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TitleSink/Source Regulators
DescriptionDDR Memory Power-supply Controller
CompanySemtech Corporation
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Features, Applications

The is a single output, constant on-time synchronous-buck, pseudo fixed frequency, PWM controller intended for use in notebook computers and other battery operated portable devices. Features include high efficiency and fast dynamic response with no minimum on time, a reference input and a buffered REFOUT pin capable of sourcing 3mA. The excellent transient response means that SC1480 based solutions will require less output capacitance than competing fixed frequency converters. The frequency is constant until a step in load or line voltage occurs, at which time the pulse density and frequency will increase or decrease to counter the change in output or input voltage. After the transient event, the controller frequency will return to steady state operation. The SC1480 incorporates two power-reducing states, standby and shutdown. In standby mode, the switcher output is shutdown but the buffered reference output stays up, reducing quiescent current to a low 125A. This is particularly useful for reducing battery draw in systems which implement a suspend-to-RAM (S3) state. The SC1480 can be completely shut down, drawing less than 10A. through protection and soft switching. Additional features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, digital soft-start, overvoltage and under-voltage protection, and a PGOOD output.


Constant on-time for fast dynamic response Programmable VOUT based on external reference VIN range 25V DC current sense using low-side RDS(ON) sensing or sense resistor 3mA reference output buffer Low power S3 state Resistor programmable frequency Cycle-by-cycle current limit Digital soft start Output current source-sink capability Overvoltage/under-voltage fault protection and PGOOD output Under 10uA typical shutdown current Low quiescent power dissipation 14 Lead TSSOP Industrial temperature range Integrated gate drivers with soft switching Efficiency >90%

Notebook computers CPU I/O supplies Handheld terminals and PDAs LCD monitors Network power supplies
The integrated gate drivers feature adaptive shoot-

Exceeding the specifications below may result in permanent damage to the device, or device malfunction. Operation outside of the parameters specified in the Electrical Characteristics section is not implied.

Pin Combination TON to AGND DH, BST to AGND LX to AGND to PGND BST to LX VCCA, VDDP to AGND FB, PGOOD, REFIN, ILIM, REFOUT, DL to PGND Thermal Resistance, Junction to Ambient(4) Operating Junction Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range Lead Temperature (Soldering) 10 Sec.

Test Conditions: VIN = 2.5V, REFIN = 1.25, VCCA = VDDP = 5.0V, VOUT = 1.25V, RTON (300kHz), 0.1% Resistor Dividers

Input Supplies VCCA Input Voltage VDDP Input Voltage VIN Input Voltage VDDP Operating Current VCCA Operating Current VCCA Standby Current TON Operating Current Shutdown Current (REFIN C A VDDP + VIN Controller Error Comparator Threshold (FBK Turn-on Threshold) (1)

FB > regulation point, ILOAD FB > regulation point, ILOAD = 0A VDDP < VDDP UV Threshold No Load On REFOUT RTON 1M (300kHz)

Test Conditions: VIN = 2.5V, REFIN = 1.25, VCCA = VDDP = 5.0V, VOUT = 1.25V, RTON (300kHz), 0.1% Resistor Dividers

Minimum Off Time Line Regulation Error Load Regulation Error FBK Input Resistance Over-Current Sensing ILIM Sink Current Comparator Offset Reference Buffer REFOUT Source Current REFIN Enable Threshold REFIN Hysteresis Offset Voltage REFOUT current = 0mA REFOUT current = 3mA Fault Protection Current Limit (Positive) (2) PGND-LX, RILIM = 5K PGND-LX, RILIM = 10K PGND-LX, RILIM = 20K Current Limit (Negative) Output Under-Voltage Fault Output Over-Voltage Fault Over-Voltage Fault Delay PGOOD Low Output Voltage PGOOD Leakage Current PGOOD UV Threshold PGND-LX With respect to REFOUT With respect to REFOUT FBK forced above OV Vth Sink 1mA FBK in regulation, PGOOD = 5V With respect to REFOUT PGND - ILIM VCCA, VDDP to 5.5V Vin to 25V ILIM - PGND to 0C Limit


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