Details, datasheet, quote on part number: DV2003L
DescriptionFast Charge Development System Control of Frequency-modulated Linear Regulator
CompanyTexas Instruments, Inc.
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Features, Applications

bq2003 fast charge control evaluation and development Charge current controlled with frequencymodulated linear design Fast charge to 12 NiCd and/or NiMH cells Fast charge termination by -V, T/t, maximum temperature, time, and voltage Discharge-before-charge option

The bq2003L3 Development System provides a costeffective component-reduced development environment for the bq2003 Fast Charge IC. The DV2003L3 incorporates a frequency-modulated linear regulator for fast charge control of NiCd and/or NiMH cells. A full data sheet for this product is available on our web site (, or you may contact the factory for one.

1 DV2003L3 Development Board (includes 6W heat sink) bq Charge Configuration Diskette Documentation kit including user's guide, schematics, and data sheets

Address: Sales Contact: DC input voltage (V) -V enabled (yes/no) T/t enabled (yes/no) Number of battery cells (2--12) Charge current (A) (1.5A max.) Battery capacity (mAh) Battery type (NiCd and/or NiMH) Top-off (yes/no) Discharge-before-charge (yes/no) Discharge current (mA)

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IPHC.pdf : MesFET (iphc). 4.6 Ám PLATING CAP TOP PLATE 2000 ┼ NITRIDE 0.75 Ám FIRST METAL TaN RESISTOR GATE ACTIVE REGION OHMIC METAL (EXCEPT VIA) SEMI-INSULATING GaAs SUBSTRATE 0.5-Ám amplifier transistors 0.5-Ám switch transistors 0.5-Ám diodes Device passivation High-Q passives MIM capacitors TaN resistors GaAs resistors 2 metal layers Air bridges Substrate vias Operation.

MAX1630EVKIT : Evaluation Kit: Max1630/max1631/max1632. The MAX1630/MAX1631/MAX1632 evaluation kits (EV kits) each consist of one of three preassembled and tested evaluation boards (EV boards) that embody the standard application circuits. The MAX1630 and MAX1632 EV boards provide the triple-output 3.3V/5V/ 12V circuit, and the MAX1631 EV board provides the dual-output 3.3V/5V circuit. All three use the same.

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MAX2411AEVKIT : Evaluation Kit: Max2411a. The MAX2411A evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies testing of the MAX2411A. This EV kit allows evaluation of the MAX2411A's low-noise amplifier (LNA), receive downconverter mixer, transmit upconverter mixer, variablegain power-amplifier (PA) driver, and power-management . to +5.5V Single-Supply Operation o 50 SMA Inputs and Outputs on RF and IF Ports o Allows.

MAX243MLP/883B : Military/Aerospace->Military Standard. Plus 5v-powered Multi-channel, Rs-232 Drivers/receivers.

MAX3762EVKIT : Evaluation Kit: Max3762. The MAX3762 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies evaluation of the MAX3762 limiting amplifier. It allows easy programming of the loss-of-signal (LOS) threshold. The board layout provides for multiple termination configurations. The circuit includes space for the MAX3760 preamplifier and user-supplied photodiode. Adding these two components to the MAX3762.

MAX477EVKIT : Evaluation Kit: Max477. The MAX477 evaluation kit (EV kit) simplifies evaluation of the a 300MHz high-speed amplifier. Its circuit includes the MAX477 in the noninverting configuration set to unity gain. RF-style connectors (SMA) and 75 terminating resistors are included for compatibility with video test equipment. 300MHz -3dB Bandwidth o Optional Adjustable Gain o Fully Assembled.

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PCI-431 : Boards->Data Acquisition. 320C44 DSP; dual on-board 32-bit busses. For FFT's, digital filtering, sonar/radar, robotics, imaging, and spectral analysis. Up to four, simultaneous, streaming, 12-bit, 10MHz A/D channels. to 40 MHz single channel. to 8Mb on-board fast SRAM memory plus Flash Boot RAM. Four COMM ports to integrate external DSP's. Continuous simultaneous non-stop A/D sampling;.

STPAC01 : IPAD (Integrated Passive and Active Discretes)->IP. RF Detector For Power Amplifier Control.

VNQ830M : VIPower (Vertical Intelligent Power). Quad Channel High Side Driver. CMOS COMPATIBLE INPUTS OPEN DRAIN STATUS OUTPUTS s ON STATE OPEN LOAD DETECTION s OFF STATE OPEN LOAD DETECTION s SHORTED LOAD PROTECTION s UNDERVOLTAGE AND OVERVOLTAGE SHUTDOWN s LOSS OF GROUND PROTECTION s VERY LOW STAND-BY CURRENT The is a quad HSD formed by assembling two VND830M chips in the same SO28 package. The is a monolithic device made by using|.

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