Similar parts: SN74LS20J, SN74LS20JD, SN74LS20JDS, SN74LS20JS, JM38510/30007BCA, SN74LS20ND, SN74LS20NDS, SN74LS20NS, SN74LS20N3
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Operating Temperature Range(C)0 to 70
Technology FamilyLS
tpd @ Nom Voltage(Max)(ns)22
Schmitt TriggerNo
ICC @ Nom Voltage(Max)(mA)0.011
F @ Nom Voltage(Max)(Mhz)35
Package GroupPDIP,SO,SOIC
Output Drive (IOL/IOH)(Max)(mA)0.4/-16
Approx. Price (US$)0.31 | 1ku
  Mecanical Data
Pin nbPackage typeInd stdJEDEC codePackage qtyCarrierDevice markWidth (mm)Length (mm)Thick (mm)Pitch (mm)
14NPDIPR-PDIP-T25TUBESN74LS20N 6.3519.33.92.54
Application notes
• Designing with the SN54/74LS123 (Rev. A)
The Texas Instruments (TI) SN54/74LS123 dual retriggerable monostable multivibrator is a one-shot device capable of verylong output pulses and up to 100% duty cycle. The ?LS123 also features dc triggering from gated low-level active A andhigh-level active | Doc
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