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DESCRIPTION Transil diodes provide high overvoltage protection by clamping action. Their instantaneous response to transient overvoltages makes them particularly suited to protect voltage sensitive devices such as MOS Technology and low voltage supplied IC's. ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM RATINGS (Tamb = 25C) Symbol PPP P IFSM Tstg Tj TL Parameter Peak pulse power dissipation (see note 1) Power dissipation on infinite heatsink Non repetitive surge peak forward current for unidirectional types Storage temperature range Maximum junction temperature Maximum lead temperature for soldering during at 5mm from case Tj initial = Tamb 10ms Tj initial = Tamb Value to Unit A C

Note 1 : For a surge greater than the maximum values, the diode will fail in short-circuit.

THERMAL RESISTANCES Symbol Rth (j-l) Rth (j-a) Junction to leads Junction to ambient on printed circuit. Llead 10 mm Parameter Value 20 75 Unit C/W

Parameter Stand-off voltage Breakdown voltage Clamping voltage Leakage current @ VRM Peak pulse current Voltage temperature coefficient Forward voltage drop

Fig. 1: Peak pulse power dissipation versus initial junction temperature (printed circuit

Pulse test: < 50 ms. VBR T * (Tamb = 1 MHz. For bidirectional types, capacitance value is divided by 2.


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