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Description7500-pixel CCD Linear Sensor(B/W)
CompanySony Electronics
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7500-pixel CCD Linear Sensor (B/W) For the availability of this product, please contact the sales office.

Description The is a reduction type CCD linear sensor developed for high resolution copiers. This sensor reads A3-size documents at a density 600DPI, at high speed. Features Number of effective pixels: 7500 pixels Pixel size: 7m (7m pitch) Clamp circuit are on-chip Signal output phase of two-output simultaneous-output (alternate-output is available) Ultra high sensitivity/Ultra low lag Max Data Rate: 40MHz Single 12V power supply Input Clock Pulse: CMOS 5V drive Package: 28 pin Cer-DIP (400mil) Absolute Maximum Ratings Supply voltage VDD 15 Operating temperature to +60 Storage temperature to +80 Pin Configuration (Top View)

3 Output amplifier Output amplifier 2 VOUT-EVEN 24 6 VGG VOUT-ODD 4 1

Sony reserves the right to change products and specifications without prior notice. This information does not convey any license by any implication or otherwise under any patents or other right. Application circuits shown, if any, are typical examples illustrating the operation of the devices. Sony cannot assume responsibility for any problems arising out of the use of these circuits.

Pin Description Pin No. Symbol CLP-ODD RS-ODD LH-ODD GND VOUT-ODD VGG 2-ODD 1-ODD VDD ROG NC Description Clock pulse input (odd pixel) Clock pulse input (odd pixel) Clock pulse input (odd pixel) GND Signal out (odd pixel) Output circuit gate bias NC Clock pulse input (odd pixel) Clock pulse input (odd pixel) 12V power supply Readout gate clock pulse input NC Pin No. Symbol NC GND VDD 1-EVEN GND 2-EVEN NC VDD VOUT-EVEN VDD LH-EVEN RS-EVEN CLP-EVEN NC GND 12V power supply Clock pulse input (even pixel) GND Clock pulse input (even pixel) NC 12V power supply Signal out (even pixel) 12V power supply Clock pulse input (even pixel) Clock pulse input (even pixel) Clock pulse input (even pixel) Description

Recommended Supply Voltage Item VDD Min. 11.4 Typ. 12 Max. 12.6 Unit V

Clock Characteristics Item Input capacity 11, 21 Input capacity of LH1 Input capacity of RS1 Input capacity of CLP1 Input capacity of ROG Symbol C1, C2 CLH CRS CCLP CROG Min. Typ. Max. Unit pF

1 It indicates that as 2, LH-ODD, LH-EVEN as LH, RS-ODD, RS-EVEN as RS, CLP-ODD, CLP-EVEN as CLP. Clock Frequency Symbol 1, 2, LH, RS, CLP Data rate f1, f2, fLH, fRS, fCLP fR Min. Typ. 1 2 Max. 20 40 Unit MHz

Input Clock Pulse Voltage Condition Min. 1, 2, LH, RS, CLP, ROG pulse voltage Low level High level 2 4.75 Typ. 0 5.0 Max. 0.1 5.25 Unit V

Electrooptical Characteristics (Note 1) (Ta = 25C, VDD = 2MHz, Input clock = 5Vp-p, Light source 3200K, IR cut filter = 1.0mm)) Item Sensitivity 1 Sensitivity 2 Sensitivity nonuniformity Saturation output voltage Saturation exposure Register imbalance Dark voltage average Dark signal nonuniformity Image lag Supply current Total transfer efficiency Output impedance Offset level Symbol R1 R2 PRNU VSAT SE RI VDRK DSNU IL IVDD TTE Zo VOS Min. Typ. Max. Unit V/(lx s) V/(lx % V lx % V Remarks Note 2 Note 3 Note 4 Note 5 Note 6 Note 7 Note 8 Note 9 Note 10 Note 11

Notes) 1. In accordance with the given electrooptical characteristics, the even black level is defined as the average value to D24. The odd black level is defined as the average value D23. 2. For the sensitivity test light is applied with a uniform intensity of illumination. 3. W lamp (2854K) 4. PRNU is defined as indicated below. Ray incidence conditions are the same as for Note 2. VOUT = 500mV (Typ.) PRNU = (VMAX VMIN)/2 VAVE 100

The maximum output of each odd and even pixels is set to VMAX, the minimum output to VMIN and the average output to VAVE. Use below the minimum value of the saturation output voltage. Saturation exposure is defined as follows. RI is defined as indicated bellow. SE = VSAT R1

Where average of odd pixels output is set to VODD-AVE, even pixels to VEVEN-AVE. Optical signal accumulated time int stands at 10ms. The difference between the maximum and average values of the dark output voltage is calculated for even and odd respectively. The larger value is defined as the dark signal nonuniformity. Optical signal accumulated time int stands 10ms. 10. VOUT = 500mV (Typ.) 11. VOS is defined as indicated below. 8. 9.


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