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DescriptionDual Synchronous Buck DDR and DDR2 Power Supply Controller
The SC1486A is a dual output constant on-time
synchronous buck PWM controller optimized for cost
effective mobile DDR and DDR2 applications. Features
include high efficiency, a fast dynamic response with no
minimum on time, a REFIN input and a buffered REFOUT
pin capable of sourcing 3mA. The excellent transient
response means that SC1486A based solutions will
require less output capacitance than competing fixed
frequency converters.
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications
Dual Synchronous Buck DDR and DDR2 Power Supply Controller

The is a dual output constant on-time synchronous buck PWM controller optimized for cost effective mobile DDR and DDR2 applications. Features include high efficiency, a fast dynamic response with no minimum on time, a REFIN input and a buffered REFOUT pin capable of sourcing 3mA. The excellent transient response means that SC1486A based solutions will require less output capacitance than competing fixed frequency converters. The output voltage of the first controller can be adjusted from 0.5V to VCCA. In DDR applications, this voltage is set to 2.5 volts, and 1.8V. A resistor divider from this supply is used to drive the REFIN pin of the second controller. A unity gain buffer drives the REFOUT pin to the same potential as REFIN. The second controller regulates its output to REFOUT. Two frequency setting resistors set the on-time for each buck controller. The frequency can thus be tailored to minimize crosstalk. The integrated gate drivers feature adaptive shoot-through protection and soft switching, requiring no gate resistors for the top MOSFET. Additional features include cycleby-cycle current limit, digital soft-start, over-voltage and under-voltage protection, and a Power Good output for each controller.


requirements Constant on-time for fast dynamic response VBAT range 25V DC current sense using low-side RDS(ON) sensing or sense resistor Integrated reference buffer for VTT Low power S3 state with high-Z VTT Resistor programmable on-time Cycle-by-cycle current limit Digital soft-start PSAVE option for VDDQ Over-voltage/under-voltage fault protection <20µA shutdown current Low quiescent power dissipation Two Power Good indicators Separate enable for each switcher Integrated gate drivers with soft switching - no gate resistors required Efficiency >90% 28 Lead TSSOP (lead free available)

Notebook computers CPU I/O supplies Handheld terminals and PDAs

Exceeding the specifications below may result in permanent damage to the device, or device malfunction. Operation outside of the parameters specified in the Electrical Characteristics section is not implied.

Parameter to PGND1 and to PGND1 and to PGND1, and to LX1 and to PGND1 and PGOOD2, VCCA2, REFIN, REFOUT FB2, PGOOD2, REFIN, REFOUT Thermal Resistance Junction to Ambient(5) Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec.

Input Supplies 1, VDDP2 Undervoltage Threshold VDDP2 Undervoltage Hysteresis VDDP1, VDDP2 Operating Current VCCA1, VCCA2 Operating Current VCCA2 Standby Current TON1, TON2 Operating Current REFIN Bias Current FB > regulation point, ILOAD FB > regulation point, ILOAD VDDP2 UV threshold, no load on REFOUT RTON = 1M REFIN 1.25 VDDP2 falling mV µA

Input Supplies (Cont.) Shutdown Current TON2, VDDP1 Controller Error Comparator Threshold (FB1 Turn ON Threshold) VDDQ Output Voltage Range REFOUT Source Capability REFOUT DC Accuracy Error Comparator Threshold (FB2 Turn ON Threshold) On-Time, VBAT 2.5V no load, REFIN = 1.25 VCCA to 5.5V RTON = 1M, VOUT = 1.25V RTON = 500k, VOUT = 1.25V Minimum Off Time VOUT Input Resistance (VDDQ Controller) FB1 Input Bias Current FB2 Input Bias Current Over-Current Sensing ILIM Source Current Comparator Offset PSAVE Zero-Crossing Threshold Fault Protection Current Limit (Positive) (PGND-LX)


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