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CompanySimpson Customer Service
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Features, Applications

Higher accuracy specifications for those more critical measurements are found in the Model 270-5. It has a better than 30% improvement in voltage and resistance accuracy as a full-function/range member of the Simpson 260 type VOM group.

DCV Accuracy 1.25% of Full Scale ACV Accuracy 2% of Full Scale Resistance Accuracy 1.0 of Arc Diode Protected Self-Shielded Movement Includes Batteries and Probe Leads With Alligator Clips

Ranges Accuracy* Voltage Drop (Nominal) 20K per volt 1.25% of full scale 1.75% of full scale 87 F

BATTERIES: D, 9V (NEDA No. 13F,1604A) SIZE: 3.1"(D) (18x14x8cm) WEIGHT: Approximately 3LBS. (1.4Kg) FUSE: 1A, 250V, type 3AG, quick acting Littelfuse® Type 2A, 600 Littelfuse® Type BLS 2A 600V, Bussman® Type BBS. CIRCUIT TO GROUND VOLTAGE: 1000V AC/DC Max

Ranges Accuracy* Voltage Drop (Nominal) 5K per volt 2% of full scale 3% of full scale -87 F

"GRAB N GO" PADDED NYLON CASES Padded Nylon "Grab N Go" made of tough durable nylon enables VOM to be stored for quick field use... test leads remain in panel jacks. Thick padding protects your meter. Available in Yellow (00832) and Black (00834).

Accuracy* 0.75% full scale F 1.25% full scale of all others F 1.25% full scale F 1.75% full scale of all others 87 F

ROLL TOP CASES Roll-top case made of a durable composite material protects meter during transit/storage. Cover rolls back into case for use. Special storage compartment for test leads under meter.

VOMS Catalog No. 270-5, High Accuracy 12226 270-5RT, High Accuracy, w/ Roll-Top Case 12227 ACCESSORIES Probe Set, Threaded w/Clips Alligator Clips, Screw On 150-2 Amp Clamp Adapter, AC Catalog No. 00425 00545 ACCESSORIES Case, Molded Plastic Case, Yellow Padded Nylon Case, Black Padded Nylon Case, Hard Leatherette Front Load Case, Roll-top


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