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DescriptionDual Linear Controller
CompanySemtech Corporation
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The is a dual power supply controller designed to simplify power management on motherboards. It is part of Semtech's Smart LDOTM family of products. The SC1538CS15/18 can provide a 1.818V power supply for the I/O plane and a 1.515V power supply for the GTL+ and AGP planes. The SC1538CS25/25 can provide two 2.525V supplies for clock and memory. SC1538 features include Enable controls for each linear FET controller and over current protection. Over current protection is provided by feedback to the sense pins. If any output drops below 1V (typical) for greater than 4ms (typical), that output will shut down. The SC1538 is available a SO-8 surface mount package.

Dual power supplies 1.515V Supply for GTL+ and AGP planes/1.818V Supply for chipset I/O and memory termination Dual 2.525V supplies for clock and memory Individual Enable control of each supply Over current protection

Note: (1) Add suffix `TR' for tape and reel packaging.

Parameter Input Supply Voltage Input Pins Operating Temperature Range Operating Junction Temperature Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec Thermal Temperature Junction to Ambient TA TJ TSTG TLEAD JA JC ESD Symbol VIN Maximum -65 to Units V °C °C/W kV


Pin Name SNS1 EN1 GND SNS2 DRV2 VIN Pin Function Output of regulator #1. Drives the gate of an N-channel MOSFET to maintain 1.818V/ 2.525V. Regulator #1 Sense input. Use as a remote sense to the source of the N-channel MOSFET (Output 1). Active high enable control with internal pullup. Output of regulator #1 turns off when EN1 is taken low. Ground Active high enable control with internal pullup. Output of regulator #2 turns off when EN2 is taken low. Regulator #2 Sense input. Use as a remote sense to the source of the N-channel MOSFET (Output 2). Output of regulator #2. Drives the gate of an N-channel MOSFET to maintain 2.525V. +12V Supply.

Unless specified, = 25°C. Values in bold apply over full operating temperature range.
Undervoltage Lockout Start Threshold Enable Pin Current IEN VTH VHYST
Threshold Voltage Hysteresis Enable Delay Time

VEN rising EN = Low to High, measured from EN = VTH to 10% DRV EN = High to Low, measured from EN = VTH to 90% DRV

Disable Delay Time DRV Output Current Output Voltage Rise Time Fall Time
Output Voltage Regulation Output Voltage VO 3.0V VFET

Overcurrent Protection Trip Threshold Power-up Output Short Circuit Immunity Output Short Circuit Glitch Immunity Control Section Bandwidth


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