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Small leakage currents can be dangerous! The current above the "threshold of perception" in appliances, motors and other equipment can cause a violent reaction which may result in serious physical injury. For service, lab, production or industry, the Model 229-2 helps determine product conformance to standards. CAUTION! Leakage current in appliances may increase with use and aging. Check appliances periodically for safety. Designed around ANSI C39.5 requirement for the measurement of AC leakage current and UL Safety Standards. Compensated to Approximate Dalziel's Perception Curve Overload protected 500 V Peak Momentarily on all ranges Checks both 120 VAC and 240 VAC appliances Includes Test Leads, Battery and Manual


AC current: mA AC voltage: 0-150 and 0-300 volts Battery Test: Replace-Good Short Test: Red Arc: 30 mA FS, Green arc: mA or less Resolution: 0.3 mA range Accuracy: 60 Hz Input Impedance: For current tests, 1.5K in parallel with 0.15 F Input Resistance: 0.5 M for 150V Range, 1.0 M for the 300V range Accuracy Vs. Frequency: Approximates Dalziel's "Percentile 50 Threshold of Perception Curve" within 1.0 dB Battery Life: Approximately 200 hours Rated Circuit to Ground Voltage: 300Vrms Reference Conditions: to 60% Relative Humidity Overload Protection: to 500V peak momentary on all ranges Size: x 3-1/8" Weight: 3 Ibs. (1.4 Kg) Battery: One 9V NEDA No. 13F, 1604A (Burgess Type PM-6 or Equivalent) Ranges:

Any discussion in this document regarding UL, ANSI or IEC specifications is for Reference purposes only. The input network utilized in the M229-2 is detailed in Figure 1 on Page 3 of the manual. The customer is advised to obtain the latest specification from the rating agency. NOTE: For specification information call ANSI UL in Northbrook, (847) 272-8800.

Carrying Case accommodates the Tester, Test Leads and Operators Manual.

LEAKAGE TESTER 229-2 Current Leakage tester Catalog No. 12267 ACCESSORIES Catalog No. Probe leads w/ screw-on alligator clips 00125 Probe set, replaceable tip, banana plug 07538 Clip set, alligator, screw on 00425 Lead set, alligator, banana plug 07500 ACCESSORIES Case, Yellow Padded Nylon Case, Black Padded Nylon Case, Hard Leatherette Front Load Case, Molded Plastic Catalog No.


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FGS-50PVH : Vertical Motorized Test Stand. s: Height Min: - ; Height Max: -. FGS-100PVH/FGS-100PVL Model Capacity Stroke Vertical Clearance Travel Speed Display Power Weight FGS-100PVH (vert ical- standard) FGS-100PVL (vertical (vert ical- low speed) lb (50 kg) 5.5" (140 mm) 7.1" (61-181 mm) 5 steps, 1.18"/step (30 mm/step) Adjustable: 1.57-15.74"/min (40-400 mm/min) Adjustable: 0.39-3.93"/min (10-100 mm/min) Four digit LED,.

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