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DescriptionFast-charge Development System Control of On-board Switch-mode Regulator
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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® bq2007 fast-charge control evaluation and development ® Battery charge status display modes and driver interfaces are jumper configurable

On-board seven-step LED bargraph or ten-step BCD digit display Charge status monitoring interface option On-board charge status indication LEDs

® Fast-charge termination by -V, peak voltage detect (PVD), maximum voltage, maximum time, and maximum temperature ® Jumper-selectable for or 10 NiCd or NiMH cell pack charging ® Jumper-selectable standard or fast charge rates from to 4 hours ® Discharge-before-charge push-button or automatic control

The DV2007S1 provides the platform for a functional evaluation of the bq2007 features on single PCB. The board contain all the connections required to fully exercise the bq2007 feature sets. See the bq2007 data sheet and application note AB-0019 entitled "Using the bq2007 Display Mode Options." A full data sheet of this product is available on our web site (, or you may contact the factory for one.



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